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  Breast Implants: Recovery & Discovery

Special thanks to this very beautiful and very brave woman, Terri Lenee Peake, for sharing the intimate story of her life after saline breast implants.

Her fateful decision, made to become a Penthouse Pet has destroyed her health.

She has been sick the entire life of her beloved young daughter.

Terri's Message to Women Considering Implants or Considering Removing Them

~ Summer 2006 ~

My name is Terri Peake I had saline implants in 1985 so I could be accepted to Penthouse magazine.

I had large breasts but they started sagging.

I have been sick for 9 years never even considering that itwas the implants because I was told like everyone else that they were safe and lasted a lifetime.

I had the explant surgery one year ago. I was so afraid because my breasts were a big part of who I thought I was. I couldn't imagine how I would look.

I was told by different doctors horror stories about what would have to be done. I had a hard right breast that was a capsular contracture. But the thought of all those chemical posions in my body made me sick to my stomach.

Guess what?

The surgery hurt less than putting them in. It took about oneyear they are completely full again and I feel so much better.

The pain I had for nine years was getting better every day.

The longeryou have them the sicker you can get. The fibromyalgia that I have started affecting my brain. That is the progression that this illness takes.

Whatever you decide remember nobody should have all the chemicals in their body check out the chemical composition of silicone on the web and you will see what they are made from.

We are all here for you.
I just joined a wonderful Saline Support Group today, 7/12/06 and invite you to join us there.

Good luck and good health to come,
Terri Peake

Teresa Peake theresa peake

Penthouse Pet ... October, 1987

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Dr. Vasey's "Where There is Smoke There is Fire."     Rheumatologist who has researched extensively the immune system and breast implants. Click here to read in its entirety or print out to bring to your doctors.

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