"Shining a light" on The Ravings of Quackbuster 'Publicist' aka "Barrett's Parrot"

Update 1/2/2007

Willa Dean Arnold Nidiffer

(click here to see her advertisements for Barrett on Yahoo)

Check out QuackWatchWatch Check out Barrett Vs Rosenthal for information on Legal Attacks while Nidiffer provided smear attacks.

Since all three plaintiffs she defends have lost to me ... she is now circulating defamatory webpages claiming I was arrested and bankrupt.

This is the level of Stephen Barrett & Terry Polevoy's tactics for their losing SLAPP suits.

Update of June 6, 2006 (under construction)

It's easy to tell when Stephen Barrett and Terry Polevoy are desperate.

Out comes the dirtiest fighter of their team, their faithful Nanaweedkiller, or the Reverend Cathy Credulous or whatever name Willa Nidiffer is using for her usenet attacks at that time.

Right after she joined their tirades against me (just after the first decision in my favor in their suit against me) my email boxes became filled with email bombs ... and my email addresses were forged and put on hundreds of lists. Another woman posting posting supportive messages about me received a similar treatment and a trojan horse. If you read this page I created to "shine the light back on her" ... her intention is clear. And it mirrors Polevoy's and Barrett's greatest desires regarding me.

Today, within a week of Nidiffer coming out of the shadows, two of my email addresses were forged and sent to me.

This poster of course, is one of the Quackwatch.org / Healthwatcher.net rag-tag posse guerrilla team. I didn't make it up ... they did. That's what they call themselves.

When Barrett & Grell lost all their appeals to me in October, 2001, just days later, it was Nidiffer who circulated a permanent website defaming me by lying that I had been arrested for selling crack cocaine in San Jose, Costa Rica.

This site will still come up in search engines of my name, making it look like I was arrested today ... this desperate and twisted team's greatest desire.

Willa Nidiffer, who hides behind that alias now, is the same poster as The Reverend Cathy Credulous ... click here to see her represent the 'quackbusters' so well.

Using usenet terrorists to attack those they are suing tells alot about the level of Barrett and Polevoy. Nidiffer was also part of a vigilante team that hired a Private Investigator to hunt me down called the SBIPrivateClub.

Nows she's back in full force.

I believe that currently it is Willa only (not Ted nor Teddy Nidiffer) posting under the Nanaweedkiller mask.

We need your help!

Thank you for any tax deductible donation that will help The Humantics Foundation keep the message of the dangers of breast implants before the public.

We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

Please click paypal below ... credit cards are now accepted.

Thank you very much.






Rosalind Dalefield

aka "Stella" and "Cathy B" etc.

A few weeks or so ago ... Weedkiller made yet another "Hate Ilena" private group ... ever claiming to be 'shining a light' on who I am. S/he forgets it only shines the light back on her and those s/he works with.

It's the same game played by Barrett & Polevoy's Team for years ... attempt to turn me into an object of hatred & ridicule. I don't know if Barrett will ever get over his utter and total loss to me in court.

Nidiffer's new group is similar to the one controlled by Sandra and Mark S Probert, "The Ilena Rosenthal Fan Club."

In it ... she was carrying on about Rosalind Dalefield, yet another of the Quack Team's Ratbaggers.


Dalefield aka "Stella" was one the so-called "Moderators" of the now defunct and buried, appropriately named, "TrashTalk" board ... one of the legs of the junkscience.com cockroach.

She's long been a member of Barrett's Healthfrauds with the same, identical "holier and smarter than thou" contenance. She only posted when she was backed by others from Ratbags/junkscience.com ... and she would play Queen Stella and openly flirt and talk about her 4 children ... though ever in disguise.

Her ignorance about breast implants did not slow down her beratings and "I'm a board certified toxicologist" mantra ...which seemed to give her some false sense of intellect. She'd call me and the breast implant women names, and boast about her degrees.

Stella was an authority on everything in her own mind ... and only would post when she was surrounded by several other healthfrauds to back her up and give her the attention she desperately needs.

Her haughtiness and arrogance towards me was laughable ... she did not even know that every breast implant contained silica in the shell ... nor knew one millionth of what I know about breast implants. She was unaware that thousands and thousands women had been given polyurethane covered breast implants ... yet she pranced around like Queen Stella the Brilliant ... yet only when surrounded by those who would protect her antagonistic ways and support her lies.

She was a vicious nutcase ... who, when she thought no one would ever uncover her disguise ... babbled on about sex etc ... and honestly, was one of the most desperate for attention pathetic cases of a woman acting out while masquerading as someone she was not.

There was a good friend of mine who came to the trash talk board (it has since been dissolved) ... her name was Dee and she was one of the sweetest of women ever. She shared her breast implant experiences from a first person perspective ... only to be blasted and insulted by Queen Stella (Rosalind Dalefield.) Like the others, she left the board to Stella's rantings.

