FDA Transcripts from October, 2003

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(from Dallas Morning News, June 11, 2006)

Born April 29, 1947 in Sedro-Woolley, WA; passed away peacefully at home in Dallas, TX on June 8, 2006; worked for IBM and Wells Fargo;

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Please read Rodney's excellent testimony to the FDA in 2003 below.

Testimony of Rodney Hayton,

CFO of NSIF - FDA Panel Hearings - October 2003

        MR. HAYTON:  I am Rodney Hayton.  I am the CFO of the National Silicone Implant Foundation.  I have paid for the complete expenses of  this trip out of my own pocket.

        I know that Inamed says silicone implants don't cause disease.
That depends on your definition.  However, the impact of silicone
implants varies from person to person according to leakage rate and
personal immune system threshold.  Silicone overloads and damages the  immune system.  Silicone allows a variety of atypical disease symptoms to develop.

        Silicone implants can harm infants because silicone crosses the
placental barrier and goes into mother's milk, proven by what is
referred to as the Scandinavian studies, funded by Dow well over
quarter of a century ago, report number 39-89 Dow Corning research  department, 1972.  I have provided a copy to the panel.

        In March, 1994, the FDA advised the Human Milk Making
Association to screen for women who have or have had silicone implants.
 The body tries to remove silicone with macrophages, nibbling off bits of the polymer chain.  Silicone is moved all over the body.

 Wherever the macrophage is when it expires is where the silicone is deposited at these locations.  The body, through its wondrous chemistry,
demethylizes the silicone which results in grains of sand all over the

        What has happened to some of these women with implants the SPCA wouldn't allow to be done to your dog.  A five-year old child does not need epidemiological studies to figure out "don't touch the hot stove."

 They do not have to understand how and why.

        Actuaries for insurance companies know about silicone implants.
 That is why Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Texas and other states will  not provide insurance coverage to women with implants.  

The Canadian  FDA knows about silicone implants since Canada has socialized medicine and their actuaries know that silicone implant patients have a  disproportionately higher morbidity and mortality rate as compared to similar women without implants.  United States centers of Medicare and Medicaid actuaries know the statistics because of women's health care and disability claims.

        Mme. Curie died of the effects of radiation toxicity from her
experiments with pitchblende.  She discovered and separated uranium and radium from pitchblende.  This was back in the time when we did not know the dangers of radiation in the human body.

 She died just the same.

        There have been silicone implants where the removed the shell
was completely disintegrated.  What happens to these women?  We do not know because it has never been studied and researched.  It is illegal to inject silicone gel.  So, what is the difference between an
injection and leakage?

        The manufacturers' own data shows a 35 and 45 percent
complication rate after four years.  I have seen the complications
first hand.  Not being a doctor, but being part of a support group,
women have been fairly free to show what has happened to them.

 Some of  them just show pictures and that is downright disgusting.  How many lives have been lost or ruined from silicone in the body?

 How many more before the FDA will step up to the plate to do the right thing without regard to financial gain?

        For those who plan to do so, I applaud you.  For those who do
not, please step up to the plate also.  We need more longer, in-depth
studies and a better product before approval so we do not ruin any more women's lives that may be mothers, daughters, sisters, wives,
granddaughters.  I would hate to have eye surgery with a complication rate such as this.  The results are more devastating than to be blind but I would not even think about it.

 Thank you.



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