This is how he paints me.


Way more of the same garbage and worse ...


(some updates 4.2004)

Just a quick note to mention that I removed the image I had put here of the entity who calls himself "Bob Moore." I no longer wanted to insult the cartoon.

He has admitted (although it was obvious to all for years ) that his job is to destroy me financially.

One way he thinks is worthwhile, is highjacking every thread I contribute to the newsgroup with his hallucinated version that I am a cocaine addicted pandering whore.

Because like nearly every non profit foundation in the world, we accept donations, this to him is "fleecing"and worthy of his histrionics ... although in fact, for 8 years, The Humantics Foundation has provided support and information to thousands for no charge whatsoever.

Front groups like "Quackwatch" and "ACSH" and "" ... all who receive funding from the pharmaceutial / med device industries ... also have links on their websites to augment their industry dollars ... with nary a peep from Moore and friends. However, he has made a career lying about and bashing me.

It's as if he joined their "Smear Ilena" online Team when Quackwatch head, Stephen Barrett was first suing (and losing) to me. Details of that lawsuit, are here.

Click here for his Campaign.

Along with other from the "BIS" (networks) group, Myrl Jeffcoat , Susan Schaezler and Pat O'leary, (former President of Inamed and currently selling Eurosilicone implants) along with failed attorney and Ritalin Pusher, Mark S. Probert from Steve Barrett's Quack, Inc. team, they fill Usenet with this fantasy of me ... no part of it is true or accurate ... just heavily publicized by a professional team of smear artists. To read more of these tactics, please click here.

He proudly lines up with the above here.

Moore's pals at Inamed, are trying to get FDA safety "approval" and the blessing of Health Canada that their newest "new and improved" implant is "safe" based on way too short a period of time. They want the FDA to ignore mountains of evidence that show enormously high rupture rates and systemic diseases ... most that show up long after their bogus study would have been stopped. If Moore and Friends can get you involved in their twisted, sicko version of my life ... readers won't pay as much attention to my message.

It has been around 6 years now that this poster has infiltrated my life while defending rigorously this failed President of Inamed ... to read more on what they are trying to do and why they are so desperate to defame me ... please visit my website by clicking here for recent articles and for why I am their target.


Thanks for your interest. Today, at the end of November, 2002, I once again was faced with the ugliness of this poster ... today he is again lying the readers of the Newsgroup I created for women harmed by breast implants ... 7 years ago ... that I am a "parasite."

The facts are opposite of his obsession --- the destruction of my reputation.

Click here to read thousands of his posts ... the vast, vast, vast majority slamming me.

I have spent over $150,000 of my own money to continue to provide support and connection for thousands of women harmed by breast implants. We have provided several explant surgeries for women with no other options. Although this poster has repeated and repeated and repeated his fantasies about me ... they are false.

I provide the support free of charge ot all. Far from living off of donations, I have spent all of my own savings, investments and small inheritance to keep my support group together. Even today, while in Latin America raising awareness to the growing implant problems here, I continue my dedication at great personal expense and continue to receive daily requests for help. This is not income producing as he rants on ... far from it.


Although when he first appeared on years ago, he posted the documents damning the Dows (Papa Chemical and Baby Corning) ... that all came to an abrupt halt.

There are many ways to stop corporate critics, and it is well described in this piece,


Since then, he has been lying for Patrick J. O'Leary and his Mole to the breast implant groups, when they weren't lying for themselves.

He has a very sordid and rich fantasy life about me which he posts as "facts."

To believe him, I am a cocaine addicted hooker who has worked the San Diego Navy and various lobbies in local hotels, while ripping off ill implanted women.

To date, he has been wrong about who I am, what I believe, why I do the work I do, and why I choose to travel currently in Latin America. Yet he posts and reposts and repeats his reposts which are in reality, twisted hallucinations of his.

This is the closest image I could get for this poster, he who claims to be "the authority" on everything I ever did, thought, felt or believed.

He calls himself "Bob Moore" and his role on has basically been to be a protector, the "Marine," whose postings are to support the libel & harassment begun with Susan Elaine Arrington Schaezler and Patrick J. O'Leary, former Silicone Manufacturer.

Through the many years he has been my critic, heckler and Character Assassin, he has lied to the public and spread rumours that I am a Fraud, a Whore, a Madame, ripping off the IRS, and continues to be wrong about anything and everything I ever did. He seems to be unable to control himself regarding me.

He has claimed for years to be an expert on our Humantics Foundation and has repeatedly lied that everything we ever did was illegal, wrong and immoral.

Click here for a perfect example from 1999, where in one post, he criticizes my recently deceased Mother for requesting that our foundation be listed in the event her Friends & Family chose to donate to a cause in her honour. In this post, calls our foundation "Fictitious." Here is that entire thread, which illustrates how many years this same Campaign against me and any who dare to stand up to the Silicone Manufacturers.

BM has never let the facts get in his way, and has posted vile poetry about me, and many vulgar sexual indictments.

Distraction, creating divisions, are all roles of

Professional Propagandists.

Hundreds of posts and emails by BM and Schaezler claimed, in their zeal to bankrupt us and make other believe we were frauds, that the Humantics Foundation was illegal. Click here to see our IRS Guidestar pages. The year currently shown is 1999, where our gross income was only $21,000 and out of that we funded a breast implant surgery for a woman with no other resources. Earlier years were only $6,000 or $11,000, yet this never stopped this poster from assuring the world that money was all I did this work for.

My finances have been of #1 concern for him. In his hallucinations, I am ripping off the women in my Support Group (who receive my services for free).

The fact is in over 6 years of working full time at this, I have taken no salary and have spent close to $130,000 of my own money and energy to devote to something I believe passionately. Yet if you are reading this, he is again claming that my only motivation is to make money and / or expressions his viewpoints on me as 'fact.'

This website is a response to over

5 years now of his vicious harassment.

Click here to meet this woman ... who he has protected and provided full, 100% support for, since arriving on the newsgroup. Click here of the history of my defamation case which I had positive results on in Superior Court, of which he remained an unnamed Doe.


Rather than waste any more of my time and energy defending their harassment, falsities, etc., I will post this webpage as my response.

Click here to learn more about me, the Humantics Foundation and our



This poster will not stop us.

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