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As an outspoken critic of breast implants AND the vast Public Relations Teams funded by the manufacturers and the Plastic Surgeons that fill all medium (including Usenet and the WWW) ... I have been targeted. Since being SLAPP sued by so called "quackwatch.com" head, Stephen Barrett and prevailing against him ... it's gotten much uglier. They have, as as the way with War, joined together with so called self interested "support leaders" (Dow called them the "networks") already deeply emeshed in this controversy. The strongholds on the internet for these PR teams are Junkscience.com, ACSH.org, and the over promoted "quackwatch.com."

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MYRL CARLENE JEFFCOAT ... added 7 1 2006

Betty Jean Hammond Wirsen ... added 9 30 2006

Willa Nidiffer aka Nanaweedkiller aka Cathy Credulous ... added 9 30 2006



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Thank you for any donation that will help The Humantics Foundation keep the message of the dangers of breast implants before the public.

We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

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Newest addition ... August 7, 2005

"Chuckie" is part of the Lyme Disinformation Team. His posts speak for themselves. He teams with this vile poster ... who screams and curses and does all he can to disrupt the Lyme Newsgroup.

Many believe "Chuck P Adams" is Edward McSweegan, Lyme scientist paid not to work. I'm serious ... here is a CBS article on him from 2003.


CBS) "There's nothing to do. There's nothing to pretend to do," laments Dr. Edward McSweegan.

McSweegan once managed a large portfolio of research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), but his work days have been pretty much empty since March 1996.

It's not that he doesn't want to work. He says they won't let him. Meantime, taxpayers are covering his generous paycheck, reports CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson.

He is also the author on a horrific piece on Lyme Disease posted on the website of the dubious and discredited and highly questionable quackwatch.com. As with most of the quackwatch.com propaganda ... it has some truth mixed in with many scientific whoppers.

He seems to specialize in personal attacks based on his opinion of other's appearances, and like an Impotent Dictator ... brags that he "always wins."

What are you winning Chuckie?

Best Healthfraud?

Quack of the Day?

Silliest Disguise?

Most Vile Lyme Liar?


"Snooopy" Susan Schaezler ...

Disinformation Agent #1

It is my opinion, as her #1 target, that no creature on God's Green Earth has put as much time and energy into disrupting the silicone support groups ... while under an "oath" to then silicone exec Patrick O'leary, than Susan Schaezler of Cibola, Tx. Any who review her thousands of posts, will realize that her number one target to remove from the silicone support system has been and is me, after going after "nearly all support group leaders" in the past.

I think no one described her better than Myrl Jeffcoat in this post.

As a diversion for her own deeds, she has investigated (adnauseum) the lives and work of
nearly all support group leaders, so that she could discredit them, and
elevate her own status.

To say I feel deceived is an understatement. It's like having a sister
sell you to the football team for a gang bang, and forget to give you
a giant economy size jar of vaseline!

Here is Myrl Jeffcoat's description of Schaezler and O'leary at Networks Central, BIS.

Notable, is that Myrl now sings their praises and has decided to emulate Schaezler's behavior.

For an un-exhaustive list of Schaezler's (psycho) pseudo-names and her twisted attempts to smear me, click here. Lately she has been re-hashing 8 years of her vain attempts, under the laughable and deceptive name of "Raw Truth."

For a mere sampling of Myrl's posts interrogating me and posting false "facts" about me, click here. Contrary to her repeated fantasies, I am not a cocaine addict, nor a whore, nor have I falsely reported to the IRS ... for starters. For more on Myrl's hallucinations, click here.

Susan and Don Schaezler created "BIS" ... "Breast Implant Support" ostensibly to help women harmed by breast implants, many of whom were (and are still) in litigation against several silicone manufacturers. Women were advised that their list was "safe" and were invited to give all their personal information to the list members. A charter member was silicone manufacturer O'leary, soon to become President of Inamed in Ireland. He described his job there thusly:

Prior to Parallax, he was stationed in Ireland and was responsible for managing
multi-site international manufacturing, sales, and
marketing organizations for Inamed Corporation, a global surgical and medical
device company.


