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Coming Soon?

Yet another SLAPP suit?

The Internet Trial of the Century?

updated 5.4.2005  and again 7.24.2005

Andrew M. Langer

Corporate Lobbyist for National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB )

Rag-tag Posse of Snake-oil Vigilantes with members from Quackwatch

Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) (public outreach)


  • Corporate Lobbyist for National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)
  • When he began posting on the breast implant newsgroup I created in 1995,  he was employed by Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) to do "public outreach." He has steadfastly claimed that his thousands of postings on Usenet are donated and have nothing to do with his job description to do "public outreach."Few medium are as "public" as Usenet, accessible to any one or place with an internet connection ... and posting thousands of pro-corporate posts are definitely "outreach." Here's Andy's silly constant disclaimer.
  • He continues to be published on the CEI website (if this changes, please let me know) and publicly brags of attending their employee soirees.
  • Langer also sells his services as a 'policy expert' for the corporate backed "Sound Science" campaign. Click here and type in "langer"
  • Embedded with self annointed 'legitimate support leaders" in the breast implanted community ... together they have spent 4 years attempting to sell their opinion that I am a "manufacturers flack" and Andy is not.
  • Just today, one of his Clubmates (Myrl Jeffcoat) clearly announced that their intention is to (SLAPP) sue me again.


Breast Implant Awareness Activist

Director, Breast Implant Awareness.org

Ilena Rosenthal


When I created this webpage ... it was just a few months after the Junk (Sound) Science / Quackbuster Team (Stephen Barrett, Terry Polevoy and Christopher Grell) had all lost their SLAPP suit against me ... a common tactic of Industries that Andrew M. Langer has long been paid to represent. That was Autumn, 2001.

Click here for the on-going history on that lawsuit. (On appeal, both Grell and Barrett lost again to me.)

Langer signed on as one of the losing Plaintiffs many "Rag-tag Posse of Snakeoil Vigilantes" ... and with them has used every professional Smear Campaign trick in the book trying to destroy me ... the tactics of Public Relations Teams against Activists. Click here for the tactics he uses ... especially 'educating' activists. He was recently literally begging a woman on the breast implant newsgroup to email him privately ... and when she refused several times ... he continued his begging.

Andrew M. Langer was simulaneously threatening yet another SLAPP suit against me.

Now the facts show he is "walking both sides of the aisle" ... Corporate PR Flack and Silicone Breast Implant Private Club Member. Nestled in with women who call themselves "legimate support leaders" and me not ... Langer leads them in silly Hoaxes such as this one.

He is part of a small group who have hired a private investigator to hunt me down apparently in their attempt to entangle me and the Humantics Foundation in yet another SLAPP suit ... and bring The Humantics Foundation down.

If you think this sounds paranoid ... the evidence is very clear.

Click here to see Andrew M. Langer, embedded in the SBIPrivateClub ... every second of his 5 years of harassing me on Corporate Salary.

As one who has watched the years of harassment, herself an very ill women harmed by breast implants recently said to me:

"You on the other hand, just battling a world of multi-billion dollar corps, a world of murderously insane lunatics, and prepping for Court."

Going after small non profits such as mine ... while himself backed by multi billion corporations ... was discussed fully here describes Langer's years and years of harassment against me.

Legal Tactic Chills Debate, Activists Say

From: philanthropy.com

In recent years, corporations have also become more savvy about whom they decide to sue, according to several observers.

Instead of being directed against large non-profit groups with ready access to legal talent, lawsuits are increasingly being brought against small organizations -- or merely against their leaders as individuals.


Tactics of Competitive Enterprise Institute

May 15th marks the 10th anniversary of Papa Dow Chemical's 'orphan' offspung ... Dow Corning ... leap frogging into the protection of bankruptcy.

Ten very long and extremely eventful years later ...

depending on which Corporate Public Relations tenacle you're reading, hearing, and/or watching ...

