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UPDATE March 31, 2008

Since I last wrote, Myrl has now become one of the most deceitful voices of the enormous vaccination industry PR team ... partially centered here.

Myrl happily aligned herself with and  the very, very, very 'industry friendly' Quackwatch / Vaccination Public Relations Team, being one of their spokesvoices on this very important First Amendment Rights case they lost to me. Currently, those Jeffcoat is promoting, owe over $311,000 in unpaid mandated fees for my attorneys.

Myrl promotes this team while joining their internet attacks against me ... further aligned with the former president of Inamed, now head of Eurosilicone, Patrick O'leary.

Here is a brief moment of her mutterings promoting Gardasil ... lying that it will "return" women to health after HPV.  Here's that thead.

She has also lied that injecting aluminum into muscles & the bloodstream of babies, should be compared to ingesting parmesan cheese.

This is same argument the silicone industry used comparing ingesting silicone with free floating silicone in women's bodies. Myrl is now using all the Vaccination / Breast Implant Industry public relations tactics she learned, against those harmed by vaccinations.  (more examples to come.)

Gardasil does NOT return people to health ... in fact, people with asymptomatic HPV have become symptomatic after taking this drug she is promoting.

"Given a choice between saving lives of 70% of the 250,000 - 290,000 women who die, vs. 7 UNPROVEN associated deaths. . .I don't think there is any choice, for most logically thinking people.

But, the Gardasil vaccine, can save hundreds of thousands of lives. And, it will save millions and millions more, from lengthy, traumatic, expensive treatment, to return them to health after contracting the HPV virus."
Vaccination Lie by Myrl Carlene Jeffcoat
Thu, 13 Sep 2007

Here Myrl is explaining what she calls "simple math" about the enormously complex and multi-faceted vaccination controversy ... the 'she' is me, Ilena, who Myrl has been attacking since joining Barrett's disinformation team about his losing lawsuit.
"She's so focused on bashing the idea that a
vaccine may prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths, that she is
reluctant to do the math. . . 250,000 - 7 = 243,000 possible lives  saved!



January 14, 2007 ... MYRL IS BACK repeating her fantasies about me on the newsgroup I created for women harmed by breast implants. This is about Round 20, I'd say. 

If I sound a bit exhausted with it all ... I am.  Click here for earlier history.

The last time she went on a binge attacking me, she was disguised as "Will Ketcher" and was ruthless, believing apparently that that disguise (like the others) would not be found out. When caught, she went underground for a few months, but showed up again this week same game ... just dirtier.

Since being SLAPP sued 6 years ago, I've had Myrl and team attempting to destroy me while the courts kept deciding in my favour. The more I beat them, the nastier they got. Myrl is epitomizing their dirty PR tactics, yet again. She and their Nanaweedkiller (see below) were the ones who, after the second loss in court, circulated the libel that I had been arrested for selling crack cocaine in San Jose, Costa Rica. Now they're going wild again. Thank you so much for being interested in my viewpoints on her role in this campaign against me.

See QuackWatchWatch to see her role in context. Read my blog for daily updates.  There is not even the slightest doubt that Myrl Jeffcoat is working in tandem with my three pitiful, losing plaintiffs to put out as much negative publicity on me as possible ... with not a nanosecond's concern to truthfulness.

They have attempted to portray me as "the laughing stock of the internet" while Terry Polevoy posted as "Vera Teasdale" and Myrl as "Will Ketcher"  and all three plaintiffs lose to me in court.  Myrl is helping attempt to change the facts ... as they have done throughout this case. They reproduce the lies and whinings of Barrett's ... even repeating false claims that he was 'defamed.'

I will re-iterate what Supreme Court Justice Moreno wrote as the last words in the Supreme Court Ruling:

From the Supreme Court decision, I quote:

"As the lower courts correctly concluded, however, none of the hostile comments against Dr. Barrett alleged in the complaint are defamatory."

The Quackbusters are basically a public relations medium to smear critics, practices and practictioners of modalities they do not agree with, and attempt to destroy them financially, legally and any other way possible. When losing in court, they use teams of PR flacks to attempt to win on the internet.