It is my opinion this is "Ground Zero" of the "networks" described in this 1995 Dow Corning memo whose priority is to infiltrate, and cause division and separation from within. To this date, August 10, 2003, BIS Charter Members, O'leary, Schaezler and Jeffcoat are actively disrupting the Newsgroups. The silicone industry fulfilled it's desire:

"The number one issue in my mind is the establishment of networks."

I recommend reading about the PR War Against Activists such as me, here.

Patrick J. O'leary, former President, breast implant maker McGhan/Inamed, the Ultimate Junk Scientist and Disinformation Agent


To Pat the Plant ... as my heroine Rosa Parks says, "it's always nice to be thought of." And here you are, still posting your opinions about me ... apparently oblivious that they bear no resemblance to reality and that you fool only the other fools and other DisinfoAgents.

It fascinates me how you -- using your typical Junk Science Logic -- claim to know that I am "vacationing."

Further, you frequently post your hallucination that I am some sort of fugitive. That's your fantasy ... not my reality.

How do you know I am not writing my experiences in the silicone breast implant issue? I've spent nearly 8 years of my life and over $150,000 of my own mony to raise awareness of this controversial issue ... you're assuming I'm not documenting what I know -- while you spout your hallucinations about what I do with my time.

You've obviously missed a published interview I receently did on the breast implant issue. Click here to read it.

And I was thrilled to have a recent article of mine published about Rosa Parks. Here, check it out.

Any assumption you have about what I do with my time when not posting on this group is purely your vivid and sordid imagination. You put so much energy into posting about me, the readers will believe you are still jealous of me like in this thread long ago. Even then it made no sense, as I was getting broker by the day, and just months later, you put over $150K into your $799K Santa Barbara digs.

That's always been the case ... you and yours make up lies about my life and then criticize me for things that exist only in your hallucinations.

I've never really left my support group. Every time I've checked my messages in my travels ... there were new women ill from their implants asking for help. Many messages from others in my group. Often various press contact me, including CNN recently wanting an interview. So all your huffing and puffng about my "vacation" is just more of your distractive Flack.

It is obvious to anyone with eyes to see, that I have continued to post about the dangers of breast implants and the concurrent dangers of Junk Scientists and their Flacks.

In fact, you are the epitome of a Junk Scientist ... for years hiding behind a phony alias and pummeling true scientists and activists while earning big silicone gold bucks. You bash others claiming they are "biased" when it has always been YOU profitting wildly from the breast implant biz ... while hiding your identity like a Ku Klux Klanner.

I recall on one phone conversation you were trashing Margo Cameron and Shirley Goodner ... both powerfully working in opposition to your /Inamed's marketing attempts. Trashing activists for fun and profit. I was proud that Margo was acknowledged in a recent article on the EU. So many fine women have stepped forward in this issue and been bashed to shreds. You've done more than your share of it. Way, way, way, way too much.

No real scientists hide their identity as you did for 4 years ... taunting me that I'd never figure out who my Nemesis-Want-a-Bee was ... only Cowards / Junk Scientists like you. And as with most everything you write ... you were wrong.

Regarding your lies for Don McGhan and Inamed's Fraud conviction, people who want to know the truth can read the sleazy tactics of your buddy for themselves. Your version is pure Propaganda.


No wonder you kept falsely accusing me of being a "fraud." It's all you know.

As far as "your money" which you claim I am vacationing on ... your money is spent on your $799,000 Santa Barbara digs -- your food -- way, way, way too much booze and God knows what else.

Merely having a judgement against me does not mean you own me ... what is mine is still mine, regardless of your fantasy. If your Junk Logic was true here, then I'd own the Quack Team of Barrett & Polevoy and their Malicious Prosecuter, Chris Grell. I have a judgement against them for over $30K. Read the final paragraph here in this Judge's 27 page ruling.

