Update of May 2007 (updating ... patience please ... new material)  Some of her silly lies here ... google bombing Usenet with false claims that I was financially benefitting from a sex toy she apparently purchased online. That's the level of cheap propaganda Coleah has made a career out of ... attempting to destroy my reputation and that of The Humantics Foundation.

Typical tactics of the losing plaintiffs from Barrett Vs Rosenthal


A Victory
for Free

When Stephen Barrett, Terry Polevoy & Christopher Grell filed their meritless SLAPP suit against me, they appear to have used Coleah Penley Ayers and Myrl Jeffcoat to attempt to make me, to use their words, the laughing stock of the internet. Just days after the Supreme Court of California ruled against the third of the 3 plaintiffs, Penley Ayers resurrected her libel filled website which she had previously filled with morphed photos of me, such as you see can see on this page. She & Myrl Jeffcoat fill Usenet with the url of my name, claiming it to be an "explanation" of my life.

Far from it.

Working hand in hand with Patrick O'leary, former President of Inamed and now General Director of Eurosilicone in France, Coleah has claimed that the judgment O'leary has against me (click here for details) is owned by her now. At other times, she has claimed to be his "collection agent."

How Coleah wishes I looked ... (she published this photo and around 50 other morphed fantasies of theirs), on a website of my name SHE purchased in order to further her defamation of me). She has now published on this site, scores of pathetic lies and libels, plus a transcript supplied by Terry Polevoy of the interview on the right. Their strategies totally backfire.

Click here.


While waging her war against me, she threatened to sue The Humantics Foundation for putting this one photo of her on this page.

Days after Terry Polevoy's Supreme Court loss ~ a victory for Free Speech on the Internet ... I was interviewed by Fintan Dunne on Break for News. As he's done for years, Polevoy obsessed about this interview and published his version of a transcription on the Healthfraud List, operated by his losing co- plaintiff, Stephen Barrett, Chief Healthfraud Censor.

Polevoy looks totally pathetic in his silly comments and his twisted transcription ... dutifully posted by Coleah on her website of my name.

When I would laugh, Polevoy would write things like gush and giggle and hee hee making himself look every sillier. To listen yourself, just click my photo above.

When Polevoy was parading around Usenet calling himself "Vera Teasdale," simultaneously Coleah was advertising for him.

In May, 2007, it was reported in The National Review of Medicine, that Polevoy was caught again using an alias, to attempt to make himself look good on a site rating MD's.

Excerpt: Dr Terry Polevoy, a Kitchener physician and creator of the anti-alternative medicine website Healthwatcher.net, admits to signing
up with a fake account and rating himself, ...

Anyone who reads the newsgroup, alt.support.breast-implant that I created in 1995, knows Coleah Penley Ayers and the War she has waged against me for the last several years.

Although she was vehemently against the abuses of then President of Silicone Manufacturer, Inamed, Patrick O'leary, (now Director General of Eurosilicone in France, who hid behind an alias and infiltrated the breast implant support system for several years), she now proudly has become his "Collection Agent" ... using a judgment he has against me to stalk me and attempt to access my assets. Click here for more on this case.

Some of your have been asking for the evidence that Coleah is linked with Patrick O'leary. Today a copy claiming that she, out of six billion people in the world, has been assigned the $9000 plus interest judgment he has against me was posted here (under yet another anonymous alias.) This claims that O'leary assigned her his judgment against me ... giving her a legal excuse to hunt me down, although no documentation has been provided. As she is also the publicist for Terry Polevoy, whose obsession with my physical whereabouts is legendary now, my family and my legal team have dire concern for my safety. Read about Polevoy and his patterns of abuse here.

Coleah made a motion to attempt to collect against the case I just won. In it, she claims, "Without an order To Apply Judgment and Appointment of Receiver the Lien Claimant will suffer irreparable loss and harm. This makes no sense whatsoever.

