QuackWatchWatch / NCAHFWatch ... Who will watch the watchers

Barrett Vs Rosenthal (details of 10+++ years of legal and media (PR) attacks by Barrett and Team, which ended Quackbusters 0 ~ Ilena Rosenthal 3)


Quis custodiet ipses custodies?

Who will watch the watchers?

Supreme Court of California Rules in Favor of Ilena Rosenthal regarding republishing of other's potentially defamatory words.

This California Supreme Court Ruling will protect ISP's, blog and chat room owners, and millions of posters from being intimidated by the threat of a lawsuit for something they did not write.

The Quackwatch / National Council Against Health Fraud Team led by Stephen Barrett has used threats of and SLAPP suits such as this one, to attempt to silence critics and exhaust their resources for years.

These tactics have been used by NCAHF/Quackwatch for years. Read these links below:

A Modern-Day Witch Hunt

Julian Whitaker, M.D.

The NCAHF: Our Modern Witch Hunters

Is Your Doctor on the "Quacklist?"

As bad as it seems, calling the cops to silence contrary opinions is only part of the nefarious actions of certain NCAHF members. John Renner, M.D., from Kansas City, an active board member of the NCAHF, has maintained a list of over 2,500 physicians, Ph.D.s and others he deems to be quacks and frauds. To be on this list you just need to belong to an organization that is studying nutrition or any therapy not yet approved by the FDA.

There's a 1990 copy of the list containing 1,137 M.D.s and 52 people with double doctorates. Although the list does not appear to be in general circulation, it may have been supplied to insurance companies and state medical boards. The result could be that alternative physicians are financially blackballed, or put under additional scrutiny.

John Renner has even put Linus Pauling, Ph.D., on this quacklist. Dr. Pauling has been singled out by two authoritative sources as one of the top 20 scientists of all time, along with Aristotle, Galileo and Newton. The only other scientist selected from the 20th century was Albert Einstein. Imagine, John Renner, a relative "no-weight" compared to Dr. Pauling, labels the only person to be awarded two unshared Nobel prizes as a fraud.


Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch Exposed In Court Cases

At trial, under a heated cross-examination by Negrete, Barrett conceded that he was not a Medical Board Certified psychiatrist because he had failed the certification exam.


Consumer Health Digest is a free weekly e-mail newsletter edited by Stephen Barrett, M.D., and cosponsored by NCAHF and Quackwatch. Where does one operation begin and the other end?

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Board Chairman, Quackwatch, Inc.
NCAHF Vice President and Director of Internet Operations

What a wild week this has been on various 'media' throughout the net!

As you may already know, the ever humble, never arrogant, Stephen Joel Barrett, demonstrating his typical humility, so modestly described his public relations operation thusly:

"Twenty years ago, I had trouble  getting my ideas through to the media.
Today, I am the media." Time Magazine, May 5, 2001

Barrett is the common thread in the Quackwatch, Quackbusters, National Council Against Health Fraud, ACSH, Rag-Tag Posse, Healthfraud List network

One questions what happened around 1981 and who is backing his "media" presence. Click here for partial list of the various operations he's involved in.

This week, however, I met some of his 'media' team on Wikipedia ... rewriting history and attempting to censor truthful, negative information about him. Because of their attempts to censor me there, I am now updating this page and others surrounding Barrett / NCAHF etc. etc.

Barrett's teams are ruthless when they attempt to destroy the reputations of scientists and doctors and activists who have viewpoints different than Barrett's. "Credential Watch" is one of the many websites he operates. Under oath during a deposition (Barrett Loss to Dr. Tedd Koren) Barrett was forced to admit that he had failed the Psychiatric Boards back in the 1960's, and never attempted them again, leaving his patients with fewer consumer protections. Click here for more revelations about this 'watchdog' operation. Makes the question "Who pays him to investigate the credentials of others?" even more relevant.