Baby Dow Corning is either:

(A) Robustly successful ... acquiring new companies and expanding their international presence and products line




As Henry I. Miller of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) bemoans ... 'annihilated' ...

quoth he ... the ultimate Corporate Apologist

But what has befallen Dow Corning and other manufacturers of breast  implants is corporate America's worst nightmare: virtual annihilation through civil lawsuits, in the absence of evidence of wrong doing or product defects, or any association between the product and severe  illness. After more than 20,000 breast implant-related lawsuits, Dow  Corning had to file for bankruptcy protection.



Langer continues a 'close' association with CEI, attends their annual soirees, and like other CEI employees and associates ... he sells himself as an "expert" in "sound science." Corporate backed CEI has published some of the most brutal PRO SILICONE MANUFACTURER propganda, including several pieces by Henry I. Miller, M.D., a fellow at the Hoover Institution and at Competitive Enterprise Institute. Though a Food and Drug Administration official from 1979-1994, he recently published an outrageous piece of disinformation. Click here for this and other of his CEI Propaganda.


"Sound science" is another Industry propganda term for "junk science" which has been used for years to (falsely) 'prove' that 'silicone breast implants are safe.'

I am updating this page on the Eve of 4/20/2004 (and again mid June, 2004.)

When I first created this explanatory webpage in late 2001, Andy was threatening to SLAPP sue me for sending a polite email to his wife after months of his corporate financed harassment ... always pretending it was not related to his PR business.

He didn't, of course ... it was just intimidation and bully tactics and distraction.

All made while on corporate salary.

He has begun again with threatening yet another SLAPP suit against me ... continuing his years of Bully Tactics. He did not reveal the dire "consequences" he would heap upon me when I refused to give into his impotent, self-indulgent threats ... and now the days have past.

Just typical Bully Tactics ...

Only recently was I made aware that Andy, then on the payroll of Dow funded CEI, was only a part of a dedicated "Posse" formed when several of us were sued by the head of the "Quackbusters" et. al. who proudly call themselves:

Details are here.

My opinion is that the more they have lost to me, the more aggressive and arrogant their bullying tactics have become. Andy has filled the boards with pure disinformation about this lawsuit.

SLAPP suits such as this one are expensive, time consuming, corporate intimidation techniques industry frequently use to silence activists such as myself.

At the time, late 2001, he was paid to do "public outreach" for The Competitive Enterpise Institute, one of the many "think tanks" or front groups funded by huge corporations such as Dow Chemical and Monsanto and foundations they fund, one of their campaigns being to spread "Junk Science" propaganda.

Currently, he is employed by corporate PR / lobbying Giant, The National Federation of Independent Businesses. Comicly, he frequently posts that their interests are for "small" businesses ... when in fact, "independent" includes huge independent chemical / pharmaceutical interests ... who benefit even more than the small businesses.

To understand the tactics of alt.support.breast-implant's own Bully --

Andrew M. Langer

... this article explains it well.

PR Secret War against Activists

For others, visit here.


Who is CEI and who funds them? Click here.

Andy is marching around on the newsgroup I created to support women harmed by breast implants yet again.

Nothing describes him better, than the thousands and thousands of threads on Usenet he has participated in ... all while on corporate payroll ... all denying his PR job. Breast implants, GM food, other environmental issues ... he screams the "sound science" viewpoint ... which is upside down, backwards and inside out.

On Andy's own "favorites" website, anyone with eyes to see will notice all the so called "think tanks" and "foundations" with which he is enamored are funded by corporate enemies of the women harmed by breast implants.

His flacking for AEI is being illustrated by him filling alt.support.breast-implant with their pro- War, pro-chemical industry political propaganda (Cheney has long been involved with AEI).

Click here to see those ties of his.

AEI's board consists of several Pharmaceutical/Chemical industry leaders. Andy regularly and frequently posts information to further their agendas ... exactly what"public outreach" or "public relations" is about.

