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Meet Dawn Beaven of the UK Silicone Survivors group ... read her interview in the August 2006 PRIMA

INFORMATION IN SPANISH from Dr. Zuckerman's site

Latest Electronic Newsletter from Tort Claimant Committee 10.26.06

UPDATE: Dow Bankruptcy 10.10.2006


Keeping Abreast of
Parasitic Implants!, 8 Feb, 2006 by Fintan Dunne, Editor

Ilena is interviewed and discusses the dangers of breast implants and the resulting industry backed Smear Campaign against her. Click here to read about Stephen Barrett and Christopher Grell's loss and the third plaintiff, Terry Polevoy, whose case against her is now in the Supreme Court of California.


Listen to Dr. Sherrill Sellman interview Ilena Rosenthal by clicking Progressive Radio Network logo and going to August 28, 2006.

What Women Must Know


Petition and information about changes in Dow Bankuptcy that adversely affect the women most ill from their implants

Click here for Pending Motions in Dow Bankruptcy

All electronic newsletters from Dow Bankruptcy (scroll to bottom)

Also important info from 1.6.2006


Newsgroup BLOG


MUST READ    "Decisions in the Dark" ... click here to open pdf file.

Dr. Zuckerman's site on the science of breast implants

National Cancer Institute Spells Out Risks of Breast Implants            Data Show Increased Risks Of Death From Cancers and Suicide

Read about Kim Hoffman's upcoming book on her Mentor breast implant experiences ... and more!

Meet Karen Curry and read about her life after silicone gel breast implants.

Dr. Vasey's "Where There is Smoke There is Fire."     Rheumatologist who has researched extensively the immune system and breast implants.

Mary McDonough, formerly of The Waltons, now speaks out on her Lupus and Breast Implant Connection.

Founder of the Saline Support Group, Patty Faussett shares her story of healing.

Read Redbook article on the effects on children after implants from 1995. (opens pdf file)

Shari Halverson interviewed on MTV about her saline implant problems

FDA Rupture Study #1

Our Jewell's story on a Scleroderma Forum

Canadian Study from 2003 on breast implants

Toxic Discovery Network -good links and information

Breast Augmentation: A Younger Generation Seeks Perfection

Colleen's Story ... she also appeared on MTV

Meet Kacey Long and read her story after saline breast implants

Sally Kirkland ~ Oscar Nominated Actress, talks about her 5 sets of breast implants

Memoirs of a Junk Scientist by Dr. Bernard Patten ~ important expose on the workings of the industry PR teams

Breast Implants: America's Silent Epidemic by Ilena Rosenthal

Keeping Abreast of Parasitic Implants

Command Trust Network

Human Adjuvant Disease Corporation

Great photos from the FDA Hearings by Kathy Nye ... meet many of the wonderful people who gave testimony and support at the Hearings in April, 2005

Sherrill Sellman, author of Hormone Heresy, Interviews Ilena on breast implants

Fibromyalgia and Ruptured Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Silicone Cover Up and Political Manipulations by Ilena in 1996

Note from Ilena:

If you find any typos, busted links etc. and want to let me know ... I very much appreciate it! Our staff is only me, right now with all my heart and soul, wanting to keep our message in front of the public. It is 11 years this August, and I've seen so many support groups and activists in this issue die ... or get too ill to fight Goliath anymore ... and these powerful women fade underground to protect their health and family life.

Corporate America and the Plastic Surgeon's Lobbies are no match for sick and dying women. Their combined PR campaigns are legendary, orchestrated by the PR giant, Burson Marsteller,,, to name but a few.

One longtime support group leader, with no shortage of her own serious implant related health challenges put it this way to me:

"You on the other hand, just battling a world of multi-billion dollar corps, a world of murderously insane lunatics, and prepping for Court."

The Court she is referring to is the Supreme Court of California. Click here for the Quackbusters vs me.

The newsgroup I created in the Fall of 1995 is one medium that the Junk Science Campaign can not totally control as they have all others.

The Wild West of the Internet ... a visit there now will reveal a Corporate Lobbyist (Andrew M. Langer)  totally embedded with and leading a small, vocal group of those who call themselves "legitimate"support group leaders who have tried to push me out of their mutual way since Autumn, 2001.

They have worked hand in hand with my Plaintiffs above and Inamed's former President. .. to create a Smear Campaign against me ... so vicious ... it appears they have no boundaries. Since I began the newsgroup, their twisted version of my personal life has been broadcast wide & far. That it bears no relationship to reality doesn't faze nor slow them now in their defamation against me.