After years of his Rag-tag Posse investigating every detail of my life ... professional and personal and posting disinformation and outright libel about me I now ask:

Is NCAHF a legal corporate entity, entitled to collect the donations they solicit????

The State of California suspended NCAFH's license in May, 2003. Paul Lee and others on Wikipedia claim,

" ...The NCAHF is still registered in California. -- Fyslee 18:37, 13 December 2006 (UTC)

That was entirely unfactual when Paul Lee, Barrett's assistant listmaster and Wikipedia publicist wrote that. However, after nearly 4 years of operations with a suspended license, sometime between February and June 1, 2007, they finally got their state license reinstated.

They have claimed they were registered in Massachusetts, but the Secretary of State of Massachusetts has no records of them.


Click here for website on his loss to me in Barrett Vs Rosenthal



'Quackbusters' Stephen Barrett and attorney, Christopher Grell lose all appeals in their SLAPP suit against Ilena Rosenthal

Supreme Court of California decision.

Case Number S122953

My Website on progress of suit, Barrett vs Rosenthal

(I'm in the process of updating many of these pages.)

NCAHF Posts Names of 2,500 Physicians on Quack List   

Click here to see NCAHF, suspended as a California Corporation

What's Eating Stephen Barrett? From Alternative Medicine

Challenging Quackwatch’s Position on Lyme Disease

The Quackbusters
Vitality May 2002  By Helke Ferrie

Rag-tag Posse List

The Watchers

Every one of these listed below has used one or more aliases to attack me, and when responded to, yelled 'abuse.' These are typical Quackwatch tactics. The first 3 work closely with quackwatch as part of their "Rag-tag Posse" formed to harass and attack and defame on the internet those that Barrett is suing in court.

Rag-tag Posse List from 2005

Members from Rag-tag who targeted me to harass, stalk, insult and attempt to Smear by any means possible:

Andrew M. Langer

Mark S. Probert, disbarred attorney

Willa  Nidiffer

The so-called "support leader" working with the above has become one of both Barrett and Polevoy's publicists.

Myrl Carlene Jeffcoat, recently advised Polevoy not to pay his $311,000 judgement to my attorneys.

The people above (plus several more) were involved in hiring a private investigator to hunt me down in August, 2004. They were working closely with Patrick J. O'leary, who simulatenously had been made General Director of Eurosilicone.

O'leary has a history of aligning with people who call themselves "breast implant support leaders" ... while he is on salary from the silicone industry.

Quackwatch 'Guerrilla' Tactics

Quoth Stephen J. Barrett, writing in AMA News on August 25, 1975, describing the Lehigh Valley Committee Against Health Fraud:

"By working "undercover" using assumed names and box numbers, we've gotten all sorts of information and publications other groups, like the medical societies, haven't been able to lay their hands on.

...Really, we're a bunch of guerrillas - we're not a large group, there are about 40 members, but we're the only such group in the country."

Here is a list of several of Barretts associated operations.

Polevoy vs Ilena Rosenthal

Polevoy vs Truehope



Thank you so much for your interest.

December 15, 2007 updated

In the 1990's, Stephen Barrett put his medical license on ice and launched many legal and smear campaigns against several of us: homeopaths, activists, and doctors with far better credentials than himself ... often hiring himself or one of his cronies as an 'expert' in the very lawsuit he launched! This totally backfired on him in his ill-fated suit against King Bio where the judges nailed he & Wallace Sampson as being biased and unworthy of credibility.

Because he had failed his Psychiatric Boards, he was never board certified so now, with no active medical license, there was no regulatory body above him as he waged lawsuit after lawsuit and concurrently smeared physicians and scientists and activists he was suing on his perjorative websites.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Tedd Koren, anti-fluoride activist Darlene Sherell, myself and others were all targets of these rabid assaults.

The case that became known as BARRETT VS ROSENTHAL, was first called Barrett Vs (Dr. Hulda) Clark and included many defendants.

