Meet Dawn Beaven of the UK Silicone Survivors group ... read her interview in the August 2006 PRIMA

INFORMATION IN SPANISH from Dr. Zuckerman's site

Latest Electronic Newsletter from Tort Claimant Committee 8.31.2011

UPDATE: Dow Bankruptcy\


Keeping Abreast of
Parasitic Implants!, 8 Feb, 2006 by Fintan Dunne, Editor

Ilena is interviewed and discusses the dangers of breast implants and the resulting industry backed Smear Campaign against her. Click here to read about Stephen Barrett and Christopher Grell's loss and the third plaintiff, Terry Polevoy, whose case against her is now in the Supreme Court of California. (Update: Ilena prevailed against Polevoy also, November 20, 2006. Click here.


Listen to Dr. Sherrill Sellman interview Ilena Rosenthal by clicking Progressive Radio Network logo and going to August 28, 2006.

What Women Must Know


Petition and information about changes in Dow Bankuptcy that adversely affect the women most ill from their implants

Click here for Pending Motions in Dow Bankruptcy

All electronic newsletters from Dow Bankruptcy (scroll to bottom)


Newsgroup BLOG


MUST READ    "Decisions in the Dark" ... click here to open pdf file.

Dr. Zuckerman's site on the science of breast implants

National Cancer Institute Spells Out Risks of Breast Implants            Data Show Increased Risks Of Death From Cancers and Suicide

Read about Kim Hoffman's upcoming book on her Mentor breast implant experiences ... and more!

Meet Karen Curry and read about her life after silicone gel breast implants.

Dr. Vasey's "Where There is Smoke There is Fire."     Rheumatologist who has researched extensively the immune system and breast implants.

Mary McDonough, formerly of The Waltons, now speaks out on her Lupus and Breast Implant Connection.

Founder of the Saline Support Group, Patty Faussett shares her story of healing.

Read Redbook article on the effects on children after implants from 1995. (opens pdf file)

Shari Halverson interviewed on MTV about her saline implant problems

FDA Rupture Study #1

Our Jewell's story on a Scleroderma Forum

Canadian Study from 2003 on breast implants

Toxic Discovery Network -good links and information

Breast Augmentation: A Younger Generation Seeks Perfection

Colleen's Story ... she also appeared on MTV

Meet Kacey Long and read her story after saline breast implants

Sally Kirkland ~ Oscar Nominated Actress, talks about her 5 sets of breast implants

Memoirs of a Junk Scientist by Dr. Bernard Patten ~ important expose on the workings of the industry PR teams

Breast Implants: America's Silent Epidemic by Ilena Rosenthal

Keeping Abreast of Parasitic Implants

Command Trust Network

Human Adjuvant Disease Corporation

Great photos from the FDA Hearings by Kathy Nye ... meet many of the wonderful people who gave testimony and support at the Hearings in April, 2005

Sherrill Sellman, author of Hormone Heresy, Interviews Ilena on breast implants

Fibromyalgia and Ruptured Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Silicone Cover Up and Political Manipulations by Ilena in 1996

Note from Ilena:

If you find any typos, busted links etc. and want to let me know ... I very much appreciate it! Our staff is only me, right now with all my heart and soul, wanting to keep our message in front of the public. It was 11 years last August, and I've seen so many support groups and activists in this issue die ... or get too ill to fight Goliath anymore ... and these powerful women fade underground to protect their health and family life.

Corporate America and the Plastic Surgeon's Lobbies are no match for sick and dying women. Their combined PR campaigns are legendary, orchestrated by the PR giant, Burson Marsteller,,, to name but a few.

One longtime support group leader, with no shortage of her own serious implant related health challenges put it this way to me:

"You on the other hand, just battling a world of multi-billion dollar corps, a world of murderously insane lunatics, and prepping for Court."

The Court she is referring to is the Supreme Court of California. Click here for the Quackbusters vs me.

The newsgroup I created in the Fall of 1995 is one medium that the Junk Science Campaign can not totally control as they have all others.