In reality, I don't own them and you don't own me, squawk as you and the other Disinfo Agents do so often and so voraciously.

You and Andy Langer and Mark Will Ketcher Marla Maples NomdeGuerre Probert have such a fascination with the fact that I chose again to spend time in Latin America. As even you must know, this is "Silicone Paradise." It's sickening. Gorgeous women are being duped by the same lies that you silicone manufacturers have spread for 40 years now. Old and faulty products have been dumped here as well as other parts of the world.

My group is filled with sick women who got the good ones.

Here's a flattering picture of how you, the Junk Scientist describe me.

For more on former silicone exec Patrick J. O'Leary's 7 year old Disinformation campaign against me, click here.

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Fuzzy Flack Andy Langer


National Federation of Independent Businesses is Andy's current Paymaster. He is a Corporate Lobbyist.

Yet again, he is filling a board created solely in support of women harmed by breast implants ... while on their payroll.

Many implants were made by Dow Corning (half owned by Dow Chemical.)

They still remain protected in bankruptcy ... and have hired huge amounts of PR to upgrade their damaged reputations.

NFIB isn't Mom and Pop "small" businesses ... as Andy often misleads people into believing. It, like his former employer, CEI ... are strong "tort reform" proponents ... backed by large corporations.

In fact, they have a very, very strong relationship with Dow Chemical ... though Andy continues to deny it.

He has connected the Dow "networks" and together they can be found here.


Sadly, Andy resumed his "occupation" of alt.support.breast-implant today.

Right on cue -- within just one post, he was once again whining about my webpages made in response to his incessant "Ilena Bashing & Interrogations."

LangervsIlena.html made in response to a SLAPP suit threat against me.

AEI-PNAC.htm made in response to off topic Pro-War postings and connections.

What fun he has ... to be paid so handsomely while harassing activists. His occupation is well described in these articles.

I made this and the other webpages as a more efficient way to respond to him..

Andy's Junk Science Logic -- the product he peddles through his corporate public relations and lobbying business -- is dumped on Usenet ... on over 19,000 threads now, yet he continues to claim it's all volunteer.


Andy is yet again on a Whine-a-Thon, snivelling that he has been "ignoring me."

No, Andy, you are lying yet again. Put your hand on your ever ready little Mouse and click here and you will see ... far from ignoring me, you continue, practically daily, your very well financed harassment and interrogations of me. My recommendation of the day is, take a few of the bucks Dow Chemical has filtered into AndyWorld, and buy yourself a clue.


This longterm DisinfoAgent asked me this morning why Andy was "fuzzy."

Excellent question.

Another one would be, why would my life, my chosen locations, my decisions as Director of the Humantics Foundation, be the concern of Janice Moseley Langer's husband, who laughingly claims that his obsession with me is totally personal. Here is his ridiculous and futile disclaimer which fills thousands and thousands of his posts on Usenet.

My opinion is that the years he has been associated with the corporate front groups and so called "think tanks" like CEI and AEI have seriously fuzzied his so called "thinking." He fills Usenet with Junk Science Logic which mirrors their funders, to name a few, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Exxon etc.

Currently, he is flacking the Pro War, Pro Hell stance of AEI/PNAC/Richard Perle on Usenet and has the delusionary belief that the opinions of the millions and millions of those of us worldwide who oppose this war are "indefensible." To use NFIB's professional public relations mouth Andy's words:

"the fecal matter that is the indefensible anti-war position."

Personally, I find former UN , Costa Rican, Dr. Robert Muller's opinions far more humane, far more accurate, and not financed by the War Machine.

Andy, in his desperation to defame me, has claimed that the finances of the Humantics Foundation are "fuzzy" ... far from true.

We report all contributions to the IRS which unfortunately, as with many legitimate, non-AstroTurf, anti-Environmental, corporate funded non profits, have seen contributions fall dramatically since 9/11. In fact, the breast implant support groups, those who do not take corporate money or work on behalf of plaintiffs take in almost no donations. Such is the case with us since 9/11.