I am updating this page, soon after reading the total & utter disinformation that Barrett's buddy, the head of the so called National Council Against Health Fraud, Bob Baratz, just put out on this case. (Update of 12/16/2007 I would link to the places I found it on the net, but they've all been nuked in the last couple of days. I have the original if anyone wants to see it.

(Update of 12/17/2007: They've now nuked the entire Health Fraud archives in a mad blaze of censoring and changing history and destroying evidence.)

In a letter filled with inaccuracies (typical of the Health Fraud / Quackwatch team), to use their term "begging for donations" he shamelessly lies that Barrett lost this case on a technicality. The many Quackwatch / Health Fraud flacks on Wikipedia and Usenet have attempted to change history also. Paul Lee (who runs the Webrings and is Barrett's Assistant Listmaster) has a team on Wikipedia keeping off the facts on the many court losses of Barrett and his various operations.

BLATANT LIE BY Robert S. Baratz, MD, PhD, DDS
National Council Against Health Fraud

"This week, after a 6-year legal battle, a California judge ordered him to pay the legal fees of one defendant who, although she has posted many negative statements about him, was not held accountable by the courts due to a technicality."

From the Supreme Court decision, I quote:

"As the lower courts correctly concluded, however, none of the hostile comments against Dr. Barrett alleged in the complaint are defamatory."


Further, Christopher Grell lost to me because not only had a never defamed him, I had never mentioned his name nor knew who he was before he SLAPP sued me for libel. He was shamed before the Superior Court Judge when he had to admit this in open court.

The third plaintiff, Terry A. Polevoy, an American living in Canada yet suing me in Oakland, California, lost for many reasons. One was because I was not the originator of an email that he claims was libelous.

More details on the comment I reposted about him which regarding stalking a talk show host in Canada is here.

Before this case was taken to the Supreme Court of California, and Barrett & Grell had already lost twice, Polevoy was offered a total walk-away. He would owe nothing, I would owe nothing.

He refused, demanding that his co-plaintiffs (who had already lost in two courts) also be given a free ride. At that point, they owed for their lost Superior Court and Appeals Court attorneys fees only.

This week, after 7 long years of being assaulted by his SLAPP suit against me personally ... the Judges ordered the final tally against him, Christopher Grell, and Terry Polevoy. This document can be downloaded here. The total bill for the 3 losing plaintiffs is $430,095.75 for the final years in the Court of Appeals and the Superior Court of California.

It appears that Barrett & Grell have left the bulk of the Judgement, over $311,000 with Polevoy and that Grell has now dropped him as his attorney. He will now face interrogatories and collection procedures.


I recently found this excellent and revealing quote about my longterm nemesis, Stephen J. Barrett.


A glimpse into his character can be gained through his habitual use of words to mean their exact opposite. For example, in an article entitled "Poison Mongers," Dr. Barrett refers to people who are trying to stop the addition of fluoride, a poison, to the water supply as poison-mongers. Full article by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis here.

June 27, 2007 updated ~ LOTS OF NEWS

"Quackbusters" Have Giant Court Losses on Two Continents 6/26/2007


Barrett Loses AGAIN in Pennsylvania Appeals Court ~ Chiropractors Claim Court Victory Against Infamous 'Quackbuster': Barrett loses for second time against respected Chiropractor, Dr. Tedd Koren


Stephen Barrett's co-plaintiff, Terry Polevoy became the third of the three plaintiffs to lose to me in the Supreme Court of California November 20, 2006. On May 2, 2007, both Barrett and Polevoy were ordered by the court to post a bond in the amount of $433,715.93. Here is the pdf file.

Here are the facts and links to news articles in Barrett Vs Rosenthal:

(aka Quackbusters 0 ~ Ilena Rosenthal 3)

Barrett's publicists are working overtime on Wikipedia and Usenet to attempt to rewrite the history and the facts of this case.