My work is with the thousands of women harmed by breast implants and the PR Teams hired to vindicate the silicone makers in the various media (Usenet being but one.)

Dow Chemical has long funded Andy's employer CEI, the Cato Insitute, AEI and several others on his "favorites" list.

After their baby, Dow Corning, was found guilty of fraud and concealment and lying about their faulty product in a California court, Papa Dow Chemical contributed to a multi-million dollar multi media PR campaign to change the world's perception on breast implants, one part of the powerfully funded "junk science" campaign.

Dow Corning is half owned by Dow Chemical who Andy has a fuzzy notion have acted democratically (??) in the breast implant catastrophe ... and he frequently posts their propaganda.

In fact, after nearly 8 years of a so called bankrutpcy, the billions of dollars in insurance money paid them years ago to cover the implant claims -- remains in their coffers.

Andy's buddy, Junk Journalist Steve Milloy of Junkscience.com, the Cato Institute, CEI, ASCH are all recipients of the financing on the Junk Science campaign.

Breast implants, global warming, Gulf War Syndrome (the last Bush Gulf War, not this one) and other issues have all been claimed to have been "debunked" by this highly funded Campaign. The Dows, Monsanto, Union Carbide, Bristol Myers etc. who fund it, are very sly and their money passes through many hands before it lands in the Flacks like Andy and Milloy's pockets.

Andy seems to believe that unless he has a check made out to him personally from Dow Chemical that their "influence" hasn't touched him.

Unfortunately, global warming is real, the dangers of breast implants are very serious, and Andy and the other Junk Science flacks do all they can to confuse the issue, while profitting by keeping the "reasonable doubt" before the public and the dollars in the coffers of the corporate funders.

For any who doubt his connection to the so called "Quackwatch" and their Webring of Deceit ... Here are the documents from that case as it pertains to my victories over Quackwatch Head Barrett and his Malicious Prosecuting Attorney, Chris Grell.

Thanks to his newest intrusion, and his omnipresent joke at the bottom on every message ... I was reminded of an article that describes his Paymasters and how they "infect" the internet with the propaganda of their funders, The Fake Persuaders.

Upon further research about CEI and the Bivins Group, it was revealed their close ties to the junkscience.com agenda, and how this all lead Andy back to alt.support.breast-implant.

Langer is also closely associated and promotes AEI ... Dow Chemical's Chairman is one of their board members, as are the heads of Exxon and Merck.

While Andy loudly brags of being paid for "extensive public outreach" on his webpage, he remains in fuzzy oblivion and confusion that the internet is "public" and posting his paymasters agenda is "outreach."

He fools only the fools and other shills.

He further remains in denial that his frequent forays to alt.support.breast-implant, bashing me and my work, is no different than standing on the street in front of my home or office, screaming his lies at all passers by.

This may be work for him ... but this is very, very personal for me and the women who read the newsgroup for support. If anyone did this, I would contact his family. I will do ths again, in a heartbeat, should he continue posting his total garbage about me .

In his self delusion, he claims that his obsession with me is "personal" and not "business."

This married man tracks my whereabouts through my postings, and then criticizes my choice to spend time in Latin America with my family.

This is Janice Moseley Langer's husband's personal concern ... why?

From where I run my support group and do my writing and his other interrogations into my private life makes no sense for an innocent, married man to be involved in. He has called both my foundation partners and is now demanding I respond to the identical IRS harassment I've received for years from the silicone industry and their Moles.

In fact, because our small foundation has receipts of under $25K a year, we are not even required to file, yet Andy has several times devoted vast amounts of time and energy to his interrogations. For years, I have had our Guidestar page for nonprofits on my webpage.

He furthers demands knowing why I came back to the internet after unplugging for a while.

Why is my life and if I am plugged in or out the personal concern of

Andrew M Langer?

