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      Toxic Balloons   

                                                       By Tammy Spagnuolo 


Saline Implants and the Negative Effects They Have On The Entire Family Unit


 I am a forty four year old wife and mother of two young children.  If it weren't for my supportive family and my faith in God, I don't think I could go on living.


I had saline breast implants four years ago.  I was told they were "safe" since they were made of salt water. What they didn't tell me was that the shell was made up of silicone, which is toxic.   I had always been active and fairly healthy except for a few minor allergies. 


Since I have had these "toxic balloons" my life has spiraled out of control due to my failing health. I have lost my career as a dental assistant, which means loss of partial income the family depended on. (Click here to read my thoughts on dental health and breast implants.)


We have spent thousands of dollars on medical bills, but the WORSE part is I mentally and physically have a very difficult time caring for my two children and husband at times. 


My six and nine year old constantly ask me why I sleep a lot, never smile much and why we don’t do some of the things we use to.  It even hurts to hug them at times, as the pain in my breast is so severe.I can't make love to my husband as we had before I started to develop “severe spinal and neck arthritis.” The pain is often more than I can bare afterwards.  I am doing everything as fast as I possibly can to get these “toxic balloons” out.  


In the mean time I have every symptom you can imagine: 


Intraductal Papilloma on right breast

Small area of ischemia on my anterior heart valve

“Severe” spinal and neck arthritis

Swollen glands or lymph nodes



Breast pain

Arm pain

Wrist pain

Numbness and tingling in finger tips

Chronic fatigue

Sleep disturbances

Memory problems


Weight gain (probably from all the pain meds they put you on)

Dry, itchy, stinging, bloodshot eyes


Mood swings

Mild sore throat or feeling of something in my throat

Dental problems that I never had before implants


I just cringe when I hear my beautiful 21 year old step-daughter saying she wants implants and when I hear young girls saying they want them for their Graduation present!


What is even worse is these "UNINFORMED PARENTS pay for them! 


 In 2005, more than 360,000 women and teenagers underwent surgery to have their breasts enlarged with silicone or saline implants and the numbers are growing rapidly!


Most of these women are or will be someone's MOMMY and will be unable to properly care for their children just a few short years down the road after having implants.


With the staggering statistics of children already having "absent fathers" in the home and the effects that that alone has on them, now imagine how the negative effects of having an "absent mother" will have on their lives


It takes people like you and I to educate society about these "toxic balloons" and the damage they cause to women physically and mentally. 


But what’s even worse is the long-term effects it will have on the entire family.


 Legislation is needed because the FDA has not been effective inprotecting consumers from these potentially harmful products. Please read the report of Kim Gandy, President of NOW, on this important topic, FDA Approval of Dangerous Implants Follows FDA Pattern of Favoring Money and Politics Over Science.




The Link Between Saline Implants and Dental Problems

I had been an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant for 25 years and up until I had my saline breast implants I NEVER had any problems with my teeth other than a a few fillings.

Since I've had my implants four years ago I have had five root canals, four crowns, two of which had to be replaced twice because of my teeth shifting and cracking (from grinding caused by pain from arthritis from the implants).

The first time they put porcelain to metal crowns in.... They caused major discomfort even though the teeth had been root-canaled and my gum tissue receded right near the margin. After they replaced the porcelain to metal crowns with full porcelain, I have not had problems with my crowns.

I still have other dental problems though such as plaque buildup and myalgia (facial pain) from grinding, even though I'm religious about wearing my night guard. I am very disciplined about brushing and flossing regularly so I know it is NOT from lack of dental hygiene. I feel that the arthritis and pain caused by the silicone shelled saline implants is the root of all of this. It's simple just look up (silicone poisoning).

The dry mouth would account for the unusual buildup of plaque that I never had before since saliva aids in washing away plaque. Now that my mouth is dryer from the symptoms of silicone poisoning I am getting more plaque, tarter, and need more dental work. And any grinding from joint pain or sleeplessness can cause shifting and recession so anyone who has saline or silicone implants is more than likely to have more dental problems than they had prior. I think it would be very wise that anyone who has implants and is having any symptoms of silicone poisoning to get more frequent dental cleanings AND wear a night guard every night.

I am not a dentist and do not claim to be one, but I do have knowledge about dental health because of my education and many years of experience.

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