The Wild West of the Internet ... a visit there now a while ago would  reveal a Corporate Lobbyist (Andrew M. Langer)  totally embedded with and leading a small, vocal group of those who call themselves "legitimate"support group leaders who have tried to push me out of their mutual way since Autumn, 2001.

They have worked hand in hand with my Plaintiffs above and Inamed's former President. .. to create a Smear Campaign against me ... so vicious ... it appears they have no boundaries. Since I began the newsgroup, their twisted version of my personal life has been broadcast wide & far. That it bears no relationship to reality doesn't faze nor slow them now in their defamation against me.

Together in what they named the "SBIPrivateClub" ... this group and and former Inamed President Patrick O'leary (currently head of Eurosilicone in France) have hired a Private Investigator to hunt me down ... stalked friends of mine in their search, and attempted to access my bank accounts.

They are, in my opinion, the embodiment of the PR Plan describing the cover up of damning Dow Corning information ... and the creation of "networks."

These are typical tactics used for years by the "quackbusters" in their attempts to destroy chiropractors, holistic and alternative healers, naturopaths, fluoride activists, critics, radio show hosts, homeopaths and doctors working to uncover the mystery of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities -- to name but a few.

Check back for links and more details soon ... as this is being updated as their Campaign is spreading. Click here.

Silicone gel breast implants most defective medical device ever approved by the FDA from Public Citizen

FDA Approval of Dangerous Implants During Lame Duck Session Follows FDA Pattern of Favoring Money and Politics Over Science from

Please visit our blog for Newsgroup Information.

November 16 , 2006 UPDATE

The Humantics Foundation joins the family of our beloved Helen Wattier in grieving her death after years of serious implant related complications ... including silicone in the lungs. Her doctors had never heard of this ... however, we have many times.

Please visit our Memorial Page for Helen here.

Ilena Rosenthal was recently cyber-interviewed by WIRED Senior Editor

Kristen Philipkoski 

full article here

Ilena Rose, who runs the Humantics Foundation, said she believes surgeons who deny that silicone breast implants cause health problems are simply motivated by money.

"If a plastic surgeon inserts just two pairs of implants a week ...
that's over a half a million dollars annually coming in to their coffers in implant revenue alone," Rose said on a web page she created
to respond to questions from Wired News.

NEW STUDY: Breast Implant Surveillance Reports to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Maternal-Child Health Problems

Black Letter Day. October 20, 2006

Health Canada Caves to Breast Implant Makers ... giving false assurances to Canadan women.

Excerpt: The U.S.-based National Research Center for Women and Families, which has lobbied against the implants in the United States,said Canada also was making an ill-advised decision.

"This shocking and unfortunate decision will jeopardize women's health for many years to come," the group's president, Diana Zuckerman, said from Washington.

She said possible silicone leaks could spread to other organs and could cost Canada's public health system millions of dollars.


Ilena quoted in the Miami New Times.

Bad Boobs

Saline is no solution: That Dr. Boobs article — wow!

Unfortunately the news is far from all good regarding breast implants.
I head an international support group for women with often dire
health-related problems because of breast implant complications. I was
disappointed that no mention was made of the downside, unsexy as it
might be.

Ilena Rosenthal, director
Humantics Foundation
San Diego, California


September 5, 2006 was an important date in Internet Law.

After nearly 6 years, the Caliornia Supreme Court heard Oral Arguments regarding the re-posting of one comment I made about one of the so-called Quackbusters, Terry Polevoy.

His two co-plaintiffs, head Stephen Barrett and attorney Christopher Grell earlier lost all their appeals against me.

Click here for webpage explaining the case. Deepest thanks to all my friends and supporters who have stood by me for the 6 years of this lawsuit ... a classic SLAPP suit whose intention is to silence and bankrupt activists such as myself.


The FDA Scientific Fairness for Women Act Sends Clear Message to the
Click here to send message to your Member of Congress.

