We dedicate this page with much love to Karen Curry.

Here is her history with silicone gel breast implants.

  1.  1983 - Underwent a Bilateral Mastectomy.
  2.  1985 - Reconstructed with Silicone Gel Breast Implants.
  3.  1986 - Hardening of the right Breast Implant and underwent a Closed Capsulotomy.
  4.  1987 - Hardening again of the right Breast Implant and underwent a Closed Capsulotomy in October and November to no avail.  In December of 1987 the Plastic Surgeon gave me a Cortisone shot and tried the Closed Capsulotomy again, but to no avail.  So the Doctor instructed me to take 4000 I.U. of Vitamin E a day and follow up in one month for another Closed Capsulotomy.  Which did not take place due to illness.
  5.  1988 - Diagnosed with Benign Multiple Sclerosis;  Vaginal Anesthesia;  Symptomatic Gastroesophageal Reflux.
  6.  1994 - Diagnosed with Atypical Connective Tissue Disease/Atypical Rheumatic Syndrome/Non-Specific Autoimmune Condition Disease with Impressive Neurologic Abnormalities.
  7.  1997 - Left Breast Capsule had a Class III Capsular Contracture.  Right Breast was quite firm and misshapen with loss of medial fullness.  Class IV Capsular Contracture on Right Breast.  Bulge of 4-5 cm Beneath Inframammary Fold.  Ruptured Capsule, with secondary Capsule forming in Upper Right Abdomen.
  8.  1997 - Surgical Removal of Both Ruptured and Fragmented Implants, including Capsules.
  9.  1997-1998 - Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia;  Connective Tissue Disease and Chronic Fatigue.
 10.  2001 - Diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease of the Cervical Spine with Spinal Stenosis and flattening of the Anterior Spinal Cord, causing Bilateral Neural Foraminal Narrowing.  Including Disk Protrusion, causing Left Cord Compression.
 11.  2001 - Per MRI, spots were found in the frontal parietal white matter with areas representing demyelination.
 12.  2001 - Diagnosis of Osteoporosis of the Lumbar Spine and Diagnosed with Breast Implant Syndrome.
 13.  2003 - Diagnosis of Hiatal Hernia.
 14.  2005 - Per MRI and MRA, Confirmed Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis;  Cerebral Atheroscierotic Vascular Disease;  Peripheral Neuropathy;  Anemia;  Including Hyperintensity of the tip of the Basilar Artery which appears to be a Focal Aneurysm.

  I do not believe it's plaque build up in the Blood Vessels and Arteries of my brain.  I believe it's Silicone!  Nor do I believe all of these medical problems are due to a flip of the coin.  But due to the migration of Silicone Gel!  It's been noted that Migrating Silicone not only spreads to all the vital organs, but also passes the Placental Barrier and Brain Barrier.


  But does it matter now?  No!  They've informed me the Aneurysm is in an inoperable area and they cannot remove the (so call) "Plaque" build up from the Arteries of my brain.  They can only treat the symptoms.

  So, if anyone who reads this thinks this is all hog-wash, then please don't let anything I've said deter you.  You get your breast implants, enjoy your life and be happy.  'Cause I too had a life once.  I had a career, making good money, love of family and friends, a nice figure, a wonderful husband, my health, active in Church, School and Community and in love with life.

  But now it's all gone, including my husband who died from the causes of Agent Orange (another chemical Dow made) after having just turned 54 years old.

  Even though I had a Bilateral Mastectomy, if I had read 20 years ago what I just wrote, I would never have allowed that toxic garbage to be placed in my body.  And if you still think they're healthy, then please take another look at what was removed from my chest.

This photo you see is what was removed from my chest after twelve and a half years. 


  Which by the way, the implants of today are not any better.  They are still made from Toxic Chemicals and they are still called "Silicone Breast Implants!"
  Hugs to All,
  Karen L. Curry

Let the Truth be known, Greed has a Life of it's Own! 

But as Freedom Rings! 

It rings for the Truth that will set us all Free!

Here I am Happy, Healthy, Full of Life, with my Career of Choice, working as a Correctional Officer at a Men's Maximum Penitentiary!


Our Wedding Day!  Little did we know, we both had been Chemically poisoned by DOW!


My husband and I in Hawaii.  The last happy memories I have with my Husband.  Our health "was" and "continued" to deteriorate upon our return trip!


Now a widow!  My husband passed away from the affects of Agent Orange!  As my health continues to deteriorate from the effects of migrating Silicone!


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