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NNote from Ilena: What has happened to California Girl, is story repeated frequently ... with problems occuring with US board certified plastic surgeons ... and others.

When I looked up this doctor's medical license records, there were citations of:

  1. Limits on practice
  2. Probation with suspension
  3. Hospital Discipline

Yet the State of California still grants him a current license.  He advertises on his website that he is "board certified" by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeon's, but clicking here will show he is not listed on their website.

  I recently read an article about the growing business plastic surgeons are enjoying, fixing other's mistakes for profit, however.

('California Girl thanks Ilena Rosenthal and the Humantics Foundation for allowing her to express her opinions, and enjoy the rights bestowed on her by the First Amendment.)

Dear Ilena Rosenthal:

I would like to share my personal story of cosmetic surgery. I too, like many women who went to Dr. Borko B. Djordjevic under false pretenses of him being board certified am now pondering my future.

I originally went to Dr. Djordjevic in 2006 for a breast implants, and a lift. I had my son in 2004, so I felt that "a little volume" was defiantly needed. I paid cash of $5000.00 for my breasts, and another 2800.00 for the lift. The results? Not what I had asked for prior to surgery.

I received Implants that I didn't ask for. When I told him my concerns, Djordjevic's response was, you're a big girl, you can handle it. Please explain to me how a 5'6 woman weighing about 165 is supposed to carry a 38 E breast implant and be happy, when all I wanted was a full "B", and I requested a 450 CC'S at consultation, and prior to surgery. 

  I asked for the Doctor to not go over 450 CC'S again while I was being changed and prepared for surgery. I was reassured that I would only receive what I had asked, and nothing more. What I woke up to was horrific!

Dr. Djordjevic inserted into me 650 CC'S, which left my new cup size a 38 "E". I had chronic back pain, and I was painfully shy about my enormous Anna Nicole like breasts. Within a year, the left implant, had folded over, and I had severe pain in my chest, and it created a sharp point at the top of my chest towards the collar bone. I was outraged..

Dr. Djordjevic promised to fix it for free. As I  was laying there preparing for surgery, he told me, Umm ... you'll need to pay for the surgical room, and if you can't we will need to reschedule. Mind you I was already under "anthesthesia"... I couldn't believe my ears.. So my sons' father pulls out my check book, and says how much. To the tune of a $1000.00 I was on my way to repair. Or so I thought.

The second set was only supposed to be 350 Hp and a re-do on the lift which I thought was kind. What I got was 350 overfilled to 500. Again. I was outraged. Dr. says well after reviewing you I realized you need to be a bit bigger. I don't want to be bigger than a "B". I am now a "DD". Mind you he doesn't tell you this before you go in; he waits till you coming out of the OR, and are doped up. I still look too well endowed, and I am quite shy about my oversized breasts.

The Doctor has repeatedly told me that he does not refund money, and that he would fix my Breast (for the third time), tummy, and eyes for "free." His staff scheduled me for the surgery, and when I showed up he was MIA. I had no idea about the law suit against him, and other things until I saw the channel 2 news about a month thereafter.

I cannot locate him, and the lawyer handling the other 3 cases in the Riverside and San Bernardino counties, is refusing to take on anymore with no explanation as to why. Upon speaking with Laura Hines of the Riverside Press Enterprise, she informed me that she is not surprised that Mr. Brandt isn't taking on anymore cases, and that from what she understood is that Dr. Djordjevic is out of the country, and may not return.

My feelings of grief and shame consume me. When I look at myself in the mirror I am so ashamed of how he hacked me up, and sewed me back together like a rag doll. I am totally destroyed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My face is ragged, and it was a fat transfer gone bad, it's been almost a year, and istill have a hard time looking in the mirror. I once thought of myself as a very beautiful young woman. Now when I attempt to look in the mirror all I see is a shadow of what remains.

As for my tummy tuck, I have been to a follow up doctor in the Redlands (Dr. Anil Punjabi) area to have my stomach looked at. Dr. Anil Punjabi was mortified to see what he called a railroad track from hip to hip bear a tummy tuck name.

Doctor Djordjevic didn't even complete his follow up exams after my tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or fat transfer. He was too busy hiding from the people he has done wrong.

And what am I left with? I have deep indentions where he "left off" and didn't complete the job, two huge bumps on each side, followed by skin tags, and a belly button straight out of a horror flick... It's horrible. I refuse to take my clothes off for fear of humiliation. When I get undressed to get myself into the shower, I cannot even look at myself. It has affected my WHOLE life. I refuse to be intimate b/c of how bad I look. Please tell me, how does someone get away with this?? Are there any kind hearted, good board certified doctors that are helping people who have become disfigured because of this? I cannot afford to fix this, yet I cannot face myself everyday.  I am out almost $20,000.00.

So, I am coming to you in hopes that you may be able to point me in some direction.

Thank you kindly for reading my email. I'm open for any input.


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