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Women Act

May 15:  Dow Corning celebrates 12 years of "bankruptcy protection" while hundreds of thousands of women harmed by their faulty products ... receive either nothing or virtually nothing for their implant related illnesses and injuries.

FDA allows Mentor Corp to remove "follow up" requirement


FDA hoodwinks public over CAM Guidelines comment period, slams door shut on public comments one month early


Breast implant contest doc on probation


23 Year Old, Former Miss Great Britian, Danielle Lloyd, to lose breast implant


Stevie Nicks Interview About Her removed implants being kept in Freezer!



EXCERPT:   They made me very, very sick," says Stevie gravely. "I had them done in December 1976. I'd only been in Fleetwood Mac one year
and I was getting a lot of attention. I had always thought my hips were too big and that I had no chest.

I reckoned it would look better onstage, but I would advise every woman against having them.



Metals are known to produce complex biological actions with immunological, mutagenic, and toxic effects" from a study entitled: Metallic debris from orthopaedic implants.

This  is especially upsetting as there was a recent advertisement that Australian women by the thousands are being used as  experimentation guinea pigs yet again with titanium covered implants.


STUDY: Mammography with Implants Increases Radiation Induced Breast Cancer to Unacceptable Level

Ilena Rosenthal was recently cyber-interviewed by WIRED Senior Editor

Kristen Philipkoski 

full article here

Ilena Rose, who runs the Humantics Foundation, said she believes surgeons who deny that silicone breast implants cause health problems are simply motivated by money.

"If a plastic surgeon inserts just two pairs of implants a week ...
that's over a half a million dollars annually coming in to their coffers in implant revenue alone," Rose said on a web page she created
to respond to questions from Wired News.

Monday, August 21, 2006, Ilena once again joined Academy Award Nominated Actress, breast implant survivor, and Woman's Health Advocate, Sally Kirkland on her weekly Radio Show on Click logo below to hear program live from 10-11AM Monday the 21st.

Click here to hear our two archived programs.


Please listen to Dr. Sherrill Sellman interview Ilena Rosenthal by clicking Progressive Radio Network logo and going to August 28, 2006.

What Women Must Know



Please click here to send a message to your Member of Congress ... the FDA MUST Thoroughly Examine Safety Evidence & Must Stop Ignoring Evidence that Silicone Implants Are Not Safe!


Loss of Helen Wattier, beloved Support Group Member


Keeping Abreast of
Parasitic Implants!, 8 Feb, 2006 by Fintan Dunne, Editor

Ilena is interviewed and discusses the dangers of breast implants and the resulting industry backed Smear Campaign against her. Click here to read about Stephen Barrett and Christopher Grell's loss and the third plaintiff, Terry Polevoy, whose case against her is now in the Supreme Court of California.






Bravo to Dr. Zuckerman for her excellent presentation to the Canadian Parliament. Click here for full text.


Dr. Feng on Implant Capsule Removal thanks to Rosie and her Support Board


Residual Capsule and Intercapsular Debris As Long Term Risk Factors.


Aetna Policy on Explant (breast implant removal)


The perverted irony of Health Canada's Special Access Programme Pays for breast implants, denies AIDS drugs


The PR Secret War Against Activists by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton


Female Senators Caution FDA on Breast Implants



Greetings from somewhere on God's Green Planet.

Week of September 11, 2011

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for being interested in my viewpoint of the many controversial opinions being circulated about:

  • me personally,
  • the Humantics Foundation of which I am director, and the
  • California Supreme Court Decision on Barrett vs Rosenthal.

With so much going on from the Barrett Camp ... check back for updates to their attempts to harm my reputation and misrepresent the outcome of the case Stephen Barrett, Christopher Grell, and Terry Polevoy lost against me.  Polevoy has become ungluded on the newsgroup, since the court ordered he and Barrett post a bond

I know people are reading because they are sending me my typos ... that I really appreciate! Click here for Barrett's team's success in using Wikipedia as yet another front group for industry.

