Happy Holidays, 2006

Implant-Explant Xmas Tree

With Love

from Shirley Johnson

Beloved Readers ...

What a wild and crazy year 2006 has been!

We are still regrouping since November when the FDA joined the breast implant industry in disinforming the public that silicone breast implants are safe. There is no definition of safety that describes this dangerous medical device.

Click here for our Breast Implant Awarenessness Homepage with lots and lots of links to breast implant support groups, studies, and these current events.

Please note lovely message from a new friend of our group, Shirley Johnson, who gifted us with this Implant- Explant Tree at the right column of this page.

For me, Ilena Rosenthal personally, defeating the third of three so called Quackbusters in a high profile Internet Defamation Suit (Barrett Vs Rosenthal) was quite humbling.

This California Supreme Court Ruling will protect ISP's, blog and chat room owners, and millions of posters from being intimidated by the threat of a lawsuit for something they did not write.

The Quackwatch / National Council Against Health Fraud Team led by Stephen Barrett has used threats of and SLAPP suits such as this one, to attempt to silence critics and exhaust their resources for years.

Their whole case against me was upside down backwards and inside out ... read more about the outragous happenings by clicking here.

I have spent the last six years of my life defending myself against this team ... in the courtroom and on the internet. Oprah Winfrey was also eventually successful in defending herself in a similar Industry Vs Activist hamburger libel suit several years ago. She said this cost her over a million dollars and totally exhausted her.

The best was reconnecting with old friends and making many new ones ... many thanking me for refusing to be silenced as so many have been.

A couple of friends had written to advise me a few weeksk ago that Barrett Vs Rosenthal was being covered on Wikipedia. What I read there was basically unrecognizable as to the unanimous opinion of all seven justices in the Supreme Court of California I just won against the Quackbusters ... Stephen Barrett, Terry Polevoy and attorney Christopher Grell.

When I began to correct the errors with facts, Barrett's Assistant List Manager and Ringmaster of 90 of their sites, Paul Lee, IMMEDIATELY would remove my edit and replace it with theirs. Click here for more on my Wiki Education, spawned by their manipulation of the information on this case.

On this holiday cheer time ... there are untold thousands of us who feel that the FDA caved in to the silicone industry, by granting questionable 'safety approval' for an unproven product. We believe this will endanger the lives of millions of women, who oft are denied health insurance because of their implants.

The Humantics Foundation message mirrors that of Dr. Sidney Wolfe's of Public Citizen. Bravo to his strong stance on the dangers of breast implants. 

Silicone gel breast implants most defective medical device ever approved by the FDA ...Dr. Sidney Wolfe, Public Citizen

We also thank Kim Gandy, for her powerful support to re-opening the question of implant safety.

FDA Approval of Dangerous Implants Follows FDA Pattern of Favoring Money and Politics Over Science   ~ Kim Gandy, President, National Organization for Women

To listen to Fintan Dunne interview Kim Gandy, President of NOW; Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Scot Glasberg; & Ilena Rosenthal, Director, Humantics Foundation, please click here.

Dr. Diana Zuckerman, President, National Research Center for Women & Families, quoted in Forbes here:

The FDA's decision to approve silicone gel breast implants is a triumph of corporate lobbying and hype over sound science and women's health. The FDA's standards for implants have reached a new low with this decision.


Our support group continues to grow daily ... with women sick and injured from their breast implants... including various 'new & improved' versions.

We wish healing to people throughout our universe, harmed by the deceit of corporate greed.

With love from Ilena Rosenthal

Director, Humantics Foundation

Breast Implants: The Smoking Gun

To listen to Fintan Dunne interview Kim Gandy, President of NOW; Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Scot Glasberg; & Ilena Rosenthal, Director, Humantics Foundation, please click here.

To h ear Ilena interviewed on Break For News by Fintan Dunne on her victory over the Quackbusters on the Freedom of Speech Issue







move your mouse above to see close-ups of the Implant-Explant Xmas Tree by Shirley Johnson



Hello Ilena,
Just discovered you and yours thanks to Fintan's site. Haven't had time to explore the issues properly, but intend to crawl through your site and related sites "like an ant"...
In the meantime, please accept this little offering, the unfinished "Implant-Explant Xmas Tree" that I painted and collaged on a wall at a design exhibition in Tokyo a couple of days after hearing your interview with Fintan. (The wall was torn down at the end of the exhibition so only a few photos remain.)

While listening to your interview I noticed the "holiday" catalog of Victoria's Secret was sitting on the floor, needing to be processed.. great for baubles (only when you need lots of photos of fake boobies might you realize that the entire catalog, at least for Xmas, consists of girls with implants.... yes!)  along with the extraordinary explant photo (just under the photo of Marlou Boots on your web site) and some implant illustrations (including some that Cathy put up on Fintan's blog).

Unfortunately the details don't come up in this photo but the explants hit home. The plan was to build up the decorations, slowly adding illustrations of implants to the higher parts and explants to the lower parts. You can't see it in this image, but there was a trash basket under the tree (red and white) where I had hurriedly tossed all the crumpled scraps left over from ripping breasts out of the Victoria's Secret catalog. This was just an accidental development, but the trash was colour-coordinated, and augmented the overall effect.
At the exhibition, lots of people exclaimed "Oh, how cute!" which was my cue for "Take a closer look!" I spent a lot of time explaining this issue as best I could. People were quick to "see" the flow down to the trash basket.
Best wishes to you and yours. You are all heroes.
Shirley Johnson.

P.S. If you think it's of interest, please send the image to your friends, and convey my warmest regards to them.


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Implant Info Net Website & Chatroom

Breast Implant Support Forum

Silicone Holocaust Chatroom

bdonation that will help The Humantics Foundation keep the message of the dangers of breast implants before the public. We have spent over 11 years on this Mission.

To respond to a question I've been asked many times ... no, I do not receive any monies for prevailing for the years of litigation into which they have forced me.






We are proud to welcome a new Website in Dutch / Nederlands dedicated with love to Marlou Boots.

Marlou published Stille Kracht (silent strengh) for several years and kept thousands of Dutch and European women informed. Click here for this new website. Special thanks to Frank and Elvire for making this happen ... and for Marlou for her years of selfless service.

Wanted to recommend this excellent expose By Julie Chadwick   November 22, 2006

Toxic Breasts: a peek inside the breast implant industry




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