Dee died a short time later.

When 'someone' showed up as "Cathy B" ... she smelled, pranced, insulted, berated, and talked about her 4 children . . . identical to "Stella" when she thought she'd never be found out.

Posting from an Australian ISP ... her fellow Ratbaggers would back up her denials ... claiming she was posting from the US so that proved it wasn't Rosalind.

I knew it was.

King Ratbagger Peter Bowditch went on and on about how Cathy B was in Australia and Rosalind wasn't ... so this morning, I earned again my title as Queen of Googling.

Of course she's in Australia ... yet again thinking she was so smart her disguise wouldn't be found.

She's employed by CISRO and here are two links with her Australian address etc.

With others from the Quackwatch/Healthfraud Disinformation Team like Wallace Sampson.


Probably if Nidiffer wasn't acting out and wailing as always ... lying that Dalefield was "stalked by me" ... I'd never taken the time to check this all out.

In my Quack Lexicon I'm working on ... Good ole Ros (Stella, Cathy B) will be credited with the Quack definition of "stalking."

When someone sent me Dalefield's website and I posted it ... It was the first I ever heard that clicking on a website was Quack for "stalking."

With Barrett and his Guerrillas ... this Team deserves the light shined upon their darkness.

One last note ... Genetically Modified foods are an issue the Quackwatch / junkscience Ratbaggers frequently expound upon.

Ole Ros posted the most absurd and shrill statement ... utter lowend propaganda. She spouted:

I avoid organic food on principle. the pro-organic, anti-GM lobby are motivated by genocidal racism and a hatred for the human race, particularly the poor.

How could anyone be so educated ... and yet be so wrong?



A Mere Sampling of Her Aliases, so ashamed is he to post under her/his own name.

... and ever so many, many, many more disguises of a decade long Usenet Guerrilla.

This poster specialized in Smear Campaigns for the Quack/Skeptic/Healthfraud Team for several years before focusing on smearing me.

  • disinfoagent@disinfo.net 
    Professional propagandists always toss in a shred of truth amongst their disinformation
  • Barretts Parrot (Stephen J. Barrett, Quackwatch.com)
  • The Reverend Cathy Credulous   
  • Lady Ni
  • Rev Dr. Lady Nidiffer P.M.A.F.A. BsD
    SKEP-TI-CULT® Officer # 16-07325-118
    AFA-B Bullyette & bRayette initiate

Shining a light back on Nidiffer and Polevoy

If you look below at three of the Nidiffer identities ... you will notice that one is the office where I have received my mail in San Diego for around 17 years now.

That photo apparently was taken late Summer, 2004, when Nidiffer participated in the SBIPrivate Club ... SBI standing for Silicone Breast Implant. They hired a Private Investigator to hunt me down and attempt to access my bank accounts.

Terry Polevoy had been publicly raging about Costa Rica and more lawsuits around then. He had just been busted for affecting the disguise of "Vera Teasdale" on Usenet in July ... to the tune of 50 postings. He seemed to me to be having a public meltdown. As Vera, he would prance around interrogating me, insulting others of us he is suing, and advertising for his own Quackery site.

This was an especially stupid game he had enjoyed as his case against me headed towards the Supreme Court of California and being busted must have been humiliating.

Three of his Rag-tag Posse Members, Nidiffer being but one ... were hunting me down ... making me feel very stalked ... as had Christine McPhee. (Click here for details on his harassment of her.)

One of the SBIPrivateClub members repeatedly harassed the employees at this office ... and a man was seen going through our garbage. Nidiffer had a blast going on about the "Dumpster Diver" ... the PI paid to stalk me:

CA LICENCE # 22005

Neither Polevoy nor Nidiffer need know where I am physically located ... yet they have publicly obsessed about it.

If anything happens to me ... or my family ... Nidiffer and Polevoy should be investigated. Affecting disguises may be fun for them ... but they are frightening people with a twisted agenda and they back some of the most powerful corporations in the world.

Their filthy campaign against me shines the light back on them.

I've had enough.




(410) 761-5157


  • Harassing, insulting, misquoting, spying, stalking, accusing others of his/her sins, infiltrating, and creating havoc are some of Nidiffer's specialties.

I am creating this web page in Early May, 2005, nearly 4 years after Nidiffer began attacking me.

With the help of Myrl Jeffcoat . ... Nidiffer has been welcomed to the fragile breast implant support system with their blessings.

Another brief moment of honesty from Nidiffer came last Valentines.

A Valentines day poem for you.