There are untold thousands of us who feel that the FDA caved in to the silicone industry, by granting questionable 'safety approval' for an unproven product. We believe this will endanger the lives of millions of women, who oft are denied health insurance because of their implants.

The Humantics Foundation message mirrors that of Dr. Sidney Wolfe's of Public Citizen. Bravo to his strong stance on the dangers of breast implants. 

Silicone gel breast implants most defective medical device ever approved by the FDA ...Dr. Sidney Wolfe, Public Citizen

We also thank Kim Gandy, for her powerful support to re-opening the question of implant safety.

FDA Approval of Dangerous Implants Follows FDA Pattern of Favoring Money and Politics Over Science   ~ Kim Gandy, President, National Organization for Women

To listen to Fintan Dunne interview Kim Gandy, President of NOW; Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Scot Glasberg; & Ilena Rosenthal, Director, Humantics Foundation, please click here.

It's been a wild couple of weeks since the Supreme Court of California announced their unanimous decision in my favor in what is now known as Barrett Vs Rosenthal on November 20, 2006.

Click here for California Supreme Court documents (opens large pdf file)

The 7 Justices ruled that the re-posting of potentially libelous material on the internet is not actionable.

For the last years, ISP's and bloggers and others have been threatened and been sued for the words of someone else ... and this decision sets precedence behind these types of suits, typically filed to silence critics by intimidating them with expensive, energy consuming litigation. Barrett was one of the most egregious, ever sending off missives claiming to have been 'defamed' and filing and threatening lawsuits for contrary opinions to his.

Further, from the Supreme Court decision, I quote:

As the lower courts correctly concluded, however, none of the hostile comments against Dr. Barrett alleged in the complaint are defamatory.

Almost immediately, their revenge began.

Wikipedia is supposed to be an encyclopedia, a non-biased resource posting only facts.

After receiving messages that the Healthfraud Team on Wikipedia false "facts" about this case, I began correcting the errors and total Barrett bias in reporting.

Click here for my separate Wikipedia Rant ...

What I've learned since Wednesday is that Barrett's Team is even attempting to bully their viewpoints onto Wikipedia ... changing history to make them better and censoring the facts.

This includes Barrett's losing lawsuits, his mad attacks against alternative practictioners and practices, his own NCAHF, suspended by the State of California etc.

Paul Lee is definitely not 'unbiased' in any manner ... he and Barrett co-promote each other's websites, blogs, and lists. Click rag-tag posse link below.


Terry Polevoy immediately posted more theats that he intended to sue me again. On one of his latest rants about me, he claims that I am in exile.

He also obsessed about an interview about the case on Break for News. His silly comments about me make him look even more ridiculous. For those interested in either of these interviews, links are below.

Breast Implants: The Smoking Gun

To listen to Fintan Dunne interview Kim Gandy, President of NOW; Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Scot Glasberg; & Ilena Rosenthal, Director, Humantics Foundation, please click here.

Victory for Freedom of Speech

To hear Ilena interviewed on Break For News by Fintan Dunne on her victory over the Quackbusters on this Freedom of Speech Issue


Willa Nidiffer, began circulating webpages claiming that I had filed for bankruptcy, and that I had been arrested in San Diego, CA. She calls herself Barrett's Parrot.

This mirrors her behavior when Barrett and Grell lost all of their appeals in October 2003. At that point, they began circulating pages claiming that I had been arrested for selling crack cocaine to children in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is one of the Posse members and calls herself "disinfoagent@disinfo or nanaweedkiller."

Concurrently, other members of this Posse, notably Paul Lee, began to rewrite case history on Wikipedia. I'm working with others to get the facts accurate while Lee is attempting to control all the information around the case by throwing me off Wikipedia.

The Posse members on Usenet went wild in their attempts to change history. Mark S Probert, a former attorney disbarred by the Supreme Court of New York in 1992, was the most visible. Peter Moran, from the Healthfraud list, repeated and repeated and repeated the disinformation that Barrett and Polevoy had been libeled ... exactly opposite of the court ruling.

Christopher Grell, the attorney and a plaintiff in this case, had the poor legal judgement to falsely publish that my comments had been proven to be libelous, in direct contrast to every ruling. Very poor judgment he made.