See Barrett Vs Rosenthal and know that Penley Ayers, has worked closely with this PR team for several years, stole my identity and bought a website of my personal name. She and Myrl and members of the Quackbusters Rag-tag Posse have and are working very diligently to flood google with their libelous website ... full of typical distortions and outright libel.  Together they worked with head of Eurosilicone, Patrick O'leary, in a mission to hunt me down, access my bank accounts, and destroy our non profit foundation. Details here.

Unless you love being lied to by someone like Myrl, who took the identity of "Will Ketcher" for hundreds of posts to blast me and advertise Myrl, (yes, it's that twisted) ... believe nothing she writes or directs you to about me. If you have any questions, please feel free to write. If I sound a bit exhausted with it all ... I am. Since being SLAPP sued 6 years ago, I've had Myrl and team attempting to destroy me while the courts kept deciding in my favour. The more I beat them, the nastier they got. Myrl is epitomizing their dirty PR tactics, yet again.



Barrett Vs Rosenthal

Nanaweedkiller, aka Cathy Credulous aka Willa Nidiffer of Glen Burnie, MD

To respond to a question I've been asked many times ... no, I do not receive any monies for prevailing for the years of litigation into which they have forced me.

Myrl is just one of the "insiders" for the silicone industry to attack me.

Thank you for any donation that will help The Humantics Foundation keep the message of the dangers of breast implants before the public.

We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

Please click paypal below ... credit cards are now accepted.

Thank you very much.


There are hundreds of thousands of women already made ill and / or
injured because of this faulty product, and it is sincerely our
opinion, that this is a fatal error for the FDA to make ... one which
erases all meaning of the word

Without your help, our voice could be silenced ... exactly what Myrl and the Quackbusters are attempting to do.



Update of July 18, 2006 on Myrl Jeffcoat's Smear Campaign against me ...

Myrl Jeffcoat has been a high profile person in the Breast Implant for over a decade. For several years she had the respect of many of the women, myself included in the past.

However, since 2001 when I was sued by the Quackbuster Team, she has joined them and Patrick O'leary, now head of Eurosilicone (formerly President of Inamed) attempting to destroy my reputation, my non profit foundation, and even my real estate business using a variety of methods and aliases.

The irony is that when her now good friend, Patrick O'leary was caught lying for 4 years about being a a Silicone Manufacturer, Myrl wanted to be part of my lawsuit against him. Here is her declaration against him, under penalty of perjury. One can only imagine why she now does PR for him and others in the breast implant industry.

It was as if she were given the assignment to throw as much negative postings as possible on the internet, with no regard to validity or truth.

After barraging the newsgroup with lies about me, she would then post a statement which she had circulated amongst the implant community filled with forged and fictitious names, advising people to google me to. Google bombing is a more than frequent tactic of the Quackwatch/Terry Polevoy team for whom she frequently advertises.

I recently discovered that far from retiring as claimed, Myrl Jeffcoat resurrected the long used alias, Will Ketcher to promote the Quackwatch Team Smear Campaigns ... mainly against me, and promote herself and Terry Polevoy (the one remaining plaintiff who has not yet lost to me) in a high profile internet lawsuit.

Click here to see the 611 messages under the will_ketcher@yahoo.com alias ... linked to her computer. This is far from the first time she has used fake aliases to attack me and others in the breast implant community.

When she resurrected this disguise in March of this year ... she also sent letters aggressively threatening my foundation members with legal action against them. After being outed two weeks ago, her team mates have now given that handle to someone else to take up the banner of Will Ketcher for their attacks.

This tactic has been used repeatedly against me for nearly 11 years. The summer of 2004, she was on a team hunting me down with Private Investigators that included Patrick O'leary, General Director of Eurosilicone, and several members of Stephen Barrett and Terry Polevoy's Rag-tag Posse of Snake-oil Vigilantes. I'm not kidding ... that's what they named themselves and with whom Jeffcoat has been aligned against me. Myrl denies their existence.

Barrett had just lost all his appeals right before that ... and the case Polevoy has against me is now before the Supreme Court in California. As Will Jeffcoat giddily advertised for Polevoy and Barrett repeatedly. She posted as Will, false information on this case, exactly what Polevoy and Barrett wanted the public to believe, albeit false. One of her favorite and frequent comments was that I was making money on all sides of the issue. This is blatantly false.


