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Rachele’s Horror in Breast Augmentation That She Sent To The California Medical Board

(Rachele thanks Ilena Rosenthal and the Humantics Foundation for allowing her to express her opinions, and enjoy the rights bestowed on her by the First Amendment.)

Before my first surgery on January 4, 2005 for breast augmentation, I chose Joseph Togba, Oakland, CA because on his website it states that he makes uneven breasts even.

False advertising!

When I went to my pre-operation appointments, he told me that he would put two of the same size implants inside me with valves and give the left, smaller breast more cc’s of saline and nothing to the right implant, all under the muscle.

He was also going to do a breast lift on both sides. The day of my surgery I had to sign paperwork at the last minute before surgery. Possibly he had other things on his mind since he was flying to Italy that day.

I did appreciate that he called to check on me after my surgery. I could definitely feel the breast lift only on the right breast but not on the left side.

I also noticed a grotesque difference in shape and size of my two breasts.

I went to my first post operation appointment and the nurse told me he had put “a larger full round implant in my right breast (which was larger than the left to begin with) and a smaller half circle implant with less cc’s in my left breast.”

I told her, that is not what was supposed to be done. She hurriedly left the office, talked to Dr. Togba who came in nervous and sweating and told me that “I had two of the same size implants.” I should have called the implant company since I was given cards with each surgery because I would have found from the beginning that he was lying.

I trusted that a physician would not lie to me.

After another appointment, the doctor told me I “had a leak in my left implant and that my financing company (Pilot Financial) pays for any defective implants up to one year from the surgery."

However, I had to pay The Surgery Center (which is in addition to the doctor) in Oakland for their services and the anesthesiologist.

I talked to the doctor about having a full round implant replaced in that breast as he told me that is what he inserted after the first surgery and to lift the breast on that side as well. He agreed.

On April 28, 2005, I went in for the second surgery. His nurse called to check on me. He made one incision to remove and insert it. I noticed a grotesque difference in size right away after the surgery and told the doctor and he told me that “they would even out in size after the swelling went down in six months to a years time.” Well, that was not the truth because he put in the same smaller size implant as he did to begin with and totally ignored what we had talked about.

I complained to him about this. I sent a certified letter confirming my disappointment that he had not listened to me, and he called me in for a third consultation and stupid me trusted he would treat me respectfully and again I went in for yet a third surgery surgery.

This time I had to pay for the implant, The Surgery Center, and the anesthesiologist.

The doctor made me feel like I “should be grateful as he was donating his time.”

I went in for the third surgery February 12, 2007. He was fifteen minutes late into my surgery time and I was rushed to sign documents one of which I had to sign after surgery all doped up.

I am not sure what I signed.

Despite what we had talked about in the pre-operation appointment (he using the same size implant with 15 to 25 cc’s more saline than the right breast plus a breast lift), he inserted a slightly larger yet smaller implant with less cc’s than the right implant once again and no breast lift.

He also made one more incision in my armpit and three grotesquely obvious and not hidden incisions, under my breast.

I got an infection as one was left open and now I have a big round scar there.

I came in to have my stitches removed and I was told I am “obese and that my hair color is wrong for my skin tone.”

(I guess because he has so many years of schooling and he pays more in taxes than you and I, he is a hair color expert too?)

The difference in breast size after the third surgery was totally apparent again. I called the implant company as their 800 number is on my cards and checked for the first time.

Much to my horror, I found out I was lied to by the doctor.

They told me exactly how much cc’s of saline could go into each implant and it did not match his records. When I called to complain, the secretary said that I would have to come in for a fourth consultation for surgery and that is when I told her that I would not be needing his services any further because I have been disrespected and lied to and cheated.

I asked (verbal and written) for my money back and there was no response.

When I asked for my record, I received only the original page that I filled out and much important data was missing.

Also the numbers on the implant company cards I got after surgery do not match my doctors medical records on the third surgery. My card matches The Surgery Center’s records as they are a separate entity of Joseph Togba.

In the meantime, I have to wear a prosthetic breast in my left bra cup to make my breasts match when wearing clothes and a shirt over my bathing suit as there is a total difference as one breast is DD and the other is a C.

I feel like such a freak show that I don’t even like my breasts touched by my husband. Of course it will cost me more money to have them removed, which I do not have right now. This experience has financially wiped me out.

I have been to physicians, including one at Kaiser who all have told me they “do not understand why he did what he did to me and that it is very unprofessional behavior.”

They have all encouraged me to report this plastic surgeon so that others will not fall victim to his behavior.

I cannot sue him for my money back because I have been told by several attorneys, “It is not worth their financial while to handle a case like this which is not worth much to them.”

This doctor is well aware of this. I believe what I got from this doctor was leftovers from mastectomy patients.

I caution any woman who is considering breast implants to reconsider ... and I obviously, in no way, recommend this plastic surgeon.




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