EXCERPT: The DeLauro bill would also halt the FDA approval process on
silicone breast implants until the FDA establishes the life of
silicone breast implants and implant makers can demonstrate adequate
safety of their products for the established lifetime of the product.
This would help women by reducing their exposure to rupture and

Another important provision calls for an independent scientific study
of the effect on women and their children of toxic platinum salts from
silicone gel breast implants. A recently published article in the
peer-reviewed journal Analytical Chemistry reported high and hazardous
levels of an oxidized form of platinum in hair, urine, blood and
breast milk samples.

Gandy said, "More research is critically needed to determine what role
these toxic platinum salts may play in making some women and their
children very sick." The presence of the toxic ingredient in implants
was first reported at the 2003 NOW Foundation scientific symposium
examining silicone gel breast implant safety questions.


Very balanced article in New York Observer ....

Will Silicone Bounce Back?
Boob-Job Warriors Cite ‘Choice’ By Lizzy Ratner 9.6.2006

Meet Terri Peake ... former Penthouse Pet ... and read her story of years of pain from her saline breast implants.

Listen to Dr. Sherrill Sellman interview Ilena Rosenthal by clicking Progressive Radio Network logo and going to August 28, 2006.

What Women Must Know

Dr. Sellman, author of Hormone Heresy, interviews Ilena in HormoneWise Digest in 2003

Important Notice - sick implanted women and offspring sought

Breast Reconstruction at Time of Mastectomy May Affect Radiation


Monday, August 21, 2006, Ilena once again joined Academy Award Nominated Actress, breast implant survivor, and Woman's Health Advocate, Sally Kirkland on her weekly Radio Show on Click logo below to hear program live from 10-11AM Monday the 21st.

Click here to hear our two archived programs.

Trials of silicone breast implants raise concerns

This article in Sunday's newspapers indicates how untrustworthy the so-called "trials" or "studies" done by the breast implant industry really are. So much is riding on the 'approval' by the FDA based on these 'studies' that a RED ALERT WARNING should be issued to any considering breast implants for any reason.

Mentor was faulted by members of an FDA advisory panel and healthgroups last year for losing track of patients enrolled between 1992 and 2002 in its Adjunct Study, with the company able to follow up ononly about 19 percent of the women three years after surgery, and about 11 percent at five years.


For Dow Claimants and those in the Revised Settlement, please visit petition to Judge Hood regarding your rights in this settlement. Click here.


Recent Press

"They missed the boat," said Diana Zuckerman, president of the
National Research Center for Women & Families, who was among those who
sought the investigation. "They didn't respond to the questions
precisely as they were asked. It's that lack of precision that means
they answered the wrong questions."


How Our Civil Justice System Protects Consumers and Patients in Ways the Regulatory System Does Not


(opens a pdf file ... very revealing report just published. May our Good Lord protect all of those involved in the preparation and presentation of this revealing work.)


If you have not yet updated or ever sent in a Med-Watch form telling the FDA of your breast implant related illnesses or complications, please click here and let your voice be known.

By early 2001, 234,187 had filed serious adverse reactions with the FDA.


Bravo to Dr. Zuckerman for her excellent presentation to the Canadian Parliament last week. Click here for full text.

HBO has a great show this month called Plastic Disasters. Women from our group were interviewed. To view HBO Schedule and info, please click here.

Bravo to Huffington Post and the Spoof, Plastic Assets for being a novel way to tell potential customers about the very real dangers of breast implants.

Click here to see this Winner from the Contagious Festival.

Web site busts the breast-implant fantasy

Although the media is filled with the good news that breast implants are in no way related to cancer, there are many of us that are very skeptical about this Dow funded 'study.' In fact, over the last two decades, all the Dow funded 'studies' have found 'no connection' with implants and various diseases, while independent research has come to very different conclusions. The plastic surgeons have websites springing up throughout cyberspace advertising and promoting their cash cow ... breast implants.

Please read Dr. Zuckerman's Breast Implant Study Results Reflect Funding here.


