Myrl Jeffcoat was 1000% AGAINST Patrick O'leary and his harassment & infiltration of the breast implant support system, publicly denouncing him.

Myrl C. Jeffcoat's Court Declaration against O'leary



History of Ilena Rosenthal vs Patrick J. O'leary, then, President of Inamed in Ireland

Declaration which explains the Case

Myrl C. Jeffcoat's declaration under penalty of perjury

Rogene Schorer's declaration

Quackbusters vs. Ilena Rosenthal



UPDATE      September 9, 2007

What happened in this case?   


In a nutshell,

using a disguise and refusing to identity himself, for 4 years, Patrick J. O'leary, on salary as Vice President, then President of Inamed (McGhan) in Ireland, while infiltrating the breast implant support groups, harassed and defamed me on a public newsgroup.

His obvious intent was to smear my reputation in any way possible and cause me and our non-profit foundation, The Humantics Foundation, financial injury.

After discovering his identity, I sued him (and others) for libel in November, 1999.

The Superior Court Judge ruled that I had the probability of winning this case.

Wanting to keep this War against me going by using the State's powerful anti-SLAPP laws ... he turned their meaning on it's head.

The courts were required by statute to award him the $9,000+ in attorneys fees he claimed. It is my educated belief that his defense was paid for by Inamed, his employer at the time in question, not he personally.

Soon thereafter, the SLAPP statute was upgraded so corporations could not use it against activists such as myself, for whom it was designed to protect. Here is an excellent article that explains how his defense against me would now fail.

Simultaneously, I was sued by the Quackwatch (Quackbusters, Healthfraud, Healthwatcher) team ... best known for losing several other similar lawsuits and harassing and defaming and waging Smear Campaigns against activists and practioners with whom they disagree.

Click here for a recent list of the Quackbusters' lost cases.

These are different legs of the same cockroach ... the medical device industry and their PR groups ... teamed together to silence me ... and thousands of others who they label "quacks" and "junk scientists." Click here for more on their tactics, QuackWatchWatch.

I had dedicated my life to raising awareness to the dangers of breast implants and connecting the implanted community together by sponsoring and heading a very large, international breast implant support group. I have worked for years with no financial remuneration as I believe so strongly in my message ... and all the money is on the side of the implant makers and their teams.

Their dream ... as always in War ... divide and conquer.

Break up the cohesiveness of the support system I was working to create.

Defame and attempt to humiliate me ... make me an object of scorn.

Patrick O'leary was hired as General Director of Eurosilicone in France the Summer of 2004.

It is very frightening having Stephen Barrett who lost his SLAPP suit against me ... and Terry Polevoy, aligned with this team to try to find me personally. If I were eliminated, Polevoy would not have to face me in the Supreme Court of California ... where he probably will lose again. Penley Ayers sits in the middle of Eurosilicone and O'leary and the entire Quackwatch Team, threatening me with more lawsuits and investigating all aspects of my life.

O'leary leads the charge for selling the maximum number of breast implants possible in Europe wanting to "become number one."

Their goals were 180 degrees from mine.

Here is a pdf file from a newspaper article in France with this intent.

Using a Yahoo Group  (which she has now been totally nuked) and an email list which included several members of the Quackwatch / Healthfraud team of Stephen Barrett, Christopher Grell, and Terry Polevoy, Penley Ayers attacked me on every front possible, filling Usenet with lies about me.

At one point, she bragged that she had purchased a "vibrating vagina" on the internet and that I was profiting from her purchase financially. This was but one of hundreds of absurd and disgusting lies she posted about me in their desperate communal attempt to harm me. She made this all up claiming:

"Sex toys. We found the distributor who verified that Ilena was signed up to receive 'commissions' for the sale of their 'stuff'."

Not one word of this was true, yet she filled the newsgroup for weeks with her absurd accusations ... a perfect distraction for the damaging evidence I was posting on the same group about breast implants.

Distraction ... flak ... a trained Marine who knew all the tricks and seemed drunk with the attention she was getting from O'leary, Barrett and Polevoy.

After this lawsuit, which I won at the Superior Court level, and lost to O'leary at the Appeals Court level, the SLAPP laws were changed in California. They had been created to protect activists such as me, and no longer can Corporate Execs like O'leary use them against us.

Penley Ayers has been giddy to discover and broadcast that at the age of 55, my credit is no longer perfect as it was for several decades. It had been flawless. Now, after these lawsuits, she began mercilessly taunting me about this publicly, which continues to date.

After being SLAPP sued by the Quackbuster team in 2001, stalked by the SBIPrivateClub, my personal and family's safety is no longer assured, nor do I have excellent credit. What a coup for them.

When Oprah Winfrey was SLAPP sued some years ago by the meat industry, it cost her over a million dollars to defend herself.

I do not have the luxury of such financial abundance.

Recently, this same team has now attacked me professionally in my real estate career.

Details of Myrl Jeffcoat coming to my business office and project here in California here in then posting ugly webpages about my real estate business are here.

Penley Ayers seems to believe that one's worth is determined by their credit rating.

I disagree.

Patrick J. O'leary has financially benefitted from selling unsafe, unproven and potentially deadly breast implants, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in this pursuit. I consider this blood money.

I, on the other hand, have gone from financial independence to ruin in the years I have spoken out regarding the dangers of breast implants and volunteered my time, receiving no salary for these years and living off my savings, small inheritance, and my formerly perfect credit.

That's the nutshell. Here is my declaration from the case. To return to more details, click here.

Patrick O'leary has been hiding behind "insiders" and an alias since before I came on the internet, now 12 years ago.  For several years, it's been Coleah Penley Ayers & Myrl Jeffcoat.

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