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Terry Polevoy against Ilena Rosenthal, Truehope, Adam Dreamhealer,
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Update of late June, 2008

Terry Polevoy has not paid his over $311,000 court awarded judgement for attorneys fees in this case that has spanned over 7 years. (Update, finally paid in 2011 after much ado and more lawsuits!!!)

Thank you so very much for your interest in my opinion of Terry Polevoy, who I defeated in November, 2007, in the Supreme Court of California. Being a target of his obsession since late 2000 has altered the course of my life.


On May 2, 2007, the court ordered (link opens pdf of ruling) Stephen Barrett and Terry Polevoy to post bonds for the judgment against them in the amount of $433,715.93 in this case decided in November, 2006 in the Supreme Court of California. He has since become totally unglued.

Here are his latest rants about me on Usenet that he posted using his own name. He and Barrett staunchly refuse to post the Judgements and Orders from this case.

As recently as May, 2007, reading his website about me and his losing case, or reading his rants on the Healthfraud List, one would have no clue as to what has truly occured. On May 11, 2007, he ranted that  The Supreme Court decision is not the end of the story. True.

As to Plaintiffs Terry Polevoy, M.D. and Stephen J. Barrett, M.D., the motion is granted. Plaintiffs do not dispute that they reside out of state. (See Code Civ.Proc., § 1030(b).)

There is a "reasonable possibility" that Defendant will obtain judgment for attorney's fees and costs expended since October 5, 2001 in connection with Defendant's special motion to strike under Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16. (Id.)

The amount of the undertaking is $264,311.68 ($263,211.68 + $1,100) as to Plaintiff Polevoy, and $169,404.25 ($168,304.25 + $1,100) as to Plaintiffs Polevoy and Barrett.

Plaintiffs Polevoy and Barrett shall file the undertaking no later than 30 days after service ofthe Court's order.


In May, 2007, it was reported in The National Review of Medicine, that Polevoy was caught again using an alias, to attempt to make himself look good on a site rating MD's.

Excerpt: Dr Terry Polevoy, a Kitchener physician and creator of the anti-alternative medicine website, admits to signing up with a fake account and rating himself ...

UPDATED: 11.26.2006



click here for court documents (opens large pdf file)

The sad irony is, that when the Quackbusters sue for 'libel' ... they simultaneously wage vicious smear campaigns. In fact, Terry Polevoy is now threatening to sue me again!

Ruling limits Internet liability

L.A. Times, November 21, 2006

Excerpt: Rosenthal did not return a call for comment Monday but said on a website that she was gratified by the ruling. She described the litigation as "exhausting" and said it was "intended to silence my voice and exhaust my resources."


Quis custodiet ipses custodies?

Who will watch the watchers?


Although my physical whereabouts should be of absolutely no concern of Polevoy's, he has gone on and on about locating where I am.

Ms. Christine McPhee was terrified of Polevoy for good reason.

People in alliance with him and who advertise for him have hired a Private Investigator to hunt me down as well as going to Costa Rica where they thought I was residing. Click here for details.

I find his obsession about my location more than frightening ... should he lose to me in this case as did his fellow Plaintiffs, he will owe scores of thousands of dollars for attorney's fees.

I would like it noted that if anything happens to me, or my family, that Polevoy, Barrett and Myrl Jeffcoat be investigated.

Just a small sampling of his Obessive Postings on Usenet and his own website indicating his addiction to my whereabouts and that he is totally out of touch with the facts in this case.

Posted by : Terry Polevoy
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005
Who is really acting as her attorney. Does Rosenthal intend to stay out of the country indefinitely?


Posted by : Terry Polevoy on his Hate filled Website

Ilena Rosenthalitis - an incurable disease?

Ilena Rosenthal, who probably fled California for Costa Rica years ago for obvious reasons has ...


If it is obvious this man may have no limits in his attempts to harm me ... maybe he is finally right about something.


Posted by : Terry Polevoy

Ilena Rosenthal's attorneys in California while she hides down in Costa Rica. ...

In this rant, still on his defamatory website about me today, he appears to be in a fog as to what has transpired in his case against me.

He claims: It is clear that Ilena Rosenthal has no interest in settling any lawsuit in California.