The new Dow-funded study, conducted in Sweden, found that Swedish women
with breast implants were more than twice as likely to have lung cancer as
women in the general Swedish population,
but concluded that this was
"expected due to the high prevalence of smoking." However, the researchers
did not statistically control for smoking to determine if smoking was in
fact the likely cause of lung cancer among these women,
and the researchers
did not mention that almost one-third of women with lung cancer never
smoked. The Dow-funded study also found a 30% increase in brain cancer
among women with implants, but since that risk was not statistically
significant the authors conclude there is no problem.

Platinum From Breast Implants

Study implicates silicone implants as source of harmful platinum species

Click logo below for full article.


Please click here for an abstract of this new, peer reviewed scientific study published in Analytical Chemistry

Please click here for full update from the indefatigable, Marlene Keeling of CANDO on research on the platinum issue. Kudos to her.

To contribute to The Humantics Foundation so that we can continue to raise awareness to the dangers of breast implants, please click below to donate via Paypal.


Both US breast implant makers, Inamed and Mentor, have received "approvable" letters from the FDA for their silicone gel implants. We've been hearing from scores and scores of women already ill & injured from previous versions of new & improved breast implants.

If the FDA does approve them, they will be ignoring their own scientists and yielding once again to industry propaganda and pressure. The so-called 'conditions' that are required are expensive and totally unenforceable, such as MRI's to detect rupture costing up to $2,000.

Help us convince the FDA and Congress that they are making a fatal error in rushing through this approval.

It's still not too late.

With the sudden resignation {for Pharmaceutical Industry connections} of FDA chair Lester Crawford, we still have a chance for sanity to prevail. One of his last acts pre-resignation, was to declare silicone gel implants, with hundreds of thousands of FDA Med Watch Reports of complications, injuries, illnesses and death, 'approvable.'

Our greatest wish is that as we begin this new year, that our prayers are heard and sanity prevails ... on God's Green Earth & in the Breast Implant Awareness Cause ... more here

"When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it,

but for the sake of defending those that do."   William Blake

February 26, 2006:

Midland News article on ongoing Dow Bankruptcy Saga

NOTES FROM ILENA: After over 10 years in bankruptcy protection, Dow has paid less than a quarter of the claims, and these average under $10,000 each. In most cases, this does not even cover the cost of explantation ... borne for the most part out of the pockets of the women.


Claims administrator David Austern said the facility has paid around 57,000 claims, amounting to $565.5 million. This month, the facility began reprogramming its computer system, a job expected to be finished by April 15. The computer work, and testing it to make certain it does what it's supposed to do, won't stop claims payments "but it will absolutely slow them down," Austern said. more here ....

More news stories here ...

February 13, 2006: 

MyDNA:  Implants: Safe?

Please read Beth Taylor's new website sharing her ordeal with implants.

Click here for our Daily Page with a history of recent news stories ... if you have more to add, please send email here.

Is breastfeeding with breast implants a real concern?

Breast Surgery Likely to Cause Breastfeeding Problems

New Studies Reveal High Platinum Levels in Children and Mothers with breast implants.

 A New York Daily News article included a misquote from a"wee hours" interview given by Sally Kirkland.

In it she expressed her very deep and real concerns for women with breast implants who breastfeed their babies.

The real issue here ... are breast implants "safe" for women and their offspring?

For information on extremely high platinum levels being found in implanted women and their offspring, please click here.


Sally Kirkland and The Humantics Foundation firmly believe that it would be a travesty if the FDA declares Mentor {or Inamed} silicone gel implants "safe."

The Mentor "studies" done to date have removed the data from women who took their implants out. One "study" of theirs had only 5% follow-up.




Visit Sally's Website

National Enquirer on Sally's Explant

Sally Kirkland and Mary McDonough In the

Sally interviewed in Soap Digest

Sally & Kathy Nye at Rally in front of Judge Pointer's Court in April, 1999 at SOBB Rally

Candid Interview on Sally in Moxie Magazine


Here is a photo of one of our beloved support group member's explanted "new & improved" silicone gel implants of the time. To read her story, click the photo.



