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May God grace Usenet and defeat the Corporate Takeover attempts.

"Fate, it seems, is not without a touch of Irony."

from The Matrix

While suing me for libel ... Steve Barrett's "Publicists" have waged a vicious, filthy Propaganda War against me. Click here to see his other Publicists on Usenet ... joined together regarding this Internet SLAPP suit. They have gone so far as to publish that I was arrested for crack ... just days after losing to me in the Court of Appeals.

Ultimately, Stephen Barrett, Terry Polevoy, and Christopher Grell all lost this case to me ... and ended up owing around $500,000 for my attorney's fees ... of which over $300,000 is still unpaid.

Thank you so much for your interest in the ongoing corporate "take-over" attempt (and failure) of the newsgroup I created in 1995, solely to support women harmed by breast implants.

Almost from Day One, the silicone industry has continually tried to control the information regarding the breast implant issue posted on Usenet ... the Wild West of the Internet ... and get rid of all critical viewpoints, by any and all means possible. ... the ACSH ... are all neatly networked together.

This "Networks" as promised in this Memo from Dow Corning in the early 1990's, was created to infiltrate and cause division amongst the various breast implant support groups, and in all areas of online education discussions of alternative medicine and other pharmaceutical / med device issues.

It is my opinion, after 15 years of uniting women, doctors, and supporters in this issue, that the Networks discussed are embodied in just a small handful of the so called "Support Groups Leaders" ... those from BIS, WIS (Myrl Jeffcoat) and NSIF (National Silicone Implant Foundation). These so called "leaders" have now for several years attempting to get me out of their way and control the support system and the public newsgroup information.

Their united front began soon after the losing Plaintiffs filed their Appeal in San Francisco, California and upped their newsgroup assaults on me. Martha Murdock, Myrl Jeffcoat and Susan Schaezler circulated and posted their signed "statement" which included a handful of real people and dozens of forged signatures and made up names. They included toddler step grandchildren's names ... and step children who never heard of me, so desperate were they to spread their hatred of me and make it seem like there were many who joined their efforts.

It was obvious that their efforts were being augmented by losing Plaintiff Steve Barrett whose "publicist" Willa Nidiffer worked overtime with these same "support leaders."

I am very, very, very grateful to Andrew M. (Andy) Langer, who was then a registered Corporate Lobbyist for NFIB, and formerly salaried employee for Junk Science disseminator, CEI, for connecting the dots so perfectly for all of you Readers and creating the "I Ignore Ilena" Team.

They are trying so hard to control all sides of this issue ... and Andy has lined up former Inamed President, former Dow Corning flack, and their Team together for you ... on their embarassing failure.

Click here to see Sheriff Andy kick off this farce, claiming that they were collectively going to ignore me.

Dave Angelotti of Dow Corning signed on the next day, as did Mark Probert, who minutes later used one of his stupid aliases to attack me.

Myrl Jeffcoat embodied perfectly the spirit of the Team. After signing that she was joining Andy and others in "ignoring me," she began to send out emails privately with her typical filthy lies. This woman was quite upset to receive it and posted this message. Of course, when the time was over, Andy publicly congratulated himself and Myrl and the others, ignoring the facts that not only did they not ignore me, they upped their attacks.

Using "insiders" ... is how they operate ... and they can afford whoever they need. Lucky for them, the women in this issue are usually aging, ill, often divorced, vulnerable women. These articles explain well about the PR War Against Activists and how their loyalties can be purchased.

Every other medium is under the dominance of Industry ... Usenet alone is free and uncensorable ... and so the Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Wars rage on ... with the Web of Deceit at the heart of most of the flack.

SLAPP suing activists such as myself (filing expensive, frivolous lawsuits) and waging raging, extensive Smear Campaigns are part of the intimidation tactics for which I have been targeted because I refuse to let the Silicone Industry's Junk Science / Quack viewpoint go uncountered.

Who they are and who they represent is now much easier to line up ... thanks to Quackwatch Barrett's Posse member, Langer.

For the first several years, it was mainly a so called "support leader" from Cibola, TX named Susan Schaezler who was aiding silicone maker Inamed's President, Patrick O'leary as his "in" to the breast implant support group.

They began intruding into all aspects of my life ... and then making up their desired details and posting libelous statements about me. They also harassed and lied about the other directors of The Humantics Foundation, including Schaezler posting the home address on the Newsgroup of my beloved director after lying that she had stolen money from the foundation.

While Inamed was under fraud investigation by the SEC, Inamed President O'leary claimed publicly that I was a fraud, wishful thinking of his to divert attention from the dirty deeds of his company.

Though not an "official," card carrying member of Andy's "I Ignore Ilena" Farce ... Pam Dowd is a longterm member of the BIS Networks Dow wrote about creating in this memo. She has been joined with Myrl Jeffcoat for years.

The manufacturers had "the best" ... NEJM Executive Editor writing books and giving lectures on their behalf, Marcia Angell was as supposively "credible" and unbiased. They can afford to buy who / whatever they want to get their point of view across.

One of the BIS members, Pam Dowd has the same reputation, perfect to help protect this poster, and his 7 years of harassment and futile attempts to destroy my good work. When Pam Dowd went to visit him in 1997, she attempted to see his "wife" but was unable to. She wrote about this in 1999 as Gertie and explained in detail to me in 2000 that she NEVER met "Mrs. Bob" and believed that Moore, like O'leary, were just shills.

After the Quacks loss in 2001, she did a 180 and decided to change her story and lie that in fact, she did meet "Mrs. Bob" in 1997 ... although in writing and on the newsgroup she denied it. Both Pam Dowd and Moore are long term BIS networkers. This was simultaneous with Myrl's marching into the newsgroup lying to all that I was a cocaine addict. Details of her harassment here.

For more details, please visit:

Pam's Scam

The reason this is so important, is that other than this undeniable Inamed supporter, no one had ever claimed to meet "Mrs. Bob." Pam supporting his years of disgusting, filthy harassment has shown her colours ... especially since she first wrote the truth here.

It's easy to see all of Andy's duckies in a row for those of you who wish to play "Follow the Money."

You can read a bit about Sheriff Andy's (Andrew M. Langer)

Andy is a longterm member of the Quackwatch

Andy amongst other Posse Members.

Their websites. (losing Plaintiff, Steve Barrett) (Plaintiff, Terry Polevoy, still owes over $300,000 after losing in the Supreme Court to me)
others from theirs so called "Anti-Quackery"

Web of Deceit

More to come soon.

with love from Ilena

May God grace his precious Earth and stop its Corporate Destruction.