History of Ilena Rosenthal vs Patrick J. O'leary, then, President of Inamed in Ireland

Declaration which explains the Case

Myrl C. Jeffcoat's declaration under penalty of perjury

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UPDATE      May 29, 2007

Early History


Defamation Case ...

My Victory ...

When I began this little "research project" ~ checking out the dangers of breast implants ~ for a beautiful & confused friend of mine in August, 1995, I was single, had stashed some money from my former real estate and other careers, and was free as a bird to do whatever I wanted to do.

I realized after hearing her story, the 5th breast implant horror tale in a short time ... that what I wanted to do was investigate these frightening details I was hearing about breast implants.

Everything changed for me in my life then ... and the ensuing adventure has been an E-ticket ride!

What I learned was that a cover-up of monumental proportions had taken place, funded and fueled by the Silicone and Plastic Surgery Industries. It continues today.

Since then, I have gone from financial independence ... to near collapse.

I created alt.support.breast-implant (available thru Newsgroups or Google Groups) in Autumn, 1995 for the exclusive and sole purpose of providing a place for those harmed by breast implants and other silicone products, to meet and share information.

Almost from the day I began, I obviously got in the way of the Silicone Manufacturer, Patrick J. O'leary, then Vice President of McGhan Medical, and later President of Inamed/McGhan in Ireland. He was aggressively already posting on various other newsgroups (such as sci.med.immunology) and giving the "Junk Science" viewpoint on the New York Times & AOL Boards ... always denying his occupation and who paid his executive salary. Since Summer, 2004, he has been employed as the Director General of Eurosilicone.

Patrick J. O'leary and Susan Schaezler, who supported his charade, became my Nemeses Want-a-Bees. Nothing was too personal, too viscious nor too untrue for them to post and email about me.

This is all detailed in my declarations for my Defamation Case against them and unnamed Does which I filed in November, 1999 after discovering his long hidden identity as a Silicone Manufacturer.

In a nutshell ... my attorney who had taken the case on contingency, dismissed it without my permission and against my written instructions after O'Leary was successful in getting a venue change to Santa Barbara, California ... McGhan and his homebase. He also filed something I had never heard of at that time ... a SLAPP Motion ... claiming I was attempting to chill his First Amendment Rights. To date, I deny that this was my intention.

Susan Schaezler had avoided 8 attempts of service.

Left without representation, I was totally exhausted after 4 years of constant public harassment by the defendants, those named and unnamed.

O'Leary then resurrected the dismissed case, and made a Motion for me to pay his Attorneys fees. My ex-parte Motion to Judge Pate is detailed here asking for a continuance to defend against his Motion. It was granted.

Now in pro-per (without legal representation), I successfully defended his SLAPP Motion (click here for my Points & Authorities, click here for my Declaration).

Myrl Jeffcoat and Rogene Schorer also provided declarations as to the unhealthy relationship of Schaezler and McGhan president, O'Leary.

On August 18, 2000, I won!

Click here for press on the Judge's Ruling and here for the ruling.

Concurrently falling in love and winning this Motion, I was ready to take some distance from this seemingly God-forsaken Cause, and divert my energy to again earning a living, getting out of the deep debt I was now in, and becoming a wife and part time Mom.

Alas, O'Leary refused again to let this die, and soon filed his appeal, forcing me to stay in the issue. One benefit was, however, that after my Victory, the attacks slowed down around 90% for the first time in 5 years. Here is my declaration for the Appeals I wrote, still in pro per.

One twisted irony in this whole debacle, is although everyday I was spending my own money, uncompensated for this work, Mine Enemies' campaign was claiming that I was "lavishing living off of donations," that I was a "fraud," and that my only reason for doing this work for "easy money." That continues today also ...

Most interesting, is that while O'Leary spent inordinate amounts of time criticizing me, his company Inamed, where he became President of the Ireland facility, was under fraud investigation by the SEC. Click here and here to see what he was covering up about his company, while attempting to destroy mine.

... and then my Loss

Because of the very powerful SLAPP statute in California, O'Leary was successful in his Appeal. The Judges basically said that a coward hiding behind an alias, was not credible and therefore would not be believed by "reasonable" people.

On June 1, 2001, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned my victory, and granted his Motion for me to pay his Attorney's fees and remanded the case back to Superior Court where, by statute, he was also granted the right to collect Costs from me. Schaezler announced that that it would be around $33,000.

The court ordered judgement is $9,108.45.

Our friend Jon Gentry (who lost his beloved fiancée to the ravages of silicone) and his haunting refrain rings too true ... "Money always wins, money always wins, money always wins." I didn't want to believe it when I first heard him say it 5 years ago ... and now it seems like a curse come true.

One benefit that came out of O'Leary's SLAPP Motion against me, was that when "Doctors Sue" Stephen Barrett and Terry Polevoy, and their attorney, Christophen Grell sued me for libel and conspiracy to libel, I knew where to go for the best representation of this true SLAPP suit!

These details of this Quack Libel Suit are all here! They are now appealing our victory.

To my deep chagrin, after my victory was overturned, Mine Enemies, under many phoney aliases, re-grouped and again used the Newsgroup as their personal staging ground to attempt to destroy my good name and my reputation. No longer fearful of litigation, they have leveled even more disgusting lies and allegations about me ... publicly claiming I am a cocaine addict and a hooker for the San Diego Navy, among hundreds of other lies.

It would be one of my greatest wishes, for the Newsgroup, alt.support.breast-implant, to be able to be utilized for its purpose ... supporting implanted women and their families.

To join and be able to post, go here.


UPDATE 1.8.2002 & 5.23.2002

Back to the drawing board!

In typical O'Leary DoubleSpeak, he publicly has claimed that we have "no agreement" and then, that I was 3 months late and several other unintelligible, self cancelling outbursts. One of these gems is here.

Click here to see a full assortment of O'Leary's public rantings. He returned my check with VOID on it ... claiming he had no idea who P.J. O'Leary was. The envelope had the same address as the check was made out to ... (Junk Scientist P.J. O'Leary) ... he opened the envelope knowing it was for him, with the identical wording. It had been sent ONLY because I had (apparently incorrectly) believed we had an agreement and my first payment was due December 22nd. I will post the updates on this if and when we do reach an agreement with his signature this time.

He continues to this day, obsessing about the donations others choose to make to our foundation. Our IRS information is here and bears no resemblance to his outrageous hallucinations as to our finances, which he has continued for 6 years now.

If I had the money, I would pay him.

However, after being forced to defend myself in this classic SLAPP suit for the last several years, I have no financial ability to do so.


UPDATE 12.22.2001

The court ordered judgement is $9,108.45 and O'Leary's attorney and I have just agreed to $350 a month payments. The first one was sent to him this week. Today, he was back on the newsgroup, fussing and fuming. Click here to see his latest appeal for sympathy, as he remains, ever the victim. For an overview of O'Leary, here are his posts on Usenet under "mplnt@aol.com.

Mine enemies have morphed into yet another new alias, this time, salllytoo@aol.comnojunk (Salllytoo). It is my very, very experienced and educated opinion, that these posts are made by yet another of defendant Schaezler's aliases, which include her posts on Dr. Zaffuto, with "embellishments" created and repeated by her and attibuted to him. As recently as today, under yet another of her aliases, she was obsessing about my personal life. Her information, as always was wrong.

I am posting this website as the response to their repeated postings meant to harass and defame us, waste our time and create as much negativity as possible surrounding our work.

Patrick O'leary has been hiding behind "insiders" and an alias since before I came on the internet, now 12 years ago.  Now it's Coleah Penley Ayers and Myrl Jeffcoat.

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We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

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