Breast Augmentation: A Younger Generation Seeks Perfection    

A Student interview with many perceptive insights.

Here is a photo of one of our beloved support group member's explanted "new & improved" silicone gel implants of the time. To read her story, click the photo.

Platinum concentrations high for women & their children with breast implants

New! For information on platinum testing, click here.

Teens Getting Breast Implants for Graduation ... our Foundation mentioned and our members interviewed for this article.

Ilena Rosenthal, Director

We are dedicated to raising awareness to the true and serious risks of breast implants and other silicone products.

What began as a small research project for a friend with tumors and cysts around her 20 year old saline implants in August, 1995, has become an amazing adventure for me beyond anything I could have imagined.

Speaking out on the true dangers of a product so desirable and yet so potentially harmful, sharing the too real stories of women who made the fateful decision to have breast implants, almost immediately made me the target of an unrelenting and incredibly vicious 11 year Defamation Campaign which continues to date.

My belief is that it is quite related to these multi-billion dollar:

  • Inamed and Mentor wanting safety "approval" from the FDA for their very 'unsafe' silicone gel breast implants.
  • Dow Corning wanting to come out of their 12 year bankruptcy with a clean and benevolent "image." 
  • The Junk Science Campaign ... an gargantuan network of industry funded and backed:
    • 'think tanks,'
    • front groups    
    • 'Astroturf' Grassroots groups
    • Corporate Lobbyists
    • Vast All Medium Networks
      • (Dow's PR plan from 1991 included being a part of what evolved to the Junk Science / Quackwatch Propaganda Campaign / Webring)

The manufacturers and Plastic Surgeon's PR campaigns are legendary ... funding groups like the ACSH and CEI etc. ... who use every medium to push their viewpoint ... including suing activists like myself. For details of their high profile, internet libel suit against me and several others ,visit here.

For wonderful articles explaining the Public Relations Wars against activists such as myself, click here.

For great links to studies and related websites, click here.

Dr. Edward Melmed holding up a disintegrated breast implant at the FDA Silicone Gel Hearings in October, 2004.

Sherrill Sellman, author of Hormone Heresy, Interviews Ilena on breast implants.


In November, 1995, I created the only Usenet Newsgroup,, to provide a place for support and a way for women and their families to connect. I obviously got in the way of the Silicone and Plastic Surgery Industries and their Public Relations Machine well greased by silicone dollars. Nothing was too personal nor too untrue for Mine Enemies to post or email about me. Details of this are here.

In early 2001, just days after my new marriage, I was made aware that I was named in a high profile Cyber-Libel Suit by the ultra sue happy, so-called "Quackbusters." They accused me of being in conspiracy with people I had never even met, and libeling someone I didn't know existed.

In August, 2001, with thanks to the First Amendment which guarantees Freedom of Speech, and my wonderful attorney Mark Goldowitz, of the California Anti-Slapp Project, we were successful in our defense against them. The case was a classic SLAPP suit ... designed to bankrupt and silence critics and advocates and activists such as myself. The court documents, Judge Richmond's 27 page Opinion, and the press we've received are detailed here.

On Appeal, both plaintiffs, Stephen Barrett, head of the so-called "Quackwatch" and the" Healthfraud" groups, and attorney Christopher Grell, completely lost to me. Regarding plaintiff Terry Polevoy, there was one comment I re-posted about him, that the Appeals Court deemed "potentially libelous." Because re-posting material on the internet affects millions of users, upon our request, The Supreme Court of California is hearing our case. Details are here.

An enormous benefit of these high profile, enormously expensive and painful lawsuits, has been to expand the audience to my message ~ breast implants can and do cause serious injuries and illnesses to untold thousands of women. To visit related websites, medical, legal, and several created by survivors of their breast implant related problems, click here.

We respectfully dedicate this website to the untold thousands of women harmed by not only their breast implants, but further by the silicone manufacturers and their insidious Public Relations campaigns ... with includes embedding their lobbyists and PR staff amongst the support system.