30805 E State Highway MM
Gilman City, MO 64642-8127

In December, 2006, Coleah posted a piece of intentional disinformation regarding the very serious and personal issue of the disproportionate number of implanted and explanted women committed suicide. Subtle propaganda, appearing to come from an insider, is all part and parcel of professional public relations agents of the silicone industry. Creating deliberate confusion around serious topics is another. Click here to see her whole mumble jumble thread. Most significant, she claimed a 3.5% suicide rate for all Canadians (FACT: .00014%) and then based on this nonsense, claims that the 192 deaths among implanted women was hype. In fact, the appropriate comparison would be:

51 suicides of all women compared to 192 implanted women ... extremely significant!

Penley Ayers seems giddy to now have a legal reason to hunt me down ... she a trained Marine with special interests in surveillance.

Prior to the SLAPP suit against me filed by the quackbuster team, I had perfect credit. This is the first judgment against me in my life. When Oprah Winfrey was sued in a similar industry backed SLAPP suit (for 'defaming hamburger) it cost her over a million dollar to defend herself and was one of the most difficult times in her life, she reported. Bankrupting and disrupting the lives of their targets are the goals SLAPP suits like this one. Please read:

SLAPP HAPPY: Corporations That Sue to Shut You Up

Interesting enough, while joined at the hip with O'leary, whose published goal in life is to sell as many breast implants as possible, she claims to be an advocate for women with implants. Many legal minds believe that O'leary's 3M (former silicone manufacturer) attorneys turned the SLAPP statute on its head when granting his motion to strike (on appeal). The statute was clearly intended to protect activists such as myself ... not Corporate Executives like O'leary, and has since been modified.

This excellent article exactly describes walking both sides of the aisle and how the PR teams infiltrate causes such as mine. Concurrently, her team mate Myrl Jeffcoat, interrogates me continually claiming I am the one being paid by the silicone industry. It's nonsense and distraction from their own connections with the industry via O'leary and med device backed ACSH.org / quackwatch.org.

I am sincerely concerned about my safety ... she is aligned with not only O'leary, but Terry Polevoy, my opponent in the Supreme Court of California and the most terrifying bully I've ever known. His maniacal obsession as to my physical whereabouts (and that of other targets of his Smear Campaigns), aided by this Warmonger Marine, induces me to call attention to their Campaign against me.

Should anything happen to me or my family ... authorities should be notified of their years of harassment and unrelenting attempts to physically locate me.

Quoth Coleah Penley Ayers to me, from June 1, 2006 to me ... using religious slurs is very typical of her, especially since becoming a publicist for Stephen Barrett and Terry Polevoy.

"You are the stereotype of a 'Whining Jew Bitch'."

Although Penley Ayers denies any association with Polevoy, here she is breaking to the internet a "puff piece" for Polevoy in the Canadian Medical Post [that was subsequently by the publishers of this magazine}, and here she is advertising his internet Acne Clinic

I'm so glad Penley Ayers is out of the shadows. She proudly admits now that she is working with not only the silicone industry's Patrick O'leary, but one of their PR legs, the dubious and discredited Quackwatch.org.

If she finds me in person ... may God protect me, as she is a trained killer on a mission from Hell. Terry Polevoy is a terrifying man ... and although we are meeting in the Supreme Court of California to determine if my reposting a potentially libelous statement about him is actionable, my personal whereabouts are an obsession for him. Using Penley Ayers to hunt me down ... if she eliminated me from the legal equation, it could save him potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. After his co-plaintiffs lost to me, Penley Ayers joined their hunt to locate me.

And may God protect the implanted community who she claims to be their spokeswoman for ... but in fact, her alignment is with Eurosilicone and Quackwatch.

This is one mean and determined Marine ... and has showed she has no boundaries when on a mission.

She is the perfect Corporate Apologist ... Double Speak is one of her specialties. Far from being a "pacifier" as she wants people to believe, in fact, she and Andrew Langer used the breast implant newsgroup to push the oil industry wanted invasion of Iraq. To have seen Penley Ayers pushing to War ... one would have thought that the Iraqui people were ready to bomb Seattle (where her trust fund was then centered).