Click here for more on other Barrett quackwatch lawsuits and operations.

From the Electronic Frontier Federation (EFF): California Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Free Speech on the Internet

San Francisco - In what is a victory for free speech on the Internet, the California Supreme Court ruled today that no provider or user of an interactive computer service may be held liable for putting material on the Internet that was written by someone else.

Today's ruling affirms that blogs, websites, listservs, and ISPs like Yahoo!, as well as individuals like defendant Ilena Rosenthal, are protected under Section 230 of the federal Communications Decency Act (CDA), which explicitly states that "[n]o provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider."


L.A. Times, November 21, 2006: Ruling limits Internet liability

Excerpt: Rosenthal did not return a call for comment Monday but said on a website that she was gratified by the ruling. She described the litigation as "exhausting" and said it was "intended to silence my voice and exhaust my resources."


October 30 , 2006 UPDATE

Good news about Abraham! Click here for more on this incredible teenager who stood up to Con Med for his rights!

Black Letter Day. Health Canada Caves to Breast Implant Makers and endangering the health of generations of Canadian women.

Excerpt: The U.S.-based National Research Center for Women and Families, which has lobbied against the implants in the United States,said Canada also was making an ill-advised decision.

"This shocking and unfortunate decision will jeopardize women's health for many years to come," the group's president, Diana Zuckerman, said from Washington.

She said possible silicone leaks could spread to other organs and could cost Canada's public health system millions of dollars.

There was a great article Sunday morning on Huffington Post entitled:

"Tripping Over Each Other...Trying To Get Their Stories Straight”

It perfectly describes the antics of Myrl Jeffcoat, Betty Wirsen & Willa Nidiffer ... after Jeffcoat was outed from the safety of her disguise as Will Ketcher.

They are out of their minds with false accusations ... mainly projecting their own lowly actions onto me.

Behind her disguise as Will, Myrl repeated the propaganda of my losing plaintiffs, hyped Terry Polevoy's version of his case against me, advertised for herself, and reposted her libelous comments and harassment at me.

Unless you absolutely adore being lied to and having history re-written, please believe nothing my mighty opponents write about me.

With the Supreme Court ruling within 60 days, Polevoy and Team appear to be totally losing it ... much like Mark Foley's Team described in this article.



Rounding up outlaw 'net quacks since 2000

Click above link to see the three losing plaintiffs, Terry Polevoy, Stephen Barrett, and Christopher Grell teamed with their "rag-tag posse." This team was formed to harass and attack on the internet, we defendants of approximately 40 SLAPP suits filed around the country by the so-called quackbuster team.

It is my understanding that in six years of various litigation, they have won none of these suits, designed to waste the resources of the defendants and divert their energies to defending themselves.

One defendant, Dr. Mercola, had two suits filed against him by Barrett ... the first Barrett dropped days before the hearing, causing enormous expense to Dr. Mercola. The second time Barrett sued him, Dr. Mercola settled so that he could continue his work instead of spending his time defending himself. Even after receiving money from Dr. Mercola, Barrett's team continued their vile public attacks on him.

FDA Warning Confirms ADHD Drugs Cause Sudden Death, Heart Attack and Strokes

JAMA refuses to exclude authors who hide financial ties to drug

How Bill Frist and the Drug Lobby Covertly
Bagged a Liability Shield

Monopoly medicine squashes the alternatives

Are Antibiotics Killing Us?

Kids’ Use of Antipsychotic Drugs Rises

Mobile phones tumour risk to young children

Mammograms, X-rays may boost bre ast cancer risk by 250%

Chest X-ray for under 20s may double the risk of breast cancer

Not a PR Job for the Faint of Heart

APCO Worldwide: PR firm for both Merck and Dow Corning


On-line Support Groups / Chat Rooms

Implant Info Net Website & Chatroom

Beth's Support Group

Silicone Holocaust Chatroom

Saline Support Group


Lany's Prayer & Information Group

Vitamin C treatment shows cancer promise By Sophia Maines

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We have spent 16 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

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