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In 2000, the Quackwatch Team of Stephen Barrett, Terry Polevoy and their attorney, Christopher Grell, filed several SLAPP style lawsuits against Dr. Hulda Clark, Tim Bolen, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Koren, myself, and many others.

To my knowledge, they have won none ... and in Barrett Vs Rosenthal ended up with a bill for over $470,000 for my attorneys fees (of which $311,000 is still outstanding).

All over the internet, Barrett and NCAHF head Robert S. Baratz and others on this list are attempting to change history ... lying that Barrett lost on a 'technicality.' FALSE. More here on why each of the 3 separate plaintiffs all lost to me.)

The team listed below was used to attack we defendants, via their multiple blogs, websites, Health Fraud Group, Newsgroups, Wikipedia etc. ... often hiding behind aliases such as "Vera Teasdale" (that was Terry Polevoy) or "Marla Maples" (that was one of disbarred attorney, Mark S Probert's many disguises).

After their enormous loss to me in Barrett vs Rosenthal in November, 2006, they removed this from Peter Bowditch's ratbags.com website (around December, 2006). Then in the Summer of 2007, they ordered this clear evidence of their conspiracy to defame (which they call a 'joke' or a 'satire') webpage censored off of the webarchive where it had been housed since 2000.

They have now gone underground, although their attacks continue. Read more about Barrett and Quackwatch and their tactics of attempting to silence and destroy the reputations and lives of those of us they sue.

I created this page and now duplicate below the exact the rag-tag posse of snake-oil vigilantes page that Barrett's team have attempted to wipe off the internet.

It is my firm and experienced belief they they:

  • work hand-in-hand to promote vaccinations and other potentially dangerous drugs
  • deny the dangers of chemicals and MCS and amalgams, etc.
  • attempt to minimize their dangers and trivialize their harm
  • and smear and destroy the lives of those of us whose voices they wish to silence.

This is an exact replica of the website as of October 22, 2004 which was up from 2000 until late 2006, and then removed even from the webarchive.

Click logo below and you will see that Barrett's Australian counterpart, Peter Bowditch, ordered it blocked from your view.  Snake oil Bowditch has spent years on Usenet, in scores of posts, fantasizing that he had a sexual fling with me in my hometown of San Diego ... and that I am a disease ridden prostitute.

The rag-tag posse of snake-oil vigilantes
Rounding up outlaw 'net quacks since 2000

Members of the posse are committed to the fight against medical fraud. To add your name to the list, please .

Peter Bowditch
Woofie Pearson
Robert Baratz
Mattias Haglund
Bernard Morey
Mark Lowry
Christopher Brown
Andrew Langer
Mark Thorson
Willa Nidiffer
David Wright
Rich Andrews
  Rosalind Dalefield
David Green
TD Laing
Cindy Province
Paul Lee
John Stone
Janice Lyons
James Laidler
Mark Probert
Rich Shewmaker
David Gorski
Andrew Kingoff
Honorary Members
These are people who aren't in the list above but who have been named in Nuremberg 2001, the court case against members of "one of the most evil, and vicious, organizations ever to stalk Planet Earth's Families"
Stephen Barrett
Judith Barrett
Terry Polevoy
Christopher Grell
Rebecca Long
Rebekah Johnson
Aron Primack
Peter W. Pappas
Joseph Pizzorno
William T. Jarvis
  Tim Gorski
Bill Ross
Monica Pignotti
Michael McNeil
Paul Hilling
Paul Smith
Esther Figueroa
Jose Figueroa
Some Internet mailing lists and domain names and some organisations
have also been enjoined in the action
See the court summons here.

Last updated October 22, 2004

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