Even more ludicrous in his desperation to control alt.support.breast-implant and me by claiming I should be controlling the threads on war (not the topic ... only posts by two women who oppose it strongly) and allowing all the pro-war opinions that mirror his to go unchallenged.

I have no power nor desire nor inclination to control the uncontrollable ... and his bias that only two of the dozen or more commenting on the war be stopped by me is totally transparent.

He desperation increases exponentially by attempting to link me with some email terrorism that I have zippo, zilch, nothing at all to do with. His claim is that a "supporter" of mine has done it ... yet I have thousands of women in my groups and do not believe any of them have done it, nor if they had, why I would be responsible.

Andy also inspired my new webpage dedicated to paid propagandists such as he, Disinfo Agents on Parade.




I'm unplugging today from "the matrix" for a while. For more on this, click here:.

My firm belief is that Andy is an overpaid Junk Science Flack ... paid to disseminate the Credo of that Campaign on a variety of issues. Though he claims to have left CEI, his new Paymasters are part of the same PR Front Group System (Cato, etc.).

I further strongly opine that this little disclaimer Andy adds to the bottom of his seemingly endless bully postings where he bashes critics of the Junk Science campaign, stomping around Usenet as though he were the King of the Net Nannies, is a lie.

Andy's Joke at the end of His Posts

Any posts by Andrew Langer are his own, written by him, for his own

enjoyment (and the education of others). Unless expressly stated,

they represent his own views, and not those of any other individuals

or entities. He is not, nor has he ever been, paid to post here. (return to top.)


In fact, many of Andy's post are NOT written by him. He has filled Usenet with the junk science propaganda first posting, then defending the "think tanks" prolific "viewpoint."

Currently Andy is posting hundreds of "property rights" posts around Usenet.

Aren't property rights one of the main topics that the sponsors pay multiple millions ($75 MILLION in 1995) to do PR on?

When I do a search on Andy's Paymaster$ and "property rights" this comes up ...

How is his "public outreach" on Usenet separate than every other medium he has too well paid to "educate" with their propaganda?

Total 1995 Revenue: $74,808,294 for NFIB. (Note: just checked and that link no longer works. The latest one from Capital Research hasn't been updated for years.)

To claim "he is not paid to post here" is ridiculous ... they pay his salary, buy his time, buy his influence, pay for his office space ... why would every post carry a disclaimer that is a total lie?

Bye Andy ...

May God protect the readers of Usenet from your bullying and junk science usenet propaganda.

Distraction is Job One of any Flack ... just recently, as always pretending to have some higher purpose, Andy cross posted an entirely OFF TOPIC posting the newsgroup I created for women harmed by breast implants ... to date, over 200 OFF TOPIC, distracting messages on this thread have cluttered our board.

Some of our Past ...


After another round of Langer's threats and demands and whines and filling alt.support.breast-implant with Distraction, (click here to see his posts there), I dedicate this Sophocles quote to him:

"It is terrible to speak well and be wrong."

His new employers are also purveyors of the Junk Science Campaign.



Much to my chagrin, after ignoring him for quite a while, Andy once again jumped into the newsgroup I created solely to support those harmed by breast implants and other silicone products. Andy claims he no longer works for CEI whose funders include former Dow Chemical ... former silicone manufacturer, although he is still listed as a paid employee on this site and continues his harassment of me.

Attempting to silence and discredit activists are a major part of the job description of Public Outreach aka "public relations" flacks. It is well described here in "The PR War against Activists."

The question remains ...

will Andy Langer SLAPP sue me for a polite email to his wife?

Stay tuned.


Andy has returned to CyberSpace and is making demands, stamping his feet as is his way. After posting his own phone # and address on Usenet, fussing and fuming and blaming me for all, his original posting was erased.

Realizing that a Professional Propagandist like Andy would probably erase his error in judgement and attempt to blame me, I copied the message while it was still on Google. Click here to see it with headers.

May God grace his precious Earth and stop its Corporate Destruction.

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