Thanks for your interest. Here is my response to what Andy describes "interesting policy decisions."

Andy's Bully & BS tactics continue on alt.support.breast-implant with his hallucinations that when he is on-line he is no longer being paid to spread the gospel and lobby for his Paymasters ... currently NFIB. To see the "small businesses" that NFIB supports, this one if very relevant. The issue of the Chemical Weapons Treaty is VERY complex, this link is merely to show the intricate relationship between Andy's current "think tank" NFIB ... and the Chemical Industry, including Monsanto, Dow Chemical, etc. etc. etc.

NFIB is NOT just for "small businesses" ... they are supported by huge corporations as well ... and verse vica.

Now he is pretending not only that he is not a paid PR Flack when "on-line," but used typical Andy$peak when asked if he was a lobbyist. Anyone who can google will know that NFIB is for "public relations" and lobby. Fortune described it such:

So will the National Federation of Independent Business, which is Washington's most established and influential small business lobby.

Check Andy's "favorite links" page ... and you will see his faves are all corporate PR and lobby fronts funded in many cases by Dow Chemical and other pharmaceutical cartels.

I will be adding to this information about his AEI with Dow Chemical CEO as well as their spawn PNAC and their role in American's New War.

For more details of this corporate Usenet bully ... who pretends to be a Lone Wolf Crusader conveniently forgetting who is paying him and who pays them to pay him.

He even has the audacity to deny Dow Chemical was a funder of his former Paymaster CEI. For more on Andy, who is very, very fuzzy on PR and lobbying for a start ... click here or keep reading.



Andy ... We all realize that things are fuzzy for you ... in your fantasies you are my victim.

And now you've answered your own question as to why I make webpages about you professional Disinformation Agents ...

Your interrogations are repetitions of repeats of previously re-posted demands

While you and Plant O'Leary were getting big ole salaries while sitting at your computers interrogating me, harassing me, getting your buddies to investigate and criticize every word I said or wrote ... snipe at every penny that others chose to donate to the Humantics foundation ... you were using company paid for computers, sitting in their furniture, using their phones while bashing me ... whining always that you are the Lone Wolf ... no corporate influence bethind you.

What a crock.

I've had the State of California and the IRS harassed by those close to Pat the Plant from Inamed ...

You, Fuzzy Flack ... are not the IRS ...

Why in God's name you think Ilena owes Andy anything is beyond my comprehension.

These are classic techniques to waste my time whle you are filling yours and Janice's coffers ...

So now you know why I made my websites ... to answer your unendng questions ... made while YOU are earning bucks from the junk science Gang.

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alt.support.breast-implant has it's own "bully ... junk science flack Andy M. Langer ... acting like he's Bush, I'm Hussein, alt.support.breast-implant is Iraq ... and he's here to liberate it.

Just today, someone was asking about the off topic postings on the upcoming War of the Worlds, and Fuzzy Andy stepped in and claimed to speak for me, lying to the poster about my stance on both the newsgroup and the War threads.

Why is Janice Moseley Langer's husband so obsessed with me and alt.support.breast-implant that he has the chutzpah and audacity to lie to posters claiming to speak for me?

He has been attempting ... using every technique ever taught in Propaganda school, to take control of the information on alt.support.breast-implant and get me the hell out of his way. Andy appears to think that people believe him that it is all personal against me ... and not in any way connected to the fact that he has long been a recipient of Papa Dow Chemical's silicone gold gravy train ... although the gold has gone through many hands (astro-turf groups, corporate sponsored 'think tanks' etc.) before it reaches his pocket.

He has been demanding, seriously and repetitively demanding, to know why I have done nothing to stop War discussions by two anti-War posters on alt.support.breast-implant. Here is a thread where he is doing exactly what paid Disinfo Agents are paid to do, provide distraction.

What is most remarkable ...is that he is demanding the impossible ... and is 1000% aware of it.