The irony is that the subject of the case the Supreme Court will be ruling on ... is about the reposting of potentially libelous matter. Perhaps she'll get center stage as she appears to want in this case. While in her cowardly disguise, she would scream at me asking how much the manufacturers were paying me, while she aligned with O'leary and the industry backed ACSH.org/Quackwatch team.

There is an excellent piece by Rampton & Stauber that explains exactly how industry infiltrates and embeds themselves within causes and buys the favors of so-called 'insiders' like Jeffcoat. They call it walking both sides of the aisle ... which I believe is exactly what Jeffcoat is doing.

Click here to read the full article,

Deforming Consent:

The Public Relations Industry's
Secret War on Activists

One thing I will warn you about ... unless you enjoy being lied to ... believe nothing Myrl and/or her aliases, Mark Probert and/or his aliases nor Willa Nidiffer and/or her aliases spreads on the internet about this case now in the Supreme Court of California.

It is blatant, unmitigated propaganda fueled by the fantasies of the plaintiffs. After Barrett and Grell lost their cases to me, they upped their smearing many fold.

Betty Wirsen has been publishing a webpage reposting many of the lies Jeffcoat has circulated about me for years now. (Update of September 4, 2006 -- Wirsen has now removed this defamatory webpage. Hallelujah.)

They are rewriting the history of the newsgroup I created and where these Wars against me began ... making Patrick O'leary (now of Eurosilicone previously of Inamed) and Susan Schaezler the heroes and... me their goat.

I will be updating this with links when I catch a minute.


In August, 2005 , after several times claiming she was looking for me to sue me ... Myrl apparently came to my real estate office and our development project to take photos and interrogate people about me and my business associates.

She and others, using fake names, made many accusations about my real estate business, things they knew nothing about. It had nothing to do with the breast implant cause.

She then posted defamatory webpages on her website, Webstarmagic.com with these same accusations attempting to demean me and my business. This is the same website where she advertises herself as a real estate saleswoman. She finally removed that site after I contacted her real estate broker regarding these unprofessional practices.

Also removed was another website she heavily advertised which was filled with false accusations of me.

These are Quackbuster tactics ... and today, the Quackbuster team is repeating old posts of hers blasting me.

This follows on her alliance last year with Patrick O'leary, Director General of Eurosilicone in France. He has a history of aligning with women in the "silicone support groups."

As soon as he aligns with them ... they immediately attack me and stop their exposure of the breast implant industry.

It is very, very apparent that her alliance with the Quackbusters and Eurosilicone prompted her simultaneously removing her webpages exposing the manfacturers public relations campaigns.

Concurrently, she began putting as much defamatory and libelous material about me and the Humantics Foundation as possible onthe net. More details are below.

After posting and advertising these defamatory pages about my professional life ...she stopped her public attacks on me.

What a relief.


I intended to remove this website after finding out that Myrl had given up her public attacks on me after 5 years ... however, a new "advocate" popped up ... supporting Myrl Jeffcoat and reposting the identical lies Myrl had been posting about me.

Her name is Betty Wirsen and today I spent my time to rebut her lies about me. It is a frequent technique ... "one says it, the others swear by it."

Myrl's lies about me are being reproduced by this poster, Betty Wirsen, instead of directly now from Myrl.

One of the Quackwatch publicists, Mark Probert who posts under various silly pseudonames, such as "Will Ketcher" is also repeating Myrl Jeffcoat's lies.

When these all stop ... I will be happy to remove this explanatory webpage.

Update of June 2, 2005

Myrl is yet again acting out on the newsgroup ... spreading her whopppers and theatening yet another SLAPP suit against me ... the same strategies that the Quackwatch Team have done for years.

In fact, when she began her attacks on me publicly ... it was identically the same time as when the Quackwatch Team had first all lost to me in Court ... and Myrl's Mentor, Willa and/or Ted Nidiffer began her/his Usenet obsessive assaults on me.

There are so so so so many lies Jeffcoat tells that it would take weeks of my time to correct them all. One of my favorites was when Terry Polevoy was prancing around Usenet as "Vera Teasdale" ... harassing and threatening me ... revealing his obsession with my whereabouts ... although as a plaintiff against me in the Supreme Court of California ... where I am physically located should be absolutely no concern to him. He is a terrifying man ... and seems to have no boundaries in his obsessions.