Simultaneously they have upped a smear campaign against me attempting to google bomb and overtake my personal name with a website of their libelous claims and their accusations about me.


NCAHF legal again after nearly 4 years of state license suspenditure!

THE NATIONAL COUNCIL AGAINST HEALTH FRAUD, INC, after being suspended as a California Corporation for nearly 4 years, has just become legal again. The State of California had suspended them in May, 2003, and as you can see, as of February 2007 when I copied this off their website, they were still suspended yet claiming to be a legal non profit.

Corporation Retrieved February, 2007 from State Website
Number: C0834009 Date Filed: 12/8/1977 Status: suspended
Jurisdiction: California
POST B 1276
Agent for Service of Process
** RESIGNED ON 03/22/2003


Other news is that Harrison vs. Quackwatch & Chirobase & Allen Botnick is in the discovery phase. Click here for court documents of the complaint. (opens pdf document)

Dedicated to Stephen Barrett ... who epitomizes the defintion of barratry, also, barretry:

The offense of persistently instigating lawsuits, typically groundless ones.

Stephen Joel Barrett, who claims to be a consumer advocate and watchdog has a long history of legal and media attacks, often against people far more credentialed than he.

The fact that he failed the Psychiatric Board Exams and never successfully passed them in decades of practice, tells volumes.

At trial, under a heated cross-examination by Negrete, Barrett conceded that he was not a Medical Board Certified psychiatrist because he had failed the certification exam.

In doing so, his patients never had the protection of a Medical Specialty Board. Further, from October 8, 1994 until January 8, 2007 Barrett's license was inactive as he waged a Public Relations War (he describes his team as guerrillas (spanish for warriors) against many health professionals and health activists such as myself. One of his "watch" sites is even "credential watch" ... yet his own credentials are far from impressive.

After 13 years, on January 9, 2007, he suddenly placed his license into "active-retired" status which means that he can as of that date, prescribe 'medicine' for himself and his family members only.

"... biased and unworthy of credibility."

Opinion of three California Appeals Justices in NCAHF / Barrett's losing suit lawsuit NCAHF vs. KingBio

Click here to read Appeals Court Opinion.

To read about Barrett's Canadian Sidekick, Terry Polevoy, click here. He is Waging War on several fronts: against me, Adam Dreamhealer, and Truehope, to name but a few.

For my declaration under penalty of perjury, please click here.

Here's the supplemental declaration, in response to Barrett's bizarre claims, including:

I cannot recall any instance where I have publicly called anyone a quack.

He has made a career out of defaming those with whom he disagrees and launching Smear Campaigns of unbridled attacks via SLAPP lawsuits, and his defamatory webpages and Quack Lists.

Quackwatch 'Guerrilla' Tactics

The internet has been a bonanza for Barrett and his many interwoven front groups to use the warrior tactics he described below. His appropriately named "Healthfraud" list, immediately bans any who are critical of Barrett or Polevoy, or who have other ideas about ongoing controversies about which the Healthfrauds make medical conclusions. They attempt to infiltrate any health related group to force their propaganda, however.

Quoth Stephen J. Barrett, writing in AMA News on August 25, 1975, describing the Lehigh Valley Committee Against Health Fraud:

"By working "undercover" using assumed names and box numbers, we've gotten all sorts of information and publications other groups, like the medical societies, haven't been able to lay their hands on.

...Really, we're a bunch of guerrillas - we're not a large group, there are about 40 members, but we're the only such group in the country."

The ability to post anonymously and one poster using multiple names have been well integrated into their strategies to bully their opinions on blogs and Usenet.

For years, they have waged vicious campaigns against thousands who have different beliefs than they. Harassing medical boards to investigate for minor grievances those they wish to shut down is typical behavior for them. Dr. Robert Sinaiko was but one who prevailed against them after years and years of being attacked by this team.

Please visit my blog here on one of their Wars that was involved with attempting to force chemotherapy and radiation on this beautiful soul. Fortunately, Abraham prevailed against their tactics.