Together in what they named the "SBIPrivateClub" ... this group and and former Inamed President Patrick O'leary (currently head of Eurosilicone in France) have hired a Private Investigator to hunt me down ... stalked friends of mine in their search, and attempted to access my bank accounts.

They are, in my opinion, the embodiment of the PR Plan describing the cover up of damning Dow Corning information ... and the creation of "networks."

These are typical tactics used for years by the "quackbusters" in their attempts to destroy chiropractors, holistic and alternative healers, naturopaths, fluoride activists, critics, radio show hosts, homeopaths and doctors working to uncover the mystery of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities -- to name but a few.

Check back for links and more details soon ... as this is being updated as their Campaign is spreading. Click here.


The Silicone Cover-Up and Political Manipulations

The silicone controversy is a little of everything that is wrong with America.

"The greedy plaintiff's attorneys have created this hysteria" is but one
of the many myths, huge, PR machines fueled by deep, deep pockets and no
conscience have sold to the American public. "Saline implants are
perfectly fine, perfectly safe" is another. These falsehoods and
countless others are part of the dis-information churned out by the
mega-manufacturers whose devotion to their bottom line supercedes any
modicum of truth or concern for their customers. No plastic surgeon
mentions the overgrowth of fungus, mold and bacteria that finds fertile
breeding ground in these salty petri dishes. The ill and disfigured
plaintiffs are treated like rape victims ~ blamed for believing the lies
of their plastic surgeons. The "scientific studies" paid for and
orchestrated by the manufacturers are merely a gross manipulation of the
medical, legal and political systems.

It's gotten honed to a formula. Deny, stonewall, and ultimately blame
the victims. Not unlike gay men kept "in the closet" by guilt and fear, the
silicone victims are blamed for their misguided choices like AIDS
victims are told they "deserve" their viral destruction.

Asbestos, Agent Orange, and the Dalkon Shield were justp ractice to  refine the silicone cover-up .

The present Gulf War chemical warfareuncovering brings this issue back to the front pages of the papers.

The neurological damage our soldiers are suffering mirrors the symptomology the "toxic chemical soup" creates as it escapes from degradable silicone bags and floods women's systems with many of these same chemicals and heavy metals.

The mighty manufacturers and the medical profession are so addicted to
silicone money now that they can't separate fact from fiction. It's well
known that the orthopedic industry would be out of business with no
silicone joints to place. And breast implants are the most coveted
implant ever. Too bad the manufacturers failed to test them for safety before
permanently implanting them into around 2 million trusting and duped
women. "They'll last a lifetime" women were assured. Of course you can
nurse your babies." The only basis for these assurances were "crossed
fingers" and wishful thinking. No second generation ~ or adequate first
generation studies had been done before mass installation of
unrecallable, defective products began.

The manufacturers are ruthless ~ they play to win ~ to keep their vast
fortunes. The victims are fighting for their lives ~ to cover their
mounting medical expenses. The Dows (Corning & Chemical) have a long
incestuous relationship with the government. Supplying Agent Orange for
Viet Nam alone could have made a success of any chemical company. How
many years of denial preceded the miniscule restitution for the lives of
thousands of our young soldiers?

As countless thousands of women's immune systems and ultimately their
health fails them, where will they turn? The government routinely denies
them disability payments. Who will pay to remove these failed devices?
How could platinum and freon and solvents and polyurethane become
ingredients of this never FDA approved device? Why have the mountains of
concealed,  damaging documents been allowed to stay hidden with "gag" orders?

Who benefits from this secrecy?

This silicone"smoking gun" may well become the "blazing cannon" of the
new millennium.


1996©Ilena Rosenthal


With love from Ilena


Humantics Foundation
Breast Implants: Recovery & Discovery

Ilena Rosenthal, Director
1380 Garnet E-444
San Diego, CA 92109

858/926-5505 phone

Corporate Propaganda in Action

The Fake Persuaders by George Monbiot, The Guardian

"Corporations are inventing people to rubbish their opponents on the internet."

Corporate phantoms by George Monbiot, The Guardian

The PR Secret War Against Activists by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton

This expose carefully details how the corporations (via their vast publicity teams of lobbyists and those paid to do "public outreach" etc. etc. etc. ) embed themselves into their 'marks' (in our case, the breast implant support system) and "educate" a type of activists by brainwashing them into believing it is for the good of the cause. In 1991, Dow Corning's PR Team admitted in a private memo that their "cover-up is going well" and spoke of setting up their "networks." I firmly believe that the Junk Science / ACSH / 'Quackbuster' enormous network is their proud culmination.

Viral Marketing: How to Infect the World by Flack Group Bivins

(Instructions to paid Disinfo Agents by paid Disinfo Agents)



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