He, who has done more to bully discussions for years on several newsgroups (for several months he posted over 6% of all posts on sci.environment) KNOWS that noone can control the postings on a Newsgroup. That is exactly why these groups are so volatile. Where Steve Milloy zaps and censors anyone who criticizes his funders and can not be controlled by "ad-hom" attacks and bully techniques ... it's not possible on Usenet.

That is exactly why these DisinfoAgents like Andy rely so heavily on Character Assassinations of their sponsors critics.

Further, even if I had the power or the inclination, which I do not in any way shape or form, Andy is pointing his fuzzy finger at only two of the approximately one dozen posters discussing the next World War on the newsgroup.

Why only them?

Others have been equally as aggressive and have equally strong viewpoints ... yet these two, because they have corrected Propaganda put out by me, have been labelled by Fuzzy Andy, "sychophants" and "butt kissers."

Apparently, in Fuzzy Flack Andy World ... as long as your opinions match his and you have never supported me in any way, then you are allowed to express your Anti-War opinions on alt.support.breast-implant. No wonder "hypocrite" is one of his favorite words.

Several of the articles below describe perfectly Andy's tactics and the depths of deception his corporate sponsors have gone to silence critics and destroy activists that can harm their bottom lines.

For more on Andy's longterm war against me ... as he spreads silicone industry propaganda on Usenet ... and details of when he threatened to SLAPP sue me for one polite email, please visit this page.

Thanks for your interest.

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Mark S. Probert, Coward, Bully for Barrett (photo is Barrett, head of the HealthFraud group Mark posts for who just lost his SLAPP suit to me)


Welcome Back Mark S. Probert ... just one of several Quackwatch / Healthwatcher Publicists.

I knew you'd show right about now to spin the facts on Barrett's loss to me.

It seemed quite likely, with your law 'background' you'd chime in loud and clear with what they wanted to look like was an "unbiased piece."

That's what the whole Junk Science/Quack PR Game is all about ... corporate money influencing the Public while pretending to be neutral and unprejudiced.

Nice try.

I've been waiting to tell you thank you for staying away from me recently.

I do acknowledge that although you are connected with Medtronic and the Quack Gang, you realize the travesty that are breast implants. You showed me respect by not interfering with my work on spreading the word around Usenet of the FDA Panel's wrong decision.

I totally appreciate that. It was difficult enough.

How nice of you to use your AloysiousX personality to attempt to buoy up Barrett and Grell's loss to me.

You have so many fake aliases to choose from (click here for partial list) ... Ally is the "kinder, gentler" version.

(Click here for info on NY State Bar paying 6 former clients of then Attorney Probert.)

It's probably my favorite ... and yours ... and closer to how you really wish you were.

Your latest attempt was not Propaganda 101 ... it's Prop 301 ... well done.

Subtlety is the best for "public relations."

You got all your digs in to me, and your "attaboys" to your Team Quack/Junk Science.

Too bad you blew it as always with showing your "I love Mark Probert" in previous Brotha Alo posts ... that ego Mark. Gets you every time!

We think Barrett lost big time ... as he has been under the pharmaceutical induced delusion that he got to decide who called who a quack for way too many years. He has labelled fine doctors and scientists with his favorite epithet .... including some close friends of mine.

For more details on this case ... click here.

Thanks again, Mark, for leaving me alone during the FDA hearings ...

As far this case, I believe that you and Brotha Polevoy are doing some Public Premature Self Congratulations. It's not yet over.

With love from Ilena


Click here to see Probert under just one of his email addresses on alt.support.breast-implant.

Here's a great post with Probert threatening Indymedia ... a source of information with whom his Paymasters disagree. He uses his alter-ego Brotha Alo to help him out here too.


Mark finally realizing that his stupid aliases are transparent.

Mark as "Will Ketcher" flacking for Barrett.

Proof that he has lied about dropping AOL.


No more Cowardly poster on Usenet ... the perfect representative for the HealthFrauds headed by Steve Barrett ... Probert is as dumb as he is deceitful.