In January, 2001, just days after my marriage, I was amongst several sued by the infamous Quackbusters, Stephen Barrett, Terry Polevoy and their attorney, Christopher Grell.

The on-going case and their simultaneous and multi-fronted Smear Campaign against me discussed here:

Quackbusters Vs Ilena Rosenthal


When these so-called 'quackbusters' lose in court, they up their attacks and fill the world wide web, blogs and Usenet with more attacks, frequently by anonymous posters. They claim expertise of hundreds of different ongoing medical controversies, and attempt to fill the internet with their viewpoint. Even when someone settles with them, as Dr. Mercola did, the Rag-tag Posse continues to defame and harass Barrett's targets.

For several decades, in conjunction with the chemical and pharmaceutical backed American Council  of Science and Health (ACSH.org) as their "advisor," Barrett has been attacking health professionals (and practices) with whom they disagree.

These attacks extend to activists like myself, or Darlene Sherrell, who queried Barrett on proof of fluoride safety and received years of defending herself until finally winning his SLAPP style suit against her. More on this case here. Thankfully, she prevailed, even after her codefendant, Philip Heggins died during the case.

His so called "National Council Against Health Fraud" has launched many lawsuits and they often go after the licenses of people they deem are "quacks." For a list of the various pots he has had his fingers in ... click here. I know I may sound bitter, but being sued and smeared by them for over 5 years is very intense. He calls himself a psychiatrist, surely knowing the amount of stress these attacks create in patients and doctors and their family ... and the high cost stress plays on one's health.

Three of the Posse members were on a team to locate my physical whereabouts and dig up any dirt they could find out about me. They posted untrue findings as facts and recirculate this information frequently.

I have no idea if they have any boundaries at all.

What they will do to silence their critics and those they have sued or harassed through medical boards, criminal investigations etc. seems to have no lower limits.

Several friends concerned for my personal safety sent me a strong recommendation to watch The Constant Gardener. Click here if you've not yet seen this powerful movie about activists exposing pharmaceutical cover-ups.


The trillion dollar War of Conventional Medicine (Con-Med) aka Allopathic Medicine versus Complementary or Integrative or Alternative Medicine and Medics has been raging for centuries.

The last few decades have been especially bloody and brutal with Stephen Barrett at the helm of the Quackwatch Empire.

For a bit of lightness to the serious Allopath War ... please visit this excellent tongue in cheek cartoon by Dr. Joseph Mercola and NewsTarget.com by clicking the logo below.


is Barrett's modern day Guerrilla Team. They have recently removed this page this is a webarchive of it

Someone under the name of "Randy Barrett"
wrote a puff piece for the Quackwatch Team, describing them thusly:

A rag-tag posse of snakeoil
vigilantes occasionally helps identify culprits and even contributes to investigations.
Quackwatch's Barrett falls into this category.

Since 2000, Ratbags.com mission has been, to use their words, 'rounding up Net Quacks since 2000.' Click here for list with their sites ... each promoting the other.

Barrett, Grell and Polevoy who sued me and so many others, are here, amidst others mentioned on this site participated in the Smear Campaign against me and others I will discuss further here. Who are they to decide who is, and who isn't a quack or junk scientist? Peter Bowditch?

Ratbags is an Australian site owned by Peter Bowditch. He and Barrett co-promote each other throughout the internet, promote their blogs, promote their webring, and Barrett is a member of the viscious Posse. Bowditch has a running fantasy he posts regularly on Usenet claiming he came to my hometown, San Diego for a sexual tryst with me. This is the level of their propaganda. These cases you don't see on Barrett's one-sided and biased "casewatch."

Bowditch and his company, Gebesse removed malicious material on the Web after being forced to settle this case filed against them by ACN, the Australian Communications Network ... or have to continue to defend themselves in a losing battle.