Tear me apart and boil my bones
I'll not rest till she's lost her throne
My aim is true
My message is clear
It's curtains for you
Ilena, my dear

Nidiffer stormed into my life just days after all three plaintiffs from the Quackbuster Team lost their SLAPP suit against me in July, 2001 and made me his and/or her mark. Simultaneously Myrl Jeffcoat  began her attacks ... wildly accusing me and those close to me of ugly crimes ... none of which are true.

Typical Smear Campaign propaganda ... they've never stopped since then.

"I must admit however, I am a Rev. Cathy Credulous "wannabe," and would
be happy to call "her" work my own!"
    Myrl Carlene Jeffcoat, September 1, 2001

After Barrett & Grell also lost completely at the Appeals Court level in October, 2003 ... Nidiffer published this ditty ... so desperate and so revealing that nothing is too filthy for their Campaign against me. It backed up the lies Myrl had  been spreading.

Perhaps it's Willa herself in the photo ... it has nothing in the world to do with me.

Myrl Jeffcoat was ecstatic.

NANA. . .That is toooooo funny for words. I'm on the floor laughing!
Thanks for being precious you!

Click here for just 3 of the Nidiffer identities ... all advertising for so-called Quackwatch / Healthfraud / Skeptic Webring.

Head of this all, who I consider the epitome of a Quack by his own definitions, Stephen Barrett, one of my losing and disgruntled Plaintiffs, defines 'quackery' as “anything involving
for over promotion in the field of health.”

Perfect description of Barrett, the Quackery Webring, and his Rag-tag Posse, of which Nidiffer is but one of his guerrilla attackers.

Two others from Barrett's 'vigilantes' are:

Mark S Probert

Andrew M Langer

Posting literally thousands and thousands of posts ... since Willa and/or Ted began from the Baltimore Public Library in 1995 ... nowadays they are typically attacking someone that Barrett/Polevoy is suing ... win ... lose ... or draw. The more they lose ... they more base are their attacks.

The anonymity available on the Internet is perfect for their Guerrilla warfare ... decades of Barrett's work.

By the time Nidiffer began posting Usenet Assaults on me while simultaneously advertising for my losing Plaintiffs overtly ... there had been several other marks.

Barrett's network includes so called "skeptic" groups as well as the Health Fraud, junk science, anti-alternative medicine Network, the upside down and backwards named , "anti-quackery" webring.

They try to control the information on the internet ... Usenet and the WWW and chat rooms etc.

One part of the suit that Barrett lost involved whether or not the term "quack" was an opinion or a "fact."

The Superior Court and the Appeals Court sided with me that it is an opinion ... and mine is that Barrett and Polevoy are the ultimate Quacks.

Nidiffer is just one of their many "flacks" ... albeit a particularly revolting and frightening one.


Here are just a few quotes from thousands and thousands of Cathy aka Nidiffer on Usenet. This is who Myrl ... who calls herself a "legitimate" support group leaders, welcome into the breast implanted population.

Aren't you getting tired of breathing your own farts for so long?

I guess Nidiffer was discussing "boobs" here .. maybe that's why Myrl is so enamored with "Cathy"????

Brother Ray, I take issue with you associating yourself with
this pornographic stuff. Your spam is listed right between
CUM ON MY BOOBS and Can you count my FUCK HOLES.


EWWWWWWW! How could you!


Losing Plaintiff, Stephen Barrrett

Willa Nidiffer

Losing Plaintiff, Terry Polevoy

aka "Vera Teasdale"



of the so-called:

  • American Council of Science & Health
  • Quackwatch.com
  • National Council Against Health Frauds (aka Healthfrauds),
  • Click here for partial list of his 'affiliations' ... best put this way: different legs of the same cockroach.

Barrett, in Time Magazine, showing his usual humility.

Twenty years ago, I had trouble
 getting my ideas through to the media.

Today, I am the media."


When Dr. "Sue" ... Stephen Barrett and/or others from the Quackbuster NCAHF Group sues someone {which they do with astonishing frequency} ... they wage filthy, destructive, guerrilla warfare.

He describes his tactics well in his writings for the American Medical Association ... in a rare moment of honesty back in 1975. From:

The Assault On Medical Freedom - by P. Joseph Lisa c 1994    Section: The Problem
Chapter 3 - Rising Out of the Ashes

Quoth Stephen J. Barrett, writing in AMA News on August 25, 1975, describing the Lehigh Valley Committee Against Health Fraud:

"By working "undercover" using assumed names and box numbers, we've gotten all sorts of information and publications other groups, like the medical societies, haven't been able to lay their hands on.

...Really, we're a bunch of guerrillas - we're not a large group, there are about 40 members, but we're the only such group in the country."







"Vera Teasdale"

Polevoy posted 50 attacks on me and others he is suing, advertised his own websites, while affecting the disguise as "Vera."



guerrilla (also guerilla)
noun a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically  against larger regular forces


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