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Patty Faussett
Beautiful and courageous founder of Saline Support Group

Karen Curry
Suffers ill effects from Silicone Gel Implants

Terri Peake
Former Penthouse Pet, lost years of her life to saline implant related problems

Shari Halverson   
Young mother whose life has been turned upside down after complications from her implants

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We have dedicated Today as

Breast Implant Survivors Day

Lisa Christina's Explant Journey

I had Silicone breast implants in 1987. Thinking it
would complete me for I had never filled
out, (developed).


This period in my life was filled with
many examples, Adult entertainment,the music industry,
fashion magazines and of course my chosen
field, (photography) was to be perfect.


After being implanted, I noticed how tender and
sensitive my breasts had become all the time. Intimacy
with my chest was look but dont touch, it was too painful.


I had my two children very close together, 15 months
apart. I was told upon Implantation I could Breast
feed with no problem, I tryed with my first son and
could only handle 2 weeks for the pain was unbearable.
I completely skipped any thought of breast feeding my
second child.


As years went by, pain and sensitivity in my chest
increased. Other symptoms started,terrible skin
irritations, joint and bone pain, chills all over my
body, dizzy spells, blurred vision, chronic fatigue,
anxiety and depression.


Thank goodness for my family doctor for I have been
with him for 7 years and with all my symptoms, He told
me,"Get the implants out!!" your symptoms ARE implant
related! It took me 1 more child and a couple years
later and an MRI (both implants ruptured) to decide to


After months of research, I found one of the best explanting surgeonsin the world, Dr Edward Melmed and was explanted in 2007. See photos below of the capsules that surrounded the implants when removed. All that tissue is nature's way of attempting to protect our bodies from foreign invaders.


To date recovery has been hard physically and
emotionally, I am unable to work, and sometimes feel I
waited too long for explantation. I do have hope that
I will get better and each day in itself is a blessing
for me to be implant free.


If I had been told the truth, 20 years ago I would
have never even considered this operation. It has
affected the rest of my life and my family's to. I
would not recommend this operation to any one ever !
Work on ourselves from the inside out ... not the
outside in ... it doesn't work.





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