Here is the Order against Peter Bowditch and Gebesse Holdings (I've copied it below since it's buried beneath other attacks on his webpage.) Here is the link to what he is now prohibited from posting because it is "false and misleading." On Usenet, Bowditch denies any wrongdoing. This is similar to the denials of Posse Member, Mark S Probert, disbarred by the NY Supreme Court, who advertises Quackwatch and denies his disbarment.

Removal of ACN material & Apology

Under the terms of settlement of a legal dispute the owner and author of this site has agreed not to make any representations or comment regarding ACN or its related companies and has otherwise agreed to keep the terms of that settlement confidential.

The website owner and author wish to apologise for any hurt or damage caused to ACN, its employees or Independent Representatives by the former contents of the website.

When Barrett or others of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) deem someone a quack ... they launch merciless medical witch hunts to destroy their target. A very beloved California doctor, Dr. Robert Sinaiko went through a many year ordeal ... had his license taken away ... his life smeared ... ultimately to be totally exonerated. Years wasted defending himself from internet and legal attacks because he had different medical beliefs than they.

The internet is a medium that works well for Barrett's legendary Smear Campaigns, labeling them quacks or the more modern junk scientist, while the smearers hide behind fake names and multiple aliases.

Barrett, Terry Polevoy and their attorney, Christopher Grell sued me for being in conspiracy with people I had never met, and for libeling someone I never knew existed.

In the Superior Court I prevailed against all 3 of these self-styled "Quackbusters."

On appeal, Barrett and Grell again lost. Their reaction?

One of their many publicists, this one so humbly named The Reverend Cathy Credulous (or sometimes, DisinfoAgent or Nanaweedkiller), began ciruclating a libelous webpage falsely claiming that I had been arrested for selling crack cocaine to children in San Jose, Costa Rica. She meanders around the internet, posting advertisements for Barrett and Polevoy and the link to this site to date.

Here is a list of several of Barretts associated organizations ... including ACSH.org, long funded by the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Food Industries. When Barrett writes propaganda for them regarding MCS, he refuses to admit that the Chemical Industry pays ACSH.org who pays him.

There is a vast conglomeration of corporate dollars that funds a huge and pervasive Public Relations Campaign.

The goal?  To control information on all media ... television, radio, internet, newspapers etc.


He has not had a valid medical license since the early 90's and never passed the Psychiatric Boards which would have protected his patients

Yet he proudly is the Watcher in CaseWatch and HomeoWatch and ChiroWatch, and even Credential Watch ... as hypocritical as that is.

"... quackery could be broadly defined as
anything involving over promotion in the field of health."

--- Stephen Barrett, MD

This quote is but one of the 417,000 pages promoting Barrett, who sells himself as an expert on things he has no education in whatsoever and who the courts have declared is "unworthy of credibility."

Barrett overly promotes himself as an 'expert' and fills page after page blasting therapies and therapists and broadcasts his "opinions" as facts on the dozens of websites he and his Canadian counterpart, Terry Polevoy control.

They learned how to manipulate Google ... filling many websites and blogs with adverts to their sites, and "over promotion" or "quackery" defines them perfectly is my opinion.

Here is a list of the websites her operates .. each of them promoting the other as 'experts.'

http://www.quackwatch.org (health fraud and quackery) http://www.acuwatch.org (under construction)http://www.autism-watch.org (guide to autism) http://www.cancertreatmentwatch.org (under construction) http://www.casewatch.org (legal archive) http://www.chelationwatch.org (chelation therapy) http://www.chirobase.org (guide to chiropractic) http://www.credentialwatch.org (under construction) http://www.dentalwatch.org (guide to dental care) http://www.devicewatch.org (under construction) http://www.dietscam.org (under construction) http://www.homeowatch.org (guide to homeopathy) http://www.ihealthpilot.org (guide to reliable information)) http://www.infomercialwatch.org (guide to infomercials) http://www.mentalhealthwatch.org (under construction) http://www.mlmwatch.org (multi-level marketing) http://www.naturowatch.org (naturopathy) http://www.nccamwatch.org (under construction) http://www.nutriwatch.org (nutrition facts and fallacies) http://www.pharmwatch.org (under construction) http://www.ncahf.org (National Council Against Health Fraud) http://www.chsourcebook.com (consumer health sourcebook)


Look at Barrett's HomeoWatch. He fails to mention his losing lawsuit to King Bio and how the Appeals Court Judges in that case declared him: "biased and unworthy of credibility."


