Betty Wirsen has boldly attacked me on the internet ... much of it repeating the lies of the following people. She began her usenet assaults around 18 months before I made this explanatory webpage on her. It was this identical timeframe when Patrick O'leary (formerly president of the dubious Inamed, was named Director General of Eurosilicone) and the SBI Private Club was formed with him in the middle to hunt me down with Coleah Penley Ayers leading the attacks.

For some strange and totally unknown reality to her ... she feels totally justified in her interrogations and false accusations and has taken to posting utter nonsense based on her twisted hallucinations (and the backing of my losing plaintiff of the discredited Quackwatch, Stephen Barrett, it appears).

She is now spreading the silicone industry's desires, that I have declared bankruptcy ... another of her false and libelous claims against me. She has posted false information about my marriage, again their desires, not reality.

The quackwatch teams attempt to completely destroy and bankrupt their targets ... their modus operandi for years.

In fact, although I have had to defend myself against their brutal assaults, including on my businesses unrelated to the breast implant world, I do my best to keep alive under the most difficult of circumstances.


Mark S. Probert, disbarred attorney

Myrl C. Jeffcoat

Coleah Penley Ayers

Willa and/or Ted Nidiffer

The 4 people above (plus several more) were involved in hiring a private investigator to hunt me down in August, 2004.

They were working closely with Patrick J. O'leary, now General Director of Eurosilicone.

O'leary has a history of aligning with people who call themselves "breast implant support leaders" ... while he is on salary from the silicone industry. Now that Betty Jean is advertising ... it seems she has nestled into their womb quite well.


Ilena Rosenthal attacked by Betty Wirsen

Please also visit QuackWatchWatch and Ilena's BLOG

Updated 7 5 2006

Her webpage about me is an attempt to entirely change history on Usenet and make the other people named on this page the heroes ... and me the goat.

It is filled with the lies and libel of legal opponents of mine ... now a professionally packaged Smear Campaign.

It is t he epitome of what the Quackwatch Team wants the world to believe ... not who I am, what I believe, nor facts about the Humantics Foundation.


In the last few weeks, I have been sent several links to long ago postings of Betty Jean Wirsen's where she "outs" her own family -- father, step-father, daughter, parent of grandchildren, son, etc etc etc etc . with HER one-sided, biased versions of their sexual, criminal and drug histories.

Concurrently, she has been posting and reposting lies and libel about me.

I really felt for her family members who almost definitely did NOT give their permission for Betty to publicly discuss their very, very personal lives on international, archived, public forums from HER biased viewpoint.

In her renditions of reality, she is always the "victim."

Today's WHOPPER, is she is now blaming me ... claiming that she is no longer a "private person" because "Ilena Rosenthal has seen to that."


This level of dishonesty and false victimization runs rampant with others in her posting group, such as Mark S Probert and Coleah Penley Ayers.


Please also visit QuackWatchWatch and Ilena's BLOG

Updated: 6 - 6 - 6

Betty Jean Hammond Wirsen has joined and augmented an ongoing Smear Campaign against me and declaring her hatred of me in the name of her mother, Charlene Hash. She has insulted me, repeated libel of others about me, while promoting the propaganda of / and now as personal publicist for industry connected, Coleah Penley Ayers.

I was recently sent this message that Betty Jean (BJ) had published about herself. The sender was concerned about my safety having followed BJ's antics for the last few years. As there is no doubt she is trying to 'nail' me ... using every lie and Smear Campaign trick in the books ... we thought it best to bring her Double Speak to light. My very (sore loser) plaintiffs with connections to the Med Device and Pharma Industries surely can make it worth her vast effort to harm me.

Besides, I don't like publicity and making a stink about every little thing. If I'm going to nail someone it will be BIG and worth the effort.

Following that comment, she has posted hundreds of defamatory and oft libelous posts about me ... for 11 years a target of the vast Breast Implant Industry.

Click here for this whole post of hers from August, 2005. Does this sound like a woman who doesn't want publicity? A woman fined $3000 for hurting her son is now after me joined with a Coleah Penley Ayers, a Marine whose has lead a woman hunt for me for a couple of years now, and a Publicist for Terry Polevoy, whose case against me in now in the Supreme Court of California.

And since she now spends an enormous amount of time trying to "nail" me ... putting words in my mouth that come from her delusions, it appears, and reposting libelous statements and websites. Here is just one weekend of her posts defaming me.

Several of you have contacted me recently telling me she is trying to sell you various things via email, and shared your accurate suspicions that she was about making trouble in the support system.