Last year she purchased the web domain of MY NAME ...


which she filled with photos of me morphed into sexual poses and making me look like I she wished I did. Concurrently she threatened to sue me for a posting one unmorphed likeness of her.

She was the owner of the SBIPrivateClub which included several members of my losing plaintiffs team.

It was only a short time ago that she purchased a Private Investigator and even bragged that she was using a false pretense to hunt me down. The PI was found going through the garbage where I receive my mail and in the report admitting stalking a former partner of mine at his private residence.

Desperate tactics.

Just a couple of months later, she bragged of going to Costa Rica where they thought I was located. The recipients of her emails below include several members of the Quackwatch Team who have lost to me in court ... and with whom Penley Ayers is deeply entrenched.



Now, she is working not only with silicone industry exec Eurosilicone head, Patrick O'leary, but also very busy as a publicist for 'Quackbusters' Steve Barrett & Terry Polevoy. Click here for details on Barrett's losing SLAPPsuit to me.

Penley Ayers is again using the newsgroup I created for women harmed by breast implants to push and bully her political viewpoints, again aided by disbarred attorney Mark S. Probert (aka Will Ketcher etc.) She, in turn backs his lies that he was never disbarred and is one of his strongest supporters in repeating this lie. Click here to see the disbarment papers on Penley Ayer's bullymate.

Before the invasion of Iraq, Andrew Langer and Penley Ayers filled the board with their pro-war propaganda, and attempted to silence any detractors.

As recently as today, she attacks and insults anyone who doesn't toe-step with the Quackwatch Agenda and attempts to get them off the breast implant board, while using it to advertise her personal political agendas ... nothing in the world to do with breast implants. And she has removed every single website that helped women with implant problems, exactly with the Breast Implant Industry wants.

She, after watching her shenanigans for 10 years, embodies and epitomizes the 'networks' Dow discussed in 1991. In fact, her bold campaign hunting me down, working with industry exec O'leary, coincided with her advertising Terry Polevoy's internet acne clinic.

Others from Barrett's 'Rag-tag Posse' back her every insult and attack.

Both Langer and Probert are "Rag-tag Posse" members of my losing Plaintiff's PR team.

I was just reading this post, Wave Of Mayhem Pushes Iraq To Brink Of Civil War…   and remembered how Coleah and Andrew Langer had turned alt.support.breast-implant into their own PRO-WAR campaign ... Andy frequently repeating the "talking points" or administration propaganda sent to the War Machine journalists to use that day. It was obvious what a disaster we were headed for ... and Andy and Coleah were the biggest cheerleaders on usenet advertising to attack Iraq. They must be thrilled with the trillions spent to destroy a nation, a culture, their past and their future.

I wonder if she is going to think Iraq should repay the US for their 'liberation' like she believes the Vietnamese should be repaying the US. (see column at right )

Concurrently, they continue assaulting me and my tiny foundation with false accusations while being proud and supporting the billions of corporate misspent dollars in this disastrous, US attack of Iraq.

She went underground in her hunt for me for a while ... but now she has re-emerged as the Tough Marine on the Newsgroup, cozily intertwined with Barrett's others publicists, Willa/and or Ted Nidiffer, Mark Probert and Rag-tag Dictator, Peter Bowditch. Who they attack ... she attacks. Who they defend, she defends. Just another good soldier.

She spearheaded a Eurosilicone / Quackbuster Team called the SBIPrivateClub which hired a private investigator to stalk me and my friends ... then she continued her woman-hunt by going to Costa Rica.

Just yesterday, she began posting disinformation about the lawsuit her teammates are in against me. She copied a page from the Supreme Court website and changed it on her message ... claiming there was a "Court Date" of April 26, 2006. That was pure propaganda. That was followed by denials, then interrogations, then beefs about why it mattered. Her style now for 4 years of alliance with Andrew Langer and others on the Quackwatch Rag-tag Posse Team.

Again today she is threatening to (SLAPP)sue me ... although it is she who purchased a domain name with my name ... not hers ... to post her stolen photos of me ... which she morphed into how she wishes I looked. Now she is threatening to sue me for posting the photo below. This is the level of their hypocrisy.