On the WWW there are 417,000 mentions for quackwatch ... many of them stem from Barrett himself.

He works closely with Junk Science.com ...  whose first funding came from the Tobacco Industry, and now from the Pharma / Med Device / Cell Phone / Oil / Chemical Industries, to name but a few.

They draw premature conclusions on ongoing medical controversies and steadfastly deny their connection with the chemical, pharmaceutical and med device industries.

What Barrett can't deny, however, is his connection with ACSH.org where his coatpockets have hung for decades. One of the most blatant of his diatribes from there was his false claims that Multiple Chemical Sensivity doesn't exist and his Warcry to go after the licenses of doctors and scientists working to figure out this complex issue. ACSH is funded by the chemical industry.

Recently, one of the other ACSH flacks, Michael Fumento, got busted for taking $60,000 from Monsanto for just one book ...

Fumento lost his syndicated column after Business Week reported that his 2003
book, ''Biotechnology," was subsidized with an undisclosed 1999 grant of $60000
from the agribusiness giant Monsanto, which he repeatedly praised in the book...


I am one of many who have prevailed against the ravages of his many SLAPP suits. They should have saved their printer ink.

So many wonderful doctors, researching the complex Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndromes, have been investigated and sued because of this same team.

After Barrett's initial loss to me, along with co-Plaintiffs, Christopher Grell & Terry Polevoy, one of his many flacks put up a website claiming I had been arrested for selling crack in San Jose, Costa Rica. Concurrently, a so called support leader formerly aligned with me, Myrl Jeffcoat, decided to blast into Usenet filling it with false accusations of me and my foundation, which are being repeated today by others of this team ... 5 years later. It was as if her job description was to turn anything and everything she knew about me to negative, and then make up anything about me and the Humantics Foundation and post this as 'rumor.' When corrected by me of her falsehoods, she claimed each time to "stand by everything she wrote."

Today they are repeating the same lies first told about me nearly 10 years ago by then president of Inamed, Patrick O'leary ... that the Humantics Foundation and me personally are financially profitting from my work. They have gone so far as to entirely fabricate a story that I mishandled and misused  funds regarding Karina, a precious Costa Rican girl and her family I once helped.

Their version is entirely false ... yet now around 6 of them are repeating their lies.

His team has bought up a website using my name to harass me with morphed copywritten photos of me, purchased a Domain in the name of our foundation to confuse and attempt to humiliate us that way ... and continue to repeat their lie that funds donated to The Humantics Foundation were used to defend myself against their SLAPP suit against me.



Excerpt: In its Opinion, the Court of Appeals agreed with King and Negrete {attorney, Carlos Negrete}. Specifically, the Court of Appeals found that NCAHF "presented no evidence that King Bio’s products were not safe and effective, relying instead on a general attack on homeopathy, made by witnesses who had no knowledge of, or experience with, King Bio’s products, and who were found to be biased and unworthy of credibility."

Interestingly, although Barrett still advertises and promotes NCAHF, this California Corporation is apparently defunct (their own word). It shows as "suspended" yet is still being promoted and operated. Though many have asked, no responses as to where they are presently legally doing business has been answered.


Barrett's Loss to Darlene Sherrell.

EXCERPT: {Barrett} did not testify that any study demonstrates the safety of current fluoridation levels."

Here is Darlene Sherrell's website on Fluoride after defeating Stephen Barrett in court. Here are some interesting links.

