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Terri Peake
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Young mother whose life has been turned upside down after complications from her implants

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We have dedicated Today as

Breast Implant Survivors Day

Sandy's Story

Before getting saline implants I was a healthy woman,
full of energy, worked three jobs and on the go mom,
notice the word was !!

Please Note:
My heart never skipped a beat before getting saline implants
I now have a delayed electron in my heart.

After getting saline implants my breasts felt like cement.
My breasts were rock hard since day one of implantation

My health was spiraling down and I was in agony everyday
The days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.

I made many calls to my surgeon because of the pain
My surgeon and his staff kept reassuring me that I just
had surgery and I will be in pain for some time. They
said for me to relax and keep massaging my breasts.

My friends even noticed my right shoulder was a lot
lower than my left shoulder. I also could see in the mirror
that my shoulders were dramatically uneven and of course
the doctors and specialists as always disagreed with me.

Some Doctors yelled at me for questioning my
implants being the cause to all my symptoms.
The doctors and specialist indicated there is
no connection and this was all in my head.

I informed my surgeon and staff about the
personal stories on the internet regarding
symptoms of breast implant illness.

They said not to believe all those made up stories
and that my saline implants are very safe.
I was told other woman never came to them
with any symptoms after getting breast implants.

I had doctors prescribed Zanax and other similar meds.
The doctors kept using the word anxious as a diagnosis

I bet my paper trail has the word psychotic in their notes!!
Here's a list of some of the symptoms I recall after getting implants.

Brain Fog
Brain Pain
Body Ache
No Energy
Weight Gain
Memory Loss
Panic Attacks
Heart Flutters
Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Pain
Rapid Heartbeat
Bowel Syndrome
Muscular Joint Pain
Unexplained Rashes
High Blood Pressure
Hot and Cold Flashes
Could Not Turn My Head
Lost Most Of My Strength
Crawly Feeling In Kneecaps
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Hair Loss On Arms And Legs
Head and Breasts Felt Like A Brick

I was literally walking like a 90 year old woman
My six year old son was taking care of me,
instead of mom taking care of him

I needed assitance in dressing, showers and brushing my hair.
My implants also put me through the change of life.
I was plastered to my bed most of the time.

Implanted and explanted through the armpits

More symptoms after my implants
were pulled out through my armpits.

Chest became covered in skintags
Candida Yeast of the Intestine
Poor Digestive System
Saggy Wrinkled Skin
Foghorn Cough
Dry Nose

I had many tests and x-rays for lymes, Lupus, and MS and etc.
All tests came back negative.

I am now partially crippled, cannot bend or exercise.
I am on heart meds and cannot work like I once did.
I would do anything to turn back the hands of time.

My son has lost out on lifes adventures with me.
I have missed out on missed years of his little life.

Implanted - 1999
Explanted - 2002

Before Saline Implants:118 lbs - size 5/6
After Saline Implants: 180 lbs - size 15/16

Although quality of my life has been reduced,
some of my symptoms have dissipated since
proper removal and detoxing.

I want to thank the ladies whom have led the way
and supported woman like myself to proper removal,
detox and helping mothers with sick babies that are
breast fed through poisonous saline/silicone implants.

Many Thanks To Patty and the Saline Support Group.

Your Health Is Precious
Guard It With Your Life

God Bless, Sandy



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