He was caught ... so to speak  ... with his pantyhose down ... using his own email address to pretend to be "Vera Teasdale" to harass and insult me and others he is suing.

Did finding out that he was impersonating a woman stop Myrl Jeffcoat from lying for him???????


She even claimed that Polevoy was NOT parading as "Vera" ... and as always, when her hundreds of lies are corrected, she "hunkers down" and "stands by" her lies.

She a member of the SBIPrivateClub ... this club consists of Inamed's former President and Junk Science /Corporate Lobbyist Professional ... Andrew M. Langer ... hiring Private Investigators to stalk me and access my bank accounts. Here is her Mentor ... another Barrett/Polevoy shill:

"I must admit however, I am a Rev. Cathy Credulous "wannabe," and would
be happy to call "her" work my own!"

Myrl Carlene Jeffcoat, September 1, 2001

NANA. . .That is toooooo funny for words. I'm on the floor laughing!
Thanks for being precious you!

Myrl Carlene Jeffcoat, October 18, 2003


April 13, 2004 (some updates January 2005)

Who is "Cathy Credulous" aka "Nana Weedkiller" aka "Disinfoagent" aka Willa and/or Ted Nidiffer aka "Lady Ni" with whom Myrl is so enamored?

His name is Ted and/or Willa Nidiffer, and on (one of) his Yahoo Pages he describes himself well:

Nickname: Barretts Parrot

Barrett is one of my losing Plaintiffs in a very high profile, internet SLAPP suit, and the head of the so called "Quackwatch" empire.

"Nana" and Myrl "bonded" right after Barrett's Superior Court loss to me in July, 2001 ... and Myrl has helped him embed himself into the breast implant support community. Myrl tore down her webpages aiding women harmed by breast implants and those criticizing Junk Science Head, Milloy. Simulataneously, she destroyed the "Silicone Webring" and began her incessant attacks on me that continue to this day. She recently announced she came to Costa Rica ... the one country out of nearly 200 in the world ... where she thought I was.

Click here to see Myrl lined up with other Industry Flacks from Quackwatch.com and Junkscience.com.


August 18, 2003

Myrl Jeffcoat has again been on a roll ... re-writing history, making even more brash demands of me, chastizing me ... as if she has been hired as The Grand Inquisitor.

She is not my Boss ... nor my Mother ... nor my Spouse ... nor my Master ... nor my God.

She calls herself the head of another Support Group {WIS} ... yet acts as if she is the head of mine. Click here to read her incessant demands and falsehoods she posts about me.

She has repeatedly demanded a list of our donors as if this information is her domain.

Nothing explains better her role as Myrl the Interrogator than her own words.

In response to her repeated demands that I yet again explain the history of The Humantics Foundation to her, which she claims is a filthy sham began by a 'preditory' (her misspelling) pedophile... here is a good summary.

All of her allegations are false and reveal her twisted, sick way of thinking ... nothing to do with the reality of The Humantics Foundation nor the wonderful and loving man who founded it.

If I sound exhausted and fed-up from being the subject of her demands and disgusting and revealing outburts ... I admit it.

Since re-joining with Susan Schaezler and silicone exec Patrick O'Leary in June, 2001, she has become the nightmare of the support system. When Schaezler and O'leary were "busted" ... Myrl suddenly became a "friend" to me ... I believe it was to spy on me.

When I won my case against him, she was proud to be part of it. When the Appeals Court overturned my victory June 1, 2001 ... allowing the vicious libel to continue, that's when she re-joined these two as well as embedding herself with Nidiffer, publicist for Quackwatch.

That same month, the Plaintiff's for whom "Nana" (Cathy Credulous) publicizes ... loss their SLAPP suit to me in Superior Court.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Readers of alt.support.breast-implant who have written me during this last siege of Myrl's ... assuring me that although she claims, at various times, to speak for the "leaders" and even the "the implanted community" ... she does not, in any way, shape or form, speak for them.

She even claims to speak for me ... so deep is she lost in her megalomania.

As the target of Myrl The Grand Interrogator ... there are no possible right answers for me ... if I ignore her constant interrogations ... she makes up answers, then beats me up for what she claims I say, or think, or do.

