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DISCOVER Vol. 26 No. 05 | May 2005 | Medicine
Vitamin Cure
Can common nutrients curb violent tendencies and dispel clinical depression?
By Susan Freinkel


TrueHope.com / E.M.Power Plus
(revised August 2006)

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Use of Diet for ADHD -- Myths and Facts from Feingold Institute


Outstanding article by Elissa Meininger
September 20, 2006


Health Canada admits defeat ... Drops appeals
October 12, 2006

Health Canada Drops Planned Appeal Over Truehope ... Polevoy defeat
October 11, 2006

Health Canada betrayed trust August 8, 2006

Tide turns in power struggle August 20, 2006

Health Canada seizure endangers supplement users, firm says August 20, 2006

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Thank you so much for your interest.

A very important victory occured recently in the science world.

Bravo to tenured and respected University of Calgary Professor, Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, Truehope, and all their many, many Supporters who stood behind them during all the very difficult years while under assault by Polevoy and Team.

Soon after Terry Polevoy began his attacks to stop the research and defame Truehope, it's founders and the scientists involved, I received several phone calls and emails from parents whose children had been helped enormously by Truehope Products. They were aghast and afraid for their children because they could no longer purchase the nutrients that they felt were saving their children's lives.

Indeed, Terry Polevoy and cronies were successful for a short time in getting the important research stopped. He brags about it on his website which advertises the poorly written, biased EBook he co-authored, called Pig Pills, Inc.


Health Canada admits defeat ... Drop appeals

EXCERPT: In other words, it is a finding of fact Health Canada's actions caused the deaths of Canadians. It is also a finding of fact this is an effective product in the treatment of bi-polar disorder and other mental health illnesses.

Outstanding article by Elissa Meininger
September 20, 2006


Sun, August 20, 2006

Polevoy was ecstatic and took cyber-bows when Truehope got raided and research stopped because of Pig Pills, Inc.

From Polevoy's page bragging about the assault.

The publication of the book resulted in major actions by Health Canada against the Synergy Group of Canada and their Truehope suppport organizations.

Dr. Polevoy was a prime force in convincing the government to investigate their organization.

From another of his pages encouraging people to sue Truehope.

Claims made for their effectiveness in treating serious mental health, and medical problems have not been evaluated by or approved by anyone.


Yes, as absurd as it seems, he did all he could to stop the research, and then whined that it didn't exist. Such are the ways of the Healthfrauds.

Fate, it seems, is not without a touch of Irony.

from The Matrix


Below are some recent articles explaining the error of Health Canada's ways in caving into Polevoy's incessant demands.


Health Canada betrayed trust 8.20.2006

Canadians needlessly suffered and died as a result of decision

By Licia Corbella


If it's true that Health Canada's mandate is to protect the health of Canadians -- as its name suggests -- then the federal government needs to call an inquiry into the disgraceful and deadly actions of this agency.

During a recent trial in a Calgary courtroom, Health Canada officials shockingly acknowledged under oath that even though they knew stopping a vitamin and mineral supplement -- that helps about 10,000 people with severe mental health issues lead normal lives -- from being sold in Canada could cause deaths, they blindly and callously followed the letter of an outmoded law anyway.

Indeed, during the two-week March trial against the makers of Empowerplus (Synergy Group of Canada and Truehope Nutritional Support) one expert witness testified that he knew of at least two people who committed suicide after they relapsed into severe depression once they could no longer get the supplement.

The company was on trial for not having a Drug Identification Number (DIN). They were charged with the crime even after the law no longer applied to natural health products.

Judge Meagher ruled that "the harm avoided by continuing to sell the product was unquestionably greater than the harm inflicted on the regulatory process."

LaJeunesse testified that he warned Health Canada repeatedly that people were growing suicidal as a result of being denied Empowerplus.

Sadly, his prediction came to pass.

In other words, Health Canada knew, allowing the supplement to be used was safe; not allowing it was deadly, and still it pursued and prosecuted the company and its users.

During the trial, Health Canada was ordered to release documents that showed more than 1,000 desperate and often sobbing Canadians contacted Health Canada to plead for the supplement.

An inquiry is needed to find out why Health Canada caused so many people so much harm instead.

For more information on the product call: 1-888-TRUEHOPE (1-888-878-3467) or log onto www.truehope.com

Tide turns in power struggle

Health Canada seizure endangers supplement users, firm says


The makers of a nutritional supplement sold as a treatment for mental disorders says Health Canada has put lives at risk by seizing its product at the Canada-U.S. border.

Twenty-two shipments of the supplement, EMPowerplus, were seized in Surrey, B.C., on July 24, just days before an Alberta judge ruled in favour of its maker, TrueHope Nutritional Support, following a lengthy court battle with Health Canada.

Anthony Stephan, one of the founders of TrueHope, said Thursday he wants federal Health Minister Tony Clement to intervene, adding his company is prepared to go to court again to make sure its clients get the supplement.

"We're asking Health Canada to begin to look very seriously at the human rights issue here, that these people have the right to take this [supplement]."

Health Canada has not commented on the seizure.

Judge rules in favour of TrueHope

EMPowerplus is a vitamin and mineral supplement marketed as an alternative treatment for people with conditions such as bi-polar disorder and depression. The supplement is made in the U.S. and shipped into Canada.

Three years ago, Health Canada began a legal battle with TrueHope over the supplement, asking the court to stop the company from distributing the product.

Health Canada accused the company of selling the medication without a drug identification number, or DIN. The makers of the medication said it wasn't a drug and shouldn't require a DIN.

In his July 28 ruling, provincial court Judge Gerald Meagher said there were no indications Health Canada would have even given TrueHope the identification number needed.

Meagher also said taking EMPowerplus away would pose a considerable threat for the people taking the supplement, including severe relapses and even death.

Controversial supplement

Health Canada issued a warning against using Empowerplus in 2003.

"Health Canada has identified risks associated with the use of Empowerplus. The safety and efficacy of Empowerplus has not been shown," says a statement still on Health Canada's website.

Ron Reinhold, a former inspector for Health Canada who has written about EMPowerplus, said last week that despite the ruling, he would like to see more research done on the benefits of the product, rather than simple testimonials from users.


Truehope Victory ~ Polevoy Defeat

Polevoy co-authored a poorly researched and totally biased diatribe against Truehope in an Ebook he called Pig Pills Inc.

Co-authors were Marvin Ross & Ron Reinholdt.

He proudly took credit for Health Canada stopping their scientific research a few years ago, while whining that there was no scientific research backing their claims.

Fate, it seems, is not without a touch of Irony.

from The Matrix


Thankfully, there is a turnaround in this case ... and now the victims of Polevoy's anti-science rampages are being avenged.

One of his co-author's admitted receiving money from those who would benefit from stopping research.

During an Ottawa speech at which he denounced Empowerplus, Marvin Ross acknowledged that a pharmaceutical company helped cover his travel costs. Indeed, he has often written for pharmaceutical companies which might, on the surface, appear to have a vested interest in putting companies like Truehope.


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