We dedicate it also, to The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech for all.




Shari Halverson interviewed on Florida News about her saline implant problems

Dr. E. Melmed debates Dr. Rey during Hearings

CBS News ...
"It makes me very uneasy. I don't feel secure about the safety."
FDA adviser Dr. Amy Newburger

Online Support Groups & Chat Rooms

Implant Info Net Website & Chatroom

Breast Implant Support Forum

Silicone Holocaust Chatroom

Saline Support Group


Lany's Prayer & Information Group

Implants: Safe?

WEBMD: FDA Reviews Ban on Silicone Breast Implants


Ilena Rosenthal, director of the Humantics Foundation, a group opposed to breast implants, says that "thousands" of women in her organization have serious health problems that they attribute to their breast implants and to silicone. The group is urging the FDA to keep silicone implants off the market for most women.

"These are not recallable items, at least without more surgery to get them out. It's not like taking Vioxx or Bextra off the shelves," Rosenthal says in an interview, referring to the two painkillers recently pulled from the market due to an elevated risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Humantics Foundation quoted in L.A. Times regarding Military and free Plastic Surgery articles.
You may have to register for site (or write me here and I'll send you the article).

We applaud your efforts," wrote the director of the
Humantics Foundation, saying she has spent nine years warning women
about the dangers of implants.


Breast Implants: America's Silent Epidemic, from Total Health Magazine, click here.


We need your help!

Thank you for any donation that will help The Humantics Foundation keep the message of the dangers of breast implants before the public.

We have spent 12 years on this Mission ... providing free information on this highly charged, controversial topic.

Today more than ever ... the breast implant industry and their very connected public relations teams have a lot of power to keep their corporate backed message before the public.

Please click paypal below ... credit cards are now accepted.

Thank you very much.





Our silicone support group is filled with thousands of women ... now ill and scarred ... who got the earlier "new & improved" implants.

Women in Entertainment Rally Against FDA's Lifting of Restrictions on Sale of Silicone Gel Breast Implants

To give input to the FDA directly, here are their addresses.



To read Breast Implants: America's Silent Epidemic, from Total Health Magazine, click here.

To read an important exposé of the very real dangers of saline implants, read the November Glamour's excellent article, Breast Implant Horror Story, The Shocking Health Claims of Saline Implants.

2/4/2003 Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks! by Ilena on

If you would like more information about The Humantics Foundation or would like to financially support the continuance of our work, please visit here. Without it, our message will be silenced.

In the midst of creating this website, the unthinkable and unbearable happened.

The World changed forever.Rabbi Michael Lerner eloquently wrote on this matter in a A World Out of Touch With Itself.

These beautiful websites are amongst my all time favorites:

Interview with God &

In the beginning ...

With love from Ilena

Humantics Foundation Breast Implants: Recovery & Discovery

Ilena Rosenthal, Director
1380 Garnet E-444
San Diego, CA 92109

209/782-0049 phone

Thank you for any donation that will help keep the message of the dangers of

breast implants before the public ... especially with the government now calling them "safe."

Corporate Propaganda in Action The Fake Persuaders by George Monbiot,

The Guardian"Corporations are inventing people to rubbish their opponents on the internet."

Corporate phantoms by George Monbiot, The Guardian

The PR Secret War Against Activists by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton

This expose carefully details how the corporations (via their vast publicity teams of lobbyists and those paid to do "public outreach" etc. etc. etc. ) embed themselves into their 'marks' (in our case, the breast implant support system) and "educate" a type of activists by brainwashing them into believing it is for the good of the cause. In 1991, Dow Corning's PR Team admitted in a private memo that their "cover-up is going well" and spoke of setting up their "networks." I firmly believe that the Junk Science / ACSH / 'Quackbuster' enormous network is their proud culmination.

Viral Marketing: How to Infect the World by Flack Group Bivins

(Instructions to paid Disinfo Agents by paid Disinfo Agents)


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