Probert "adopted" me to harass and Character Assassinate after Barrett decided to sue me for being "in conspiracy" with people I never met, and for "libeling" people I never knew existed. I refused to be intimidated and silenced by either of them. Details are here.

On alt.support.breast-implant, he has taken up residence again, impersonating two women ill from their failed implants. He is repeating their posts under his made up names, and bashing them relentlessly, adding confusion and Pro-War Propaganda under several stupid transparent names.

Concurrently, on misc.health.alternative, he continues a campaign of accusing 3 women critical of the Quack, Pro-Pharmaceutical campaigns of being anti-semites and Nazis ... for my opinion on this repulsive behavior, click here.

Probert tho, is DUMB, with a capital D capital U capital M capital B.

If anyone wants to believe Probert is my victim as he whines and whimpers relentlessly, that is their choice.

Or they can look no further than these posts he made chastizing me, calling me names, denying he was himself, Mark S. Probert, thinking he was anonymous. What a fool!


Within days, he made a massive glip and his own name was posted next to his 'anonymous' one.

anon-30692@anon.twwells.com (Mark Probert)

Knowing for days the disgusting posts attacking the women on alt.support.breast-implant, were his, today again I tracked his postings times ... those he admitted to under his Optimum Online account, and the cowardly posts under false names on the untraceable AOL.

After posting as himself at 8:13, 8:30, and 8:44 (PST) ... he came and dumped on two women at 8:50. By the way, one of these women has an outstanding and oft visited site ... siliconeholocaust.org. Nothing Barrett & ACSH & Probert's friends at his silicone manufacturer Medtronic want people to know about.

Then tonite once again, he manically posted several posts until 19:42 as himself, then switched again at 19:52 (PST) under one of his several fake and confusing names (mocking the sick women in my group).

This has been his pattern ... several times.

Many of his posts are denying he ever posts under aliases ... what a joke. He has claimed not to have posted about me for "nearly two years" but the truth is he has, just under several cowardly aliases. In April last year, his obsession with me was evidenced as RosenthalResearcher (from his Optimum Online account) and his twisted, NomdeGuerre (War Name) ... first from Optimum ... then later from AOL.

Here's his first post "WarName 9/11/01" (Nom de Guerre) when he came on various groups lying to everyone ... his so called supporters included, that he was a "new" poster.

From: nom_deguerre200211901@yahoo.com (NomdeGuerre)
Newsgroups: alt.support.attn-deficit
Subject: This Newsgroup
Date: 4 Apr 2002 07:30:21 -0800

NNTP-Posting-Host: (Optimum Online)
Good morning to y'all.

I have been reading this newsgroup for a bunch of weeks and have found
it most entertaining and very informative.

I collect moths and love pickles.


E10-001 Exams http://www.test-king.com/exams/E10-001.htm
Cisco Certified Network Associate Questions http://www.test-king.com/training/cisco-certified-network-associate.htm
Ccie Routing And Switching Exam http://www.test-king.com/training/ccie-routing-and-switching.htm
Comptia A Plus Essentials http://www.test-king.com/training/comptia-a-plus-essentials.htm
Ccna Voice Lab Questions http://www.test-king.com/training/ccna-voice-lab.htm

Pretty twisted huh?

For all his posts as WarName, click here. You'll notice that after the first few, he switched from Optimum Online to AOL, thinking he got away with his disguise. He didn't.

Probert also currently used "Will Ketcher" (his impotently hopeful, "will catch her") ... click here for all of these posts, stalking me on my travels, interrogating me about my family, lying to his readers about my foundation, continuing his obsession about me, thinking he's invisible.

Probert is exhausting ... for more details, visit here.


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"Corporations are inventing people to rubbish their opponents on the internet."

Corporate phantoms by George Monbiot, The Guardian

The PR Secret War Against Activists by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton

Viral Marketing: How to Infect the World by Flack Group Bivins

(Instructions to paid Disinfo Agents by paid Disinfo Agents)

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With love from Ilena