This thread was just brought to my attention as to the history in her own words of this woman who has now made the destruction of my life her goal ... as she harasses me and makes up lies about me and then Judges me on her delusions.

Working closely with Mark S Probert, disbarred attorney connected with the team and Coleah Penley Ayers, in her desperation to harm me, she has been posting a rash of false statements.

Here is just one of many of May 21, 2006 by her:

>See Humantics Web for futher BULLSHIT on how breast enhancement pills are a
>viable alternative to implants

Yet again, this is 1000% false ... we have made no statement. This is just one desperate example of her campaign against me.

Betty Jean claimed earlier that her mother died of leukemia, after having ruptured breast implants. She now claims that it was an infection that killed her ... not the leukemia. However, on one memorial page to those who died from implant complications, she clearly wrote (click below for her words on page)

Charlene Looney Hammond Hash Age 54 died July 2002 --Leukemia --had ruptured silicone breast implants...

Several readers have doubted her story, believing Betty Jean instead to be just another quackwatch disruptor ... and I have no way at this point of knowing if the story Betty Jean is telling is true or not. She has mastered double-talk, denials, and false accusations ... filling Usenet with as much garbage as possible for any who search on my name. This is the identical modus operandi of quackwatch to defame other health activists and those whose message they want to smear.

I have reposted this endorsement page because of her outrageous claims against me.

She claims her friend (she calls him "our Mark") ... Mark Probert was never a lawyer ... thus never disbarred ... that's 100% false.

She claims I "misused funds" for Karina ... that's 100% false.

She claims that Coleah Penley Ayers and Andrew Langer and Myrl Jeffcoat and Patrick J. O'leary (head of Eurosilicone) hired a Private Investigator to hunt me down in 1994 ... it was 2004. Details here.

There was a Charlene Hash who passed away in July, 2002 in Chicago. She was 3 months and 10 days older than me.

That's all I know for sure about her.

Betty Jean has become obsessed with calling me "Grandma" and making old woman jokes she aims at me. She has implied I'm on various illegal drugs ... much the same as the Quackwatch team posts about me.

A post Betty Jean made about me today had several factual errors so I will now update this page instead of spending my time on Usenet correcting her lies.

Betty Jean's nasty and getting nastier Campaign mirrors identically what my losing plaintiffs in a high profile internet libel suit, Stephen Barrett & Christopher Grell want people to believe about me.

A third plaintiff, Terry Polevoy is also deeply embedded with those names on the left ... Terry and I meet in the Supreme Court of California ... and it's not looking good at all for them. All of Betty Jean's "friends" on usenet are long time associated with silicone industry's Patrick O'leary and/or plaintiffs and their PR teams in this lawsuit.

The team at the left includes my arch nemesis, former President of Inamed in Ireland, "I want to become #1" Patrick O'leary, now general director of Eurosilicone. Although Betty Jean seems delighted with herself and claims to be working alone against me ... she's just taken the place of others who don't like me defending myself against their harsh tactics.

Betty Jean is using the name of her deceased mother, Charlene Looney Hammond Hash to rev up this ongoing ugliness against me.

To Charlene Looney Hammond Hash,

whose story (according to Betty) is here on a beautiful Memorial Website.

Here is my message to you:

I don't believe we ever met.

I am so sorry to learn that when you suffered so much from your breast implants. I have other friends who have also suffered from leukemia after complications from their breast implants. If what Betty Jean says is accurate, the gel from your ruptured implants travelled to your reproductive organs causing problems there. That is so common and so dangerous.

Betty claims that you called me "'a money grubbing whore." She says so many things that are 100% made up that I sincerely doubt you even knew who I am. Readers have sent me some of Betty Jean's history and my heart goes out to you having so many, many problems with your offspring, and theirs. It must have made your illnesses even more difficult.

In your name, I would like to raise awareness to the links between various cancers and breast implants. I bring out this study as a reminder.

EXCERPTS from National Cancer Institute Study on Implants and Cancer

When the NCI researchers compared the risks for the implant patients with the general population, they found that the implant patients were two to three times more likely to develop stomach cancer, leukemia, and cancers of the cervix, vulva and brain.

Previous breast implant studies also reported an increased risk of cancers of the cervix and vulva compared to the general population.


Had you found me and my group, we would have offered you support via, telephone, internet, new friendships, recommendations to silicone educated doctors ... and more.

Despite the viciousness of your daughters repeated claims, the Humantics Foundation has provided free support for over 10 years to women just like you, all over the world.

I have not taken a salary ... basically donated the vast majority of my time and energies to connecting women harmed by implants together, and raising awareness to the dangers being covered up by the breast implant industry.