This is downright silly. When the Appeals Court denied Barrett & Grell's appeals in October, 2004, Polevoy was offered a settlement rather than continue to fight me back in the Superior Court in Oakland.

He was offered a walk-away ... neither he nor I would win nor lose. He would have not have to pay my attorneys fees as the court had instructed his losing Co-Plaintiffs be bound to do.

He foolishly refused and since then, has whined to my own atorneys via emails that he thinks he is right and I am wrong. Does he not think my attorneys are aware of this???

He further rants (I am copying from his page precisely).
The ACLU and the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) have unwittinly defend her untenable position despite this. The sooner the Supreme Court understands that Rosenthal has no intention of stopping her posts, the quicker the judgement will come.

This is further indication that this is a classic SLAPP suit ... designed to silence his opponents. It further indicates he has no understanding of what the Supreme Court is looking at in this case.

After filing suit against so many of us, Barrett and Polevoy would frequently threaten even more lawsuits to any critical of them. At one time, they even threatened a talk show I was scheduled to be on ... and until sanity prevailed, had gotten me cancelled because of their threats to sue the show.

Their aptly named "Healthfraud" group immediately censors any posts or any one critical of Barrett or Polevoy. I have heard from several banned from this list for doing no more than posting information counter to their beliefs.

This page first created September 3, 2006. Updated November 20, 2006

Thank you so much for your interest in this high profile, First Amendment Rights case now in the Supreme Court of California, now called Barrett vs Rosenthal.

I'm Rosenthal.

I just defeated Polevoy (10 a.m. 11/20/2006)

Click here to open the court documents.

It was long ago ruled that Barrett (and attorney Christopher Grell's) case against me was a classic meritless SLAPP .. intended to waste the resources of activists such as myself.


Fate, it seems, is not without a touch of Irony.

from The Matrix


What is more than ironic, is that for the last 6 years, while SLAPP suing me (and several others) for what they claimed was libel and conspiracy to libel, they have waged a defamatory and even libelous attack against me and my fellow defendants, throughout the internet and other media. Freqnently, one of their Anonymous Posters would post a defamatory statement, and the others would then repost it. They have the most to lose, in my opinion, should Polevoy win this case.

Oral arguments were heard September 5, 2006 in San Francisco.

This all consuming harassment suit has been going on for the last 6 years of my life ... an utterly classic SLAPP suit. Another one was the Cattle Industry suing Oprah Winfrey for defaming beef. She evidentually won, after years of her life was spent defending herself ... and over $1,000,000 in attorneys fees.

Here is recent press.

Calif. High Court Cold to Liability in Online Speech The Recorder 9.05.2006

California justices frown on Internet libel lawsuits AP 9.05.2006

Online Libel vs Free Speech P2Pnet

My declaration regarding the stalking comment I reposted.

Polevoy and Grell are making false claims regarding this in various press.


Who is

This is just one of the disguises Terry Polevoy hid behind to post 50 harassing Usenet messages about me and other targets of his.


In late 2000, Terry Polevoy, Stephen Barrett and Christopher Grell launched an all out legal and media war against Dr. Hulda Clark, myself, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and dozens of others critical of their anti-science campaigns against alternative and complementary medicine.

They filed several SLAPP suits against us, and waged defamatory campaigns throughout the internet using publicists such as those listed in The Rag-tag Posse of Snake-oil Vigilantes. (I'm serious, that's what they call themselves.)

Click their logo below to see these three Sue Happy Warriors amidst such credible publicists as The Reverend Cathy Credulous (aka NanaWeedkiller) and disbarred former attorney, Mark S. Probert. At one point, Probert attempted to infiltrate my email support group for women harmed by breast implants by twice contacting me with a false name and fake story in order to infiltrate my group.

On September 5, 2006 in San Francisco, California, The Supreme Court of California heard Oral Arguments on whether the reposting of potentially libelous material on the internet is actionable. The case is called Barrett vs Rosenthal, although both Barrett and Grell have already lost all their appeals.

This hearing involves only one comment I reposted about Terry Polevoy which claimed he has stalked Ms Christine McPhee, a popular Radio Show Host whose venue was cancelled after harassment by Polevoy.