If I respond, she screams "Narcissist." All classic Propaganda and Smear Campaign tactics.

The fact is ... it is she and Susan Schaezler who made my private life "their business" public and it is they who continue to try to destroy me. She writes ugly personal emails filled with her fantasies and lies about me and Dr. Zaffuto.

She loves to post that I am a cocaine addict and a hooker and "pandering" for funds, and re-peats and re-posts and re-gurgitates her "Statement" demanding that I leave the cause ... then she berates me for being "paranoid."

Although she repeatedly, in fact ad nauseum, claims that working on this Cause that matters everything to me, is a cash cow ... the fact is ... it has and continues to cost me every day of my life. I have spent over $150,000 of my own money over the past 8 years, yet these facts do not gel with the "Pandering Whore Image" of me that she wants Readers to believe.

That is the basis of her Mission ... to get me out of the way of those who want to control the flow of information about breast implants on the internet ... and she is willing to libel me and make a fool of herself to do so.

I am not the first she has come after ... years ago hiding behind the name of "Silplanted" she made a assault on several women doing fine work in this cause. At a later date, again with Schaezler, they whined and moaned because they were not including in a group of women with results in mind. They have demanded to be in the center of every project ... and when they are, every project failed.

Destroying from within is Job One of any Propaganda Campaign ... and if any believe that the Plastic Surgeons and Manufacturers gave up on their "Networks" design ... may God help their sense of reasoning.

The "Statement," demanding that I leave the cause I love, first posted here, which she and her team mates now re-post with no signatures, contained a small handful of Charter Members of BIS and NSIF ... as well as dozens of made up names of non-existent people, and family members of the few signers ... people who never heard of me.

When I contacted one of her "signers" ... he was appalled that his name and his toddler children's names were being forged for something so ugly and base. MANY of the names are total fictitious characters.

Myrl has gone so far in her "Get Ilena Game" to blame me for doing exactly what benefits the Plastic Surgeons and Silicone Manufacturers ... she took down her silicone related website ... indeed she brought down the entire Silicone Webring.

What a coup for the silicone industry.

The manufacturers also go to unbelievable extremes to preserve their "image" ... which was discussed in this Dow Memo of 1991. This excerpt explains it well:

"The number one issue in my mind is the establishment of networks...

Obviously, this is the single
largest issue on our platter because it affects not only the next 2-3 years
profitability of DCC, but also ultimately has a big impact of the long-term
ethics and believability issues."


Dow Memo admitting "Cover-Up"

{and the origin of , who I firmly believe}

are the Junk Science, ACSH (American Council of Science & Health) / Quackwatch Network joined with a small group of women who call themselves "legitimate support leaders" and work in tandem with the groups above. Click here.



Here is the Dow memo. The Networkers {and their imaginary friends) can be found here ... attempting to silence me, as they have done with others for years.


From: LCHALL--MIDVMO1 Date and time 06/24/91 15:07:48

NOTE FROM: L.C. Hall - 867-4659

SUBJECT: DCC Committee

It has been two weeks since we had the great session with the BOD at which
time they pointed out some of the problems we were facing and suggested ways
we might get beyond them. This communication is intended to simply
summarize where I feel we are.

The issue of cover-up is going well from a long-term perspective.

We are
moving rapidly ahead on our press conference, and all things appear to be in
place for that with the exception of the University of Michigan study being
finalized. I did talk to four other presidents of the main breast implant
manufacturers on Friday, and they have given us the go-ahead on discussing
the NYU study. I asked Tony Getty from Mentor if he was going to
participate in the University of Michigan study, and he said he was not sure
but would respond early this week for a final resolution. Jan Varner said
McGhan will go with us regardless.

The issue of the Breast Implant Communications Center is almost completely
put to bed at this point. It will be very tight for our July 8 deadline in
terms of having letters out and having all the printed material ready. The
final sign-off is today, June 24. The selection of people is completed and
the training will begin this week.

The number one issue in my mind is the establishment of networks.

I believe
we have made no progress in the two weeks. Obviously, this is the single
largest issue on our platter because it affects not only the next 2-3 years
profitability of DCC, but also ultimately has a big impact of the long-term
ethics and believability issues. If we do not win this one, or at least
minimize the financial impact that people are able to achieve, you can
forget about whether we have done all these other things correctly.

