Date: Thu, 23 May 2002

To Mine Enemies ...

I can already feel your cheers as I unplug from "The Matrix" and take a real break after 80 months of an E-ticket ride on Usenet ...

When I began searching the internet for information on breast implants in September, 1995, I soon set up alt.support.breast-implant to get away from the manufacturer/PS PR on the AOL boards, the NYTimes board, and sci.med.immunology ...

I had no idea in the world that I would get, as U2 says so well, "stuck in a moment."

I was aghast at what I was learning from the women, attending seminars, meetings, and reading every book, magazine article, study, and watching every tape I could find. That passion in me continues and grows to this day.

"Informed Consent" by John Byrne changed my life forever ...and within months I had compiled enough damning information to write my first version of Breast Implants: The Myths, the Facts, The Women.

Because of the constant nasty blitz from the manufacturing interests, who immediately took residence on alt.support.breast-implant and remain there today in full glory ... other women who were doing great work and I connected and I began my email support list, which continues to grow every day.

I want to thank Mine Enemies for creating this perfect thread below to illustrate how nasty, how vicious, how dishonest and brutal they will be to silence me.

My new family and I just finished reading the last book of the Harry Potter series ... we laughed at how much of it mirrored the Internet Silicone / Alt Med Wars. I get to talk to my new son about knowing the truth in his heart ... and that no matter how mean kids can be, what bullies and liars they are ... that that is about them ... not him.

The perfect Propaganda thread was posted on alt.support.breast-implant by, in my opinion, this long term NemesisWant-a-Be ... who morphs email names as others change clothes ...

It was taken from an equally duplitious thread on misc.health.alternative by another Nemesis Want-a-Be ... Terry Polevoy ... one of the QuackTeam who SLAPP sued me 9 days after my marriage, detailed here:

Details of the case are here.

This particular, definitive thread entitled: "Ilena, The case has been stayed" was a lie from the start.

The case has not been stayed.

They are appealing their loss on my SLAPP motion, which dismissed totally all their claims against me and required that they pay my attorney's costs.

Recently we received a two month extension to respond, so if fact, the case has not been stayed as far as my defense is concerned, it has been continued until June.

The real fun comes in the perfect acting out of the players ... Mark S Probert, it is my opinion, played both "Will Ketcher" and anon-30692@anon.twwells.com.

Then there is "mplnt" ... PJ O'leary ... who in my experience personifies everything that is wrong with Junk Science.

Our ongoing battle since I dared to get in the way of the VP, later President of Inamed/McGhan in Ireland is here.

Then Moral Guardian Myrl Jeffcoat arrives ... fussing and fuming and self righteously chastizing me and grumbling how badly I hurt "her" image ... forgetting that she attacked me ... and her image is her own.

She is the ultimate "victim" ... having removed the Silicone Webring and her own website ... all because of nasty, "pandering" lying, greedy me. The facts never get in her way ... all of the services we provide are free of charge ... and have been for 7 years. Far from being some money making scam as they claim, it costs me every day to do this work.

Myrl claims to have come to Usenet to clean up the "image" of the implanted women.

Her way of doing this, is blaming everything wrong with the silicone support system on me and posting lie after lie after lie about me.

These are illustrative:

She has headed up a Hate Petition against me ~ On this list, are people who do not exist on God's Earth, and toddler stepgrandchildren who certainly had never heard of me. It illustrates their desperation to destroy my work.

U2's "If God Will Send His Angels" is one of my favorite songs ... there's a great line that reminds me of Myrl following O'Leary's lead:

"It's the blind leading the blond ..."

Those two haven't gotten a thing about me right yet ...

Interesting article on this invasion of cyberspace by them was just published entitled the "Fake Persuaders" in the Guardian.

Have fun y'all trying to re-write history ... hopefully Google will live forever and no E-bombs will nuke our communications back to the Stone Age ...

I won't be around to defend myself for awhile ... so I've created these websites to respond to the lies, half truths, and hallucinations you all have about me.

What you all don't yet know ... is for all the hatred and venom you send my way ... I receive that much love and more through my precious Support Group.

May God protect all those women and their families as Pureheart Kathi and other fine women are gathering together to keep our communication lines open ...

"If God will send his angels ... [we] sure could use them here right now ..."

If my departure brings more Peace to Usenet ... that will be wonderful.

U2's Peace on Earth could be about our cause too ...

"Heaven on Earth We need it now."

Love, Ilena

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