Despite the disinformation this Team spreads, no Judge has agreed with them to date that anything that I have posted or reposted is libelous.

During the course of his lawsuit against me, Polevoy became utterly obsessed with finding out my physical whereabouts ... much as he had done with Ms McPhee.

A young man and Canadian author who goes by Adam Dreamhealer, also has had Polevoy intent on finding out his personal location. Attorneys became involved in late 2004 when Polevoy announced on a CKNW radio show, which was broadcast nationally, that he was actively soliciting Adam's personal information and location by collecting information from listeners of the station. He stated on air that his intent was to broadcast on an upcoming CKNW Peter Warren Show, all personal information on Adam, including his last name and home address, that he hoped to receive from listeners.

Polevoy's website further asked for donations to help Polevoy identify Adam, who was then a minor.

Adam's family feels that Polevoy's pursuit of Adam's whereabouts far exceeds any criticism Polevoy may want to publish regarding Adam's work, and feel quite threatened by Polevoy's ongoing obsession with their son.


Since that time, several members of his PR team have posted and reposted defamatory statements about me and The Humantics Foundation using a variety of aliases. When advised that they were posting inaccurate information as facts, they reposted the false statements again.

People connected with Polevoy hired a Private Investigator in the Summer of 2004 to hunt me down. Click here to read about the so called SBI Private Club, consisting of a handful of women who call themselves Breast Implant Support Leaders who now promote quackwatch, Patrick O'leary (head of Eurosilicone), and various and sundry members of the Rag-tag Posse which includes Polevoy, Barrett, Probert, and Willa Nidiffer.

During the Summer of 2004, Polevoy also appeared on Usenet "affecting disguises"-- this time as a woman. He called himself "Vera Teasdale" and posted 50 messages attacking me and others involved in this lawsuit ... and advertising his own website.

When he realized that he had made a fatal error and posted his address with his alias as a female ... he immediately nuked his post ... attempting to destroy the evidence of his donning fake disguises. This charade had lasted for several months and 50 posts.


The ACLU of Northern California,,,, and other groups have written "friends of the court" letters on our behalf.

ACLU, Northern California PRESS


Defendant Ilena Rosenthal noted that this lawsuit is only one of several lawsuits filed by the so-called “Quackbusters” against their critics. Rosenthal believes that the Quackbusters use SLAPPs (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation), such as this one, to intimidate and threaten others into silence. The plaintiffs "are a threat to alternative and complementary medical practices and practitioners," Rosenthal said.


Other Targets of Polevoy's

Truehope and Dr. Bonnie Kaplan

Since this case has been going on, I have been in contact with several other victims of Terry Polevoy and his madman attacks on their professional careers.

Respected Professor at the University of Calgary, Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, is but one. Please click here to read of his now overturned attempts to stop important scientific nutritional research.. Many families who were enjoying great success using the Truehope Products, wrote and called me in utter anguish when he was attempts to shut down Truehope were partially successful.

When Polevoy began, Dr. Kaplan's University faculty was innudated with raging emails about her sent by him..


Adam Dreamhealer

A young man who goes by the name of Adam Dreamhealer has a strong following and several successful books. Polevoy became obsessed with finding out his identity, and then promised to reveal it on a Canadian Program ... against the wishes of Adam's family.

Fortunately the Station realized their error after Adam's attorneys intervened, but Polevoy kept up his pursuit of young Adam, posting Adam's photos and requesting donations to help identify Adam.


Is it classical jealousy that Adam's workshops and books are selling better than Polevoy's poorly written diatribe called Pig Pills, Inc.?? Or is he backed by the pharmaceutical industry like one of his co-authors who want any alternative healer or modality stopped?


Polevoy vs Christine McPhee

This is the woman I reposted information about after hearing how Polevoy had harassed and I believe, stalked her. This magazine account explains my understanding of his rampages against her ... and his typical way of waging war against those he wants to silence. She was terrified of Polevoy, and should he prevail in the Supreme Court regarding my reposting about her, she will discuss how it felt to be his target and why she felt stalked. Click here for my declaration about Polevoy's pursuit of Ms McPhee.