I know I am the long ranger after all of our sessions on this, but I still
believe appointing Burnett Kelly full time to do nothing but orchestrate the
networks is absolutely critical. I still favor having somebody who has
moxie and judgement skills which are excellent to be turned loose to make
the contacts to get the ball rolling. This is critical to the patient
community. While I have no problem with your approach, Barie, of turning it
over to Burston Marstellar, it is a very sterile approach in the final
analysis. I believe we can make a faster progress on our own, even without
all the communication documents established since the early part of the job
is primarily getting contacts and establishing some believability as a
person. It takes a lot of time to do this, and it is going to take someone
like Burnett, as good as he is, a fair amount of time just to get in motion.

It has become obvious to me that what is at risk here is somewhere between $50 million and $500 million. Right now, I think we are losing the time
race badly in this critical area, and I believe that the amount of money we
are going to lose is increasing rapidly since we are not going to be in a
position to divert the opposing forces into the directions we want soon.

The latest information that July will be the day when a legal firm in
Chicago makes an announcement they have 25 women assembled who will be suing
breast implant manufacturers is just another example of how good Wolfe is in
knowing when our red-letter days are, and anticipating and muting them with
excellent counter strategies. I fear that if he can pull it off, he may
have a multi-city announcement which we are not aware of at this point. In
talking to the other companies, they were not aware of the Chicago
announcement, and did not know of any others besides the southern California
group. I hope this is true, because we would be ill-prepared in terms of
counter measures through the grass roots system to try to present a counter

I have started to initiate the surgeon contact sessions by getting the
people at DCW together tomorrow for an extensive development of a plan of
how we want to organize the plastic surgery community and involve our ITSA
organization, which should be extremely affective in this. Also, I am
beginning to line up the price discussion that is desperately needed so we
present a uniform picture to the outside community.

Finally, I have been in contact with Dick Hazelton, Colin Rowland and Alain
Jacquin from Europe concerning strategies there. I believe they are in good
shape at this point, but it would be critical to get them rolling. I
understand, Barie, you have contacted Peter Dean and he will be attending
the press conference. I think this is good, because at this point in time
after talking with the sales representatives in Europe, I am convinced they
do not have the same problem yet. We obviously have a chance to get in
front there, and stay there.

As far as Australia is concerned, I am out of date at this point, but will
get caught up.

The place we have the biggest hole still missing and two weeks behind from
the time we got the word from Keith McKennan, is in this whole arena of
getting a patient grass roots movement going. I will keep working
diligently and as needed to help us get to the other side, but I am very

Best regards,
Dan Hayes


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Dave Angelotti from Dow Corning began posting on Dow's behalf in 1999. Just today, 8.28.03, he was again whining that he didn't have his own "webpage." He claims he no longer works for them, but a web search indicates he was at Dow Corning at least until last year. His pattern of posting only pro-Dow, anti-Ilena messages has not changed from 1999.

Click here for all of his Dow PR.

He appears confused that baby Dow Corning is owned 50% by Papa Dow Chemical, and that in the early silicone years, they shared labs and scientists. Dave is very proud of his accomplishments. Here he is, bragging of his greatest achievement yet ... addressed to the owner of the Silicone Holocaust Webpage.

I bet I can piss higher than you!!

Congratulations Dave Angelotti ... you have your own section of a webpage. To read Dow's admission of their cover-up, click here.

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After their initial loss to me in Superior Court, losing Plaintiffs filed their Appeal in October, 2001, and augmented their attacks.

Barrett & Grell lost to me in the Appeals Court in San Francisco on 10/15/2003.

This profile was created as Barrett/Nidiffer invaded a Yahoo Support Group to expand their Mission.

I am grateful that Barrett made it so easy to show for whom Nidiffer advertises -- quackwatch (Barrett) and healthwatcher (Polevoy).

The second one one was put up after they created a webpage, falsely claiming that the Humantics Foundation was using another organizations's tax ID and other lies that the Humantics Foundation had used foundation funds to defend myself against these corporate legal attacks ... and many more distortions of the truth. They repost each other's lies ... "one says it ... the others swear by it."


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