She repeated whopper after whopper about the true experiences and facts surrounding this precious Costa Rican angel, whose family I helped some years ago now. There is not one word of her allegations about this that is true.

Betty's new friends here on Usenet are a part of the vast PR industry intricately linked to information flow on the breast implant issue, alternative medicine, vaccination dangers, mercury amalgam poisoning, GM vs organic foods, etc. They call themselves many things: quackwatch quackbusters healthfrauds rag-tag posse

In your name she is repeating how they wish the world to view me.

They are wrong.

And your Betty has jumped into a very big and dirty pit ... in your name.

In your name, Charlene, may people learn of the true dangers of breast implants.


Betty Jean Quotes

"Ilena, how many times do you have to be told that your old sagging
ass does not need to be smeared?"


Regarding apparently harming her then, 16 year old son (click here for entire post). I want to sincerely thank those from the child support newsgroup who pointed this out to me as a warning. She was posting here as Dragon's Girl.

However, I pled guilty to the charge after $3000 in expenses for the case, and I felt I could afford no more.


Many thanks to the silent readers of and watching Betty's antics against me. Her 'father' story is quite variable.

Click here to see the violence between her sober father and her...

And how, claiming to not want publicity, tells of her stepfather.

while she continues her Smear Campaign against me, with the help of the O SO credible, Will Ketcher.


More Betty ... in the name of her mother.

Damndest thing how you old ladies act like a bunch of little fifth graders...get up Jan, now, and start with the 'nannee nannneeee booo-boooo'...follow that with the classic 'pants on fire' routine and you have yourself a time tested, tried and true rebuttle to ANY adult have it down pat madam.


 Besides, I don't like publicity and making a stink about every
little thing.  If I'm going to nail someone it will be BIG and worth the

Please read only one of her very revealing personal accounts here ... posting as Witch Wirsen ... one of hundreds and hundreds. Certainly seems like someone who wants LOTS of publicity.



Betty describing her parenting skills and those of her sister's.

I have one sister, and one daughter who are both selfish, childish, and have mental disorders.
Eight children of my sister's were removed from her care.
That prevented eight children from abuse. DFS did that.

At first, they let her keep her kids.
The fourth one received a thigh full of stitches from her getting drunk and
cutting his leg with a razor.
DFS did not make that mistake again.
My daughter has three children.
She has a drug problem.

She kept her first child for 9 months.
In that nine months she refused to clean bottles well, change diaper
regularly, dress the child according to the weather, get up with the child
in the a.m., and keep the child away from known sexual offenders ...

Betty's first post on about her Mom and my response.

February 8, 2006  (click here for Update of 2/13/2006 & Valentine' Day)

Click here for Early WitchWirsen (the name she gave to herself) and her absurd allegations.

Betty Wirsen (aka 'Dragonsgirl', aka 'WitchWirsen' aka 'Mrs. John Wirsen')

came on some time ago and began criticizing and attacking me ... goading me into responding to her lies she was posting.

I basically ignored her, and am putting this page up in response to her clear stated agenda.

She also appeared on the Quackwatch frontgroup, "BreastImplantFacts" which advertised and promoted quackwatch propaganda and pushed breast lifts and plastic surgery.

On that group, every one of her posts was making ugly comments directed at me ... the Quackwatch Smear Campaign extended.

Fortunately, that group went down in flames!

The Quackwatch guidance & influence left the board in shambles because of the constant attacks.

That is the Quackwatch System.

Infiltrate a group pretending to be an "advocate" and then dividing and conquering.

Wirsen recently returned to usenet reposting the lies that had been posted before (see panel at left) ... women who have backed off their attacks publicly on me ... she is just repeating them. This game allows them to see the fruits of their labor of lies flourish without their direct contact at this time.

I will respond to a handful of her quotes here.

Mrs. Wirsen claims that she wants to raise awareness to the dangers of breast implants. If this is indeed the case, I highly recommend that she stick to that instead of libeling me and continuing to repost lies that others have posted in the past.

Our cause needs good, healthy advcocates ... those willing to put their energies to getting the message of the dangers of implants to the various media. Those aligned with the silicone manufacturers no longer do this.

They have removed all websites exposing the lies of the maufacturers, and instead, 'walk both sides of the aisle' ... helping to rally the image of the silicone industry.

Myrl Jeffcoat, for example, simulataneously with beginning her attacks on me, began to publicly promote and the publicists from there. Down came her expose on the junkscience propaganda ... up went her attacks on me.


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