Shared Vision ....   January 2001

Natural Medicine Natural Medicine: BC Leads the Way

By Lily G. Casura


Despite McPhee's popularity, her show was cancelled for what amounted to political reasons. "I can't stand the heat," said one of her bosses, in response to Polevoy's one-man e-mail-and-letter crusade to the station saying McPhee should be taken to task for promoting alternative medicine. "I'd have to hire someone part-time just to respond to his mailings." A colleague of McPhee's, a medical doctor also being persecuted by the Canadian Quackwatch, says she's received more than 100 e-mails from this man alone in recent months.

The following is my declaration under penalty of perjury in response to Polevoy's Complaint against me with regards to Ms Christine McPhee. To read the entire declaration and this in context, click here.
  • My introduction to plaintiff Polevoy was reading Tim Bolen’s opinion piece which I had received by email. On August 14, 2000, I posted Bolen’s opinion piece on two relevant newsgroups ( and talk.politics.medicine) as a 3-part message that was clearly labelled as the "Opinion" of Tim Bolen. (Exhibit 11 to Complaint.)
  • Bolen’s piece claimed that the alternative medicine radio show of Christine McPhee in Canada was abruptly cancelled as a result of a campaign lead by Polevoy in which he claimed to radio industry executives that McPhee and her "alternative medicine" guests represented a serious danger to the Canadian listening public.
  • In this writing, Bolen urged readers to express their opinions to Canadian government agencies on this cancellation and gave background to the accounts leading to the loss of McPhee’s voice on Canadian radio.

  • I called McPhee in Canada and spoke with her at length on the telephone. She told me that the information in Tim Bolen’s post was accurate and spoke of how terrorized she felt and how she had called the police for protection. McPhee said she did feel stalked, did call the police, and a police report was written, as Bolen stated in his opinion piece.

  • After my discussion with McPhee, I began to investigate who Polevoy was and why he would go to such lengths to get her alternative radio show cancelled. I was also curious as to the relationship between Polevoy and Barrett, as Barrett’s initial threat to me was on behalf of Polevoy.
  • I found out that Polevoy was an American pediatrician who had moved to Canada. Polevoy, according to his own on-line signature, has four websites:,,, and It appears that Polevoy’s main website,, is the sister group to Barrett’s; Polevoy calls his site "Canadian QuackeryWatch." Both Polevoy and Barrett were very active contributors on the "Healthfraud" email list, which could be accessed by both Polevoy’s and Barrett’s webpages.
  • When I began to read Polevoy’s website, I found it full of hatred and hostility to those whose opinions he did not share. I discovered that Polevoy has also led a hostile campaign to personally and professionally discredit Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a personal friend of mine.
  • Horowitz is a Harvard-educated dentist with a Masters in Public Health. Horowitz has authored several books, including Aids, Ebola and Emerging Viruses, and is a vocal opponent several controversial medical practices. In an Internet media campaign that runs for several pages, Polevoy writes about "The Trials and Apocalyptic Revelations of the Divine Dental Surgeon," calling him an "an evangelical crackpot," and even attempts to confuse readers by taking Horowitz’s name and using it in an email directed to Polevoy.



Truehope Victory ~ Polevoy Defeat

Polevoy co-authored a poorly researched and totally biased diatribe against Truehope in an Ebook he called Pig Pills Inc.

Co-authors were Marvin Ross & Ron Reinholdt.

He proudly took credit for Health Canada stopping their scientific research a few years ago, while whining that there was no scientific research backing their claims.

Thank you for any tax deductible donation that will help The Humantics Foundation keep the message of the dangers of breast implants before the public.

We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

Please click paypal below ... credit cards are now accepted.

Thank you very much.




Fate, it seems, is not without a touch of Irony.

from The Matrix


Click here to see the turnaround in this case ... and how the victims of Polevoy's anti-science rampages are being avenged.

One of his co-author's admitted receiving money from those who would benefit from stopping research.

During an Ottawa speech at which he denounced Empowerplus, Marvin Ross acknow-ledged that a pharmaceutical company helped cover his travel costs. Indeed, he has often written for pharmaceutical companies which might, on the surface, appear to have a vested interest in putting companies like Truehope out of business.