The Humantics Foundation, with open hearts, welcomes the very loving Diana Leighland to our Support System


and recommends her incredible new book ...

Big Breasts to Die For: The Silicone Survivors Handbook

In just two minutes you will have the world's only book that teaches you how to get well from Silicone Poisoning.


It will inspire you.


It will bring you hope.


It will guide you to experience a deeper understanding for your body and its amazing power to heal itself when given the correct complementary detoxification and nutrients.

Informative, honest, and told with her lighthearted humor, this book is the story of one woman, who through adversity and with odds stacked miles high against her, conquered the cruel, debilitating effects of silicone poisoning.


Here is a glimpse of this powerful woman's experience:

Diana was dying.


Confined to a wheelchair, doctors rated her totally disabled.


Pain and suffering had beaten her down for 14 years.


Four sets of breast implants had all ruptured: Silicone, Saline, and Polyurethane.


Antibodies to Silicone, Systemic Fungal Infections, a lengthy list of symptoms, and then Cancer reared its ugly head.


Doctors told her that they could not help her and that she would only become sicker with each passing day until she died, all the while standing firm with their prognosis and "expert" opinion that her "inert" implants were not responsible.

Helpless and desperate, Diana reached for the exact-o-knife to cut them out herself. A loving inner-voice from what seemed a Higher Power stopped her. She listened closely to the guidance of her inner Angel and Diana's quest for health became her passionate goal.


She totally changed the way she lived, ate, and exercised. She helped her body fight the good fight - to completely eliminate the silicone, cure the cancer, rejuvenate her youth, enhance her beauty, and feel good again. Her life changed in a positive and profoundly beautiful way.


 Now Diana is healthy, vibrant, and delighted to share her wisdom. The amazing discoveries described in her book have the potential to do the same for You! This wealth of information contains all the complementary protocols that work together for your complete healing.


And the best part is that you can do it at home with little cost.

This book is filled with pro-active and sage advice, shocking discoveries, and plenty of laughs.


Diana is a wonderful teacher and an expert on Silicone Poisoning.


After reading her story, you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that happiness and health will be yours.


And if there is someone in your life that may be suffering from any kind of toxicity or cancer, give them the gift of a lifetime- -give them hope; give them The Silicone Survivors' Handbook.

Everyone knows someone with Breast Implants, so feel free to pass this link on to all your contacts, so women everywhere can learn the 10 things they need to do to stay healthy with breast implants.

Please click here to learn more about Diana's book package and how it can benefit those you love.

With love from Ilena Rosenthal

Humantics Foundation:  Breast Implant Awareness





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