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF)

Watching the Quackwatch Watchers

Far from being healers in any way, Quackwatch is about ugly Smear Campaigns and SLAPP lawsuits to waste the time, energy, and resources of their many, many targets.

They wage War on every level possible, via Med Boards, meritless lawsuits, smear campaigns, harassing government agencies about those they wish to silence and filling Internet with lies. Many of the Usenet and Blog participants in these campaigns are members of the rag-tag posse. Click logo below for the list.

They have recently removed this page from the internet after 6 years after Barrett's long term assistant of their Healthfraud List, Paul Lee (aka Fyslee) was exposed ... this is a webarchive of those that participate in smearing those of us they were suing..

Here are some links to cases Barrett and/or other NCAHF members have waged & lost in the near past.

Their attacks are multi-fold.

Check out Health Freedom Law   

In what was a total disaster to NCAHF... this group of Barrett filed suit against KingBio ... and then hired himself as an expert witness!

The Judges disagreed, calling Barrett, "... biased and unworthy of credibility."

Stephen Barrett LOSES appeal on his SLAPP suit against Owen Fonorow (court documents)

Stephen Barrett's and NCAHF's Loss to Darlene Sherrell, anti-fluoride activist

Quack-busted! Calif. Chiropractor Wins Case Against NCAHF

Barrett & Grell lose to Ilena Rosenthal in classic SLAPP suit

Check out Health Freedom Law Website

Stephen Barrett loses to Dr. Tedd Koren in Allentown, Barrett's hometown

From Barrett's SLAPP suit against me:

" On July 2, 2000, I (Ilena Rosenthal) received another email message from Barrett claiming, "We have no financial connection with the AMA and never have had one." Although I did not write that Barrett had a financial connection to the AMA, Barrett is an author of the AMA’s Reader’s Guide to "Alternative" Health Methods. Surely he was remunerated by the AMA for this work."

Please excuse any typos, link glitches, etc.

If you'd like to let me know about them ... or anything else, please do.


Chiros Respond to biased Quackwatch anti-chiropractor article

Setting the Record Straight


Medical Control, Medical Corruption

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

How the "regulars" came to crush the homeopaths and other competitors, and penalize patients in the process, is a story of deception and manipulation, of industry self-interest and state power. The organized regulars or allopaths first set out to demonstrate that the homeopaths were ill-educated and therefore should be shunned, but that was difficult to substantiate because most of them were converts from orthodox medicine.

The AMA claimed that the public did not know what was good for it and that the medical establishment must have total control.

We need your help!

Thank you for any donation that will help The Humantics Foundation keep the message of the dangers of breast implants before the public.

We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

Please click paypal below ... credit cards are now accepted.

Thank you very much.




FDA Warning Confirms ADHD Drugs Cause Sudden Death, Heart Attack and Strokes

The Quackwatch Squad attempts to stop scientific research on nutritional alternatives to ADHD drugs, while promoting these dangerous drugs. They use disbarred attorney, Mark S Probert to attack fine scientists on Usenet.


King's Sudden Death Shocked Her Children ... links to come of how Quackwatch used her death to launch yet another attack on the Mexican clinic where she passed.

Excellent article that totally goes counter to the claims of quackwatch.

Common Industrial Chemicals In Tiny Doses Raise Health Issue

July 25, 2005

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We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

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In 1995 when I began researching breast implants I stumbled into the vast cover-up regarding their long known dangers, amidst the Junk Science Propaganda Campaign umbrella. Dow Chemical public relations money stirred in with Monsanto's and Bristol-Myers Squibb and Exxon's and Merck and other vaccination and medical device corporations.

Issues Barrett / NCAHF claim to be "experts" on ...

Vaccination Safety


Breast Implants


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

GM (Genetically Modified) Foods

Detoxifying Bodies

Lyme Disease Claims




Aspartame (Nutrasweet)







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