This is my 11th year raising awareness to the very real dangers of breast implants and having thousands of discussions with women harmed by these faulty products.

The first 4 years I was the target of Patrick O'leary, then President of Inamed, and Susan Schaezler. The last 5, the target of Stephen Barrett and other so called "Quackbusters" and their team of Smear Campaigners.

Daily I am confronted with women losing everything ... their implants, their own breast tissue, their health, their jobs, their insurance, their clear thinking, their hair, their vitality ... often their loved ones and too often their lives.

The Humantics Foundation was able to help several women with no other resources remove their ruptured implants and knows that there are thousands of women still with this need.

The fact that Penley Ayers finds the most important use of her time, talents and energy is insulting, harassing and hunting me down... claiming the reason is to collect a debt to former Inamed President O'leary ... boggles the mind. She admits to wanting to destroy the Humantics Foundation and seems infinitely concerned about O'leary ... who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars marketing what I believe to be very dangerous breast implants for years.

Silicone Manufacturer Patrick J O'leary is who Coleah Penley Ayers finds the most  'needy' of causes ... and spends hours and hours a day tracking my life, stalking me, harassing me, insulting me ... while on the hunt for him.



Coleah's Warpath Against me continues ... Year 4 ... a textbook case of her being 'educated' by Industry Insiders (Networks) to assist them in walking 'both sides of the street.' Langer was recently seen trolling on alt.support.breast-implant ... virtually begging a woman to contact him privately ... although she several times refused. So aggressive are the manufacturers in getting women to see their side ... and so infiltrated is he ... fully 100000% supported by Jeffcoat & Penley Ayers.

First thing she did after bonding with Langer was nuke 3 Webpages that had helpful support to the breast implanted community and told many stories of these women ... another score for Langer's handlers.

She left not one word about breast implants on her Websites ... not one mention. "Image" is everything to the implant sellers ... and Penley Ayers and Myrl Jeffcoat dutifully removing their manufacturer exposes on their websites were perfect to assist them. If they can control all sides of a controversy ... their goals are accomplished. For years, SBIPrivateClub member Susan Schaezler hid Inamed's President Patrick O'leary's identity ... now Coleah has admitted he has 'assigned' a small Judgment he has against me to her ... perfect Teamwork of Industry & so called 'support leaders.'

Perfect for the manufacturers wanting to 'upgrade' their image.


Unfortunately for me ... Penley Ayers is a trained Marine ... with special interests in surveillance ... and creating 'flak.'

Her creating the SBIPrivateClub to hunt me down and attempt to access my bank accounts with members of the Quackbuster Team (my losing plaintiffs and one going to the Supreme Court with me) ... put them all together so that any of her flak or denials ... are transparent.

Even before I became deeply involved in the Breast Implant issue ... so concerned as I continue to be regarding the cover-ups to the very real dangers of breast implants and the silicone sellers and Plastics Surgeon's PR teams ...

I had become very educated in another Dow cover-up ... that of Agent Orange. One of my dearest and most beloved friends had lost her 39 year old husband and father of her 3 year old to the ravages of Agent Orange induced cancer.

What I learned from that was the vast amount of cover-up, corporate denial, blaming the victims and other propaganda tricks used to keep the true science under wraps.

After becoming involved in the breast implant issue ... I saw the same game being played out ... and the same PR Team ...  in a well financed and brilliant team strategy of the "junk science" coalition. Mingled together were millions of chemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco and oil industry PR dollars ... in a glorious scheme (scam???) to turn sound science into 'junk' and industry or 'junk' science into 'sound science.'

Click here to see what I originally wrote just after her true motives became apparent ... that of helping Langer upgrade Dow's failing image. 

Now she screams just as loudly about "choice" ... the industry buzzword used by Langer's "sound science" team to obfuscate and confuse the FDA's role in approving only safe product.


ColeahSpeak: ... but you don't want sane women to even have a choice about implants.

What I don't want:     Denying any woman from getting implants if SHE chooses.


This is Corporate Apology to the max ... never in my 57 years of life ... have I seen someone so selfish ... or so lost in Corporate / Government Propaganda than Penley Ayers.

Over the years I've had scores and scores of discussions with Viet Nam  Vets ... heard tales of shame and horror beyond any imagination ... held beloved sisters still weeping for their husbands and brothers and sons destroyed by this unGodly War ...

Yet, never, not once, have I encountered one so unfeeling of others pain, nor anyone so worried about her own Penley Ayers personal tax bill, so demanding of praise, so blind to the consequences of the devastation done in Viet Nam ... than this poster, Coleah Penley Ayers.

Has she zero sense of history? Look at the 'politically correct' words such as 'affected,' which means in the real world, destroyed and maimed and killed untold thousands and thousands of human beings.

Here is Penley Ayers screaming at top of her mouse about the third generation of Vietmamese being poisoned by Dow's Agent Orange, she screeched:

Coleah   Feb 6 2004, 3:08 pm    

Dows deeds? Dows deeds?
It wasn't "Dow's" deeds

Dow made a product.  Period.

The U.S. used it. It worked. The results affected people.
Our men and women were killed and maimed in attempts at freedom for others.
What do they owe us?

   Have they paid OUR bill for THEIR war?       

Do you really, really think that every U.S. tax-paying citizen isn't going  to have to cough it up even more as a result of our attempt to 'help' them?

Our collective pockets are a lot deeper than Dow's.

I say,  if they are going to turn around and sue later for the result's of  receiving help, we should have let them fight their own damn war.

Exactly what the manufacturers of dangerous products want the public to believe ... read about Penley Ayer's 'education' by Langer etc. in:

The PR Secret War Against Activists by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton

Click here for some of my earlier postings on this topic.

Author condemns Dow's chemical footprint

Article published Sunday, March 13, 2005

Vietnamese file first Agent Orange suit
Three charge they became ill from toxic chemical

Thomas White / Reuters
A Vietnamese girl with no arms reads using her feet to hold a book at
Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday along with other
children with similar birth defects. Dr. Ng Thi Phuong Tan, the
hospital's chief of staff, suspects many of the children's mothers
were exposed to Agent Orange while pregnant.

Agent Orange, the Next Generation; In Vietnam and America, Some See a Wrong Still Not Righted EXCERPT: To this day, over 200,000 third-generation Vietnamese live with birth defects, deformities and disease attributable to exposure to the chemicals.

Agent Orange victims furious as court denies them compensation

From: "coleah" coleah@pacifier.com
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 16:36:13 -0700
Subject: [SBIPrivateClub] FW: Search for Ilena Rosenthal

Okay, we're getting close to finding Ilena. This email is going out to everyone who has held an interest in locating Ilena.

The private investigator is lined up and there are just a few details to work out.

To cover the group's desire for the investigation, Patrick's judgment will be the legal justification for looking her and her bank accounts and balances.

I told Patrick that we didn't expect him to pay for all this, because it is our idea and we need him as a legal excuse for doing a search. 


From: "coleah" coleah@pacifier.com
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 00:05:40 -0700
Subject: [SBIPrivateClub] Moving on.....Next Ilena Project

Okay, we go.  Moving along to approaching the IRS and CA to get Ilena's non-profit yanked.  This will be a challenge as the federal government does not have staff to look into non-profits and when they do find a violation they go for 'hand slapping' first. 

What I would ask is for everyone to look over the items below to get an idea of the 'issues' we can look into and the bring up to CA and the IRS.  If one item grabs you as one you would like to look more deeply into, please let me know.  If we all take a piece and research we can move through all this more quickly.  (Please, please, please !!!) 

And if you have ideas of other things that could be looked into, please let me know and I'll add it to this list.  After we've explored the issues, I'll gather everyone's input and fine tune the plan of proceeding.  We did it with the FDA.  This will be a bit more intensive.

Let the fun began!! 


Coleah is just the "insider" for the silicone industry to attack me.

Thank you for any tax deductible donation that will help The Humantics Foundation keep the message of the dangers of breast implants before the public.

We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

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Thank you very much.




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