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Response to Mark S Probert ... 12/27/2006

Updated June 2, 2010


Proof that Probert was disbarred

Proof that Betty Wirsen is repeating Probert's lies

Proof that Probert is a member of the quackwatch Rag-tag Posse, augmented after Stephen Barrett, Chris Grell, and Terry Polevoy lost to me in a now famous SLAPP suit

Info on Barrett's SLAPP suit loss to me

"I have never been an attorney, have never claimed to be one, and do not play one on the internet."

Mark S. Probert of Merrick, NY
Mar 11 2002, 7:37 pm

Such are the deceitful words of Mark S. Probert, disbarred by the New York Supreme Court in November, 1992.


" I do not have a little willie. My willie is big."

Mark S. Probert of Merrick, NY
Sun, Jun 4 2006 11:47 am


When Stephen Barrett & Terry Polevoy sued me and several others in late 2000, they also unleashed their "guerrillas" ... Usenet Terrorists who call themselves, The Rag-tag Posse of Snakeoil Vigilantes.

Disbarred and discredited former NY attorney, Mark S Probert is one of their main Usenet Terrorists. Click above to see Barrett, Polevoy, Probert teamed with others who project they are 'rounding up net Quacks.' Since then, under varying disguises, Probert has been one of the most virulent of this Smear Campaign Team ... donning the disguise of "Marla" to attempt to infiltrate my suppor group for a start. Since then he has called himself "Rosenthal Researcher" and other revealing names to illustrate his obsession with me.

He loves to claim I am "sick" whenever he is denying his failed legal career..

Details of his disbarment are here.

Typical of Stephen Barrett of the suspended California Corporation, National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) ... when he loses in court, he unleashes even worse attacks against to whom he has lost.

Co-Plaintiff, Terry Polevoy, who also lost his case aganst me in the Supreme Court of California ... is even more desperate.

The game of hiding behind aliases appeals to both Myrl Jeffcoat and Mark Probert ... and both have been caught many times using fake aliases.

The reason the information regarding his disbarment was sent to me, is because Mark Probert became my nemesis-want-a-bee soon after his Quackwatch Team of Stephen Barrett, Christopher Grell & Terry Polevoy lost to me in Superior Court in 2001.

Since that time, he has called my home / office to threaten me, attempted to infiltrate my private support group by pretending to be a woman sick from implants, and when caught in his lies, made up and posted more of them.

I am but one of many of those that Probert mercilessly attacks on Usenet ... others include Dr. Mercola, Dr. Clark, Dr. Len Horowitz and whoever else Barrett is attacking / suing.

As recently as today, December 16, 2005, he is claiming that the Mark S. Probert, whose disbarment order is here,  is not he.

To believe Probert's denials ... one would have to believe that there is yet another Mark S. Probert, also born in November, 1946, from Merrick, NY (a town of pop. 23,042 according to the 2000 census.)

Further, the "true believers" such as other's from the Quackwatch Rag-tag Posse from my losing Plaintiff's team, also must believe that the other Mark S Probert also has a wife named Sandra B. Probert.

The evidence for this is that the Webster Street address in Merrick listed on Probert's disbarment, was for Sandra B. and Mark S. Probert on other court documents.

Currently, one of Probert's co-liars from Barrett's

team claim that I have made up the disbarral order from the Supreme Court of New York. Another, whose blog Probert advertises, also claims that Probert was never disbarred.

Typical of these disinformation agents to deny the evidence, is David H. Gorski, another of the


(click to see Probert, Barrett, Gorski etc.)

who hides his identity behind the ever so humble, and ever so deceitful, "Orac Knows."

He doesn't.

One of Orac / Gorski'sVaccination Industry's lies is:

"Given that thimerosal hasn't been in vaccines since early 2003."

In fact, you don't need to attend nurse practitioner programs to find many flu vaccines still have this mercury compound in it ... and are injected into children and others with delicate immune systems.

Like Probert, Gorski is part of the Disinformation Team of Barrett called The Rag-tag Posse of Snake Oil Vigilantes . They fill Usenet and the Blog World with industry propaganda ... ever denying their affiliations.


Here it is ... read and see how egregious his behavior was by clicking here.


Respondent attorney, who is charged with 22 counts of failing to cooperate with investigations of alleged misconduct by the Grievance Committee, and who has failed to answer or appear, is disbarred.

The charges involve 22 counts of the respondent's failure to cooperate with the Grievance Committee in its investigations into complaints of professional misconduct.

The charges, if established, would require the imposition of a disciplinary sanction against the respondent. Since the respondent has chosen not to appear or answer in these proceedings, the charges must be deemed established.

Denying his disbarment is just one of the many, many, many lies that Probert spreads throughout the Internet, while advertising the propaganda of Stephen Joel Barrett's, Healthfraud and Quackwatch Groups.

Another example on Mon, 14 Mar 2005

Remember, you cannot have an allergic reaction to Mercury.

As part of the Disinformation Campaign put out by the vast dental industry denying the dangers of mercury and amalgam, Probert parroted this lie. There is an enormous amount of information available as to the subset of individuals who show a strong allergic reaction to mercury. Here is but a small sampling.

Systemically induced allergic exanthem from mercury.

Allergy Unit, Department of Dermatology, University Hospital, Basel, Switzerland.

Recovery from mercury-induced burning mouth syndrome due to mercury allergy.

Department of Dermatological Sciences, University of Milan, Ospedale Maggiore-IRCCS, Milan, Italy.

I will share one other example of the lies and deception of this disbarred attorney. The Junk science/Quack disinformation teams were also hired by the Asbestos Industry years ago to augment their reputation. On July 23, 2004, Probert posted this lie for them:

The simple fact is that there is no cover-up regarding asbestos.

Hogwash. Propaganda. More lies.

The deadly truth about asbestos: 

A brief chronology of what the owners and managers of asbestos companies knew, and when they knew it.


Why do I know all this about Mark Probert?

Because right after his Teammates, Stephen Barrett, Terry Polevoy and Chris Grell, lost their SLAPP suit to me in the Superior Court of California, Mark Probert 'adopted' me to stalk, harass, and attempt to infiltrate my support group.  Click here for website explaining this.

He made a very, very, very, very, very, very stupid mistake.

My breast implant support group means everything to me .... I have dedicated my life to it for 10 years, and when he was caught trying to lie his way into my personal email group, dressed as a woman, ... I made up my mind to find out who he was.

He apparently confused me for someone who would not defend something I love with all my  heart.

What I found out was he was working with my losing Plaintiffs of the Rag-tag Posse of Snake-oil vigilantes (click their banner to see he and Barrett and Polevoy, my plaintiffs, together.


I found out that he had years of experience on Usenet, harassing opponents of Stephen Barrett's and defaming and insulting and lying about medical practices and practioners that the Quackwatch Team were hired to harm.

I found out that there were over 2500 medical professionals they labeled 'quacks' ... click here for info.

Barrett and the now defunct and suspended NCAHF have viciously attacked those they disagree with, often using anonymous posters, and Probert is one who aids their internet assaults.

He is now writing people in my support group, websites that have linked to ours, and is making false claims pretending to be my victim, falsely claiming I am 'stalking' his family. Far from it. He has used his family for years, as he seems to have forgotten he admitted here:

Click here to see the text of Probert's Disbarment.

I am more than fed up with his threats and lies ... and had he never attempted to infiltrate my group ... I would never have been forced to find out who Mark S. Probert of Merrick, NY is, and spend so much of my tme defending myself from his attacks.


November 5, 2005 (updated 1/24/2006)

Probert has unleashed yet another Dragon (aka WitchWirsen, DragonLady, Betty Wirsen, Mrs. John Wirsen etc. etc. ) on me ... attacking me while his megalomania is claiming I have created "hundreds" of webpages all about him.


She is currently posting lies about my life and a charity event I was involved in regarding a young woman in Costa Rica. The facts are here ... totally different from the propaganda Wirsen/Probert are putting out about me.

She is attempting to paint me the way Barrett and Team wishes I were ... and of course, she backs all of Probert's lies about his failed legal career.

Not hundreds of pages about Probert as he claims ... there is one other explaining his disbarrment, click here,  as well as his participation in the "SBIPrivateClub" ... where he was embedded with a few women from the breast implant cause working with silicone manufacturer, Patrick O'leary as well as losing plaintiffs, Barrett & Grell and Terry "Vera" Polevoy attempting to hunt me down and access my bank accounts.




Stephen Barrrett, "Quackbuster"


Terry Polevoy aka "Vera Teasdale"

Years and years and years of his harassment ... under so many disguises has been exhausting to me.

Here is the evidence I recently received that Probert was disbarred by the NY Supreme Court.


For years, Probert has been a part of the so-called "Quackwatch" / National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) aka The Healthfrauds ... spreading this chemical/med device/pharmaceutical ACSH

created to harass Barrett critics and others he has been suing since late 2000.

Barrett and his Malicious Prosecutor, Chris Grell lost to me in both the Appeals and Superior Court, yet their Posse remains vigilant in harassing, stalking, and libeling me and others. Here is the link to the case Barrett/Grell lost to me ... and which is now going to the Supreme Court for the third Plaintiff, Terry A. Polevoy ... who "affects disguises" as "Vera Teasdale" to harass me on Usenet.

Probert takes new email addresses daily for his Harassment games for Barrett/Polevoy, making